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digital transformation predictions

Digital Transformation Predictions for 2021

Most of us would agree that 2020 was a crazy year. You must consider these digital transformation predictions in creating a strategy.  COVID-19, economic crisis, political unrest – 2020 taught us that everything can change overnight. Hence, digital transformation is no longer a luxury. Instead, it…
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Most Influential Digital Transformation Topics in 2021

Keeping up with digital transformation topics can help you stay ahead in the DX game. So what are the most talked-about and influential DX topics this year? Top 5 Digital Transformation Topics of 2021 1. 5G Becomes the New Normal of Connectivity Since today’s new normal…
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digital transformation articles

Helpful Digital Transformation Articles for CIOs

Resourcing from digital transformation articles can help you improve in undertaking DX. More than anyone in a company setting, CIOs are the ones who should be most informed. So here are helpful digital transformation articles- their titles and overview. Digital Transformation Articles for CIOs Best Sites…
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digital transformation blogs

Best Sites to Follow for Digital Transformation Blogs

So here are the best websites that you can opt to follow for digital transformation blogs. Digital Transformation Blogs to Follow Starcio Blog Starcio Blog is by Isaac Sacolick, one of the top 100 social CIO and DX leaders. Isaac is a leader who focuses on the…
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How Software Walkthroughs Help Digital Adoption Challenges

Are you facing digital adoption challenges now? Or are you preparing for the possible ones when you adopt a new tool ahead?  You are not alone in the dilemma. In fact, almost “$1.3 trillion are spent on digital transformation last year, $900 billion was wasted” (according…
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digital adoption basics

Digital Adoption basics: All You Need to Know 2021

How will you define digital adoption basics? Why is it important in running and thriving a business in 2021 and beyond? In this post, we will cover the following topics for you: What is digital adoption? Why is digital adoption important today? How can you effectively…
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digital transformation office

The Digital Transformation Office

Why do you need a digital transformation office? Well, it is not simple to set up an office. What’s more, when it comes to establishing a digital transformation office? Yes, many of us are considering our options. But, the good news is that we have exactly…
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digital transformation online courses

Digital Transformation Online Courses

What are the digital transformation online courses available? In today’s world, there are a variety of digital transformation programs available. But, for this article, we’ve narrowed it down to ten.  Continue reading to find out more! Why You’re Here? As you know, to ensure survival in…
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leading digital transformation

Leading Digital Transformation Solution Firms

Not all companies can experience success in the age of digitization. We will list the leading digital transformation solution companies that can help you mesh well with the transition. Yes, digital transformation is still an unknown project. As a result, more and more companies see it…
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digital transformation training

Why Do Digital Transformation Training Matters?

We can all agree that your company’s success depends on its employees. One of the many reasons why digital transformation training is important. Furthermore, we’ll learn more about the importance of digital transformation training further down. To recap, we must all promote an internal development culture.…
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need for digital transformation

Need For Digital Transformation

The need for digital transformation helps you stay relevant in today’s digital environment. In this new environment, technology is not an option but a core business strategy. Here are five reasons why there’s a need for digital transformation in any company. On-demand Is Something That Everyone…
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impact of digital transformation

Impact Of Digital Transformation

The impact of digital transformation couldn’t be summed up with words. It’s now easy to go to work or do household duties thanks to technological advancements. A variety of gadgets and equipment are available to make people’s life easier. Here is the impact of digital transformation…
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digital transformation in companies

Digital Transformation In Companies

There are countless moves for digital transformation in companies we have seen recently. In many industries, digital transformation is fueling corporate innovation. It entails far more than simply upgrading their technology and processes. Here, we’ll look at how digital transformation in companies today is shaping. Microsoft…
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the digital transformation

The Digital Transformation In Marketing, Sales, and Service

The digital transformation across all industries is making significant changes. Not just heightening productivity but also giving customers ease. Let’s focus on digital marketing, sales, and service innovations from various industries. So, how did these initiatives strengthen client relationships and empower employees? Marketing The purpose of…
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digital transformation in tourism

Digital Transformation In Tourism

Why it’s important to have digital transformation in tourism? As you know, tourism was one of the first industries to digitalize business processes. It’s a pioneer in the online booking of flights and hotels. Yes, tourism was a persistent early user of new technologies and platforms.…
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digital transformation wallpaper

6 Sites To Get A Digital Transformation Wallpaper

Where can you get a digital transformation wallpaper? If you want to have high-quality digital transformation wallpaper, you should read more below. Here are six sites to look for your ideal wallpaper on any device. Unsplash Unsplash is a community-driven website. It has donated hundreds of…
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digital transformation logo

Steps In Making Your Digital Transformation Logo

Why is it important to make a digital transformation logo? Well, A logo has a significant impact on how customers perceive your company. As a result, you naturally want your digital transformation logo to stand out. But how are you going to get there? Recognize Why…
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digital transformation business model

Digital Transformation Business Model: Comparing GE And Target

Of course, you’re here for a digital transformation business model. Yes, you want to get inspiration from the success of others. But, there is no silver bullet that can ensure the success of the digital transformation. Here, we’ll look at how General Electric’s (GE) digital transformation…
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digital transformation and innovation

Today’s Digital Transformation and Innovation

Digital Transformation and Innovation are everywhere. Take a look at your surroundings. From your houses to your workplace, you can see the things which are a product of today’s change. In this article, you are about to find out what DX and innovations have to offer…
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digital adoption in covid 19

Digital Adoption In Covid 19

Digital adoption in Covid 19 is as important as the vaccine itself. Many organizations adopted a different approach to digital operations. As you know, people can’t work together in groups. Customers also have an interest in services with little to no human interaction. Customers are also…
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cognizant digital transformation

Cognizant Digital Transformation: How to Become a Digital Winner

The Cognizant Digital Transformation strategy focuses on how companies can make the most out of their initiatives. If you are beginning your digital transformation project, how can you become a winner at digital? Let’s find out. Cognizant Digital Transformation Digitalization is not a destination. Instead, it…
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master in digital transformation

Master In Digital Transformation

Master in Digital Transformation. You may have this as your purpose. But, you do not understand where to start. Maybe you are a student. Then, you may be thinking to make it a job to be a business partner.  The problem is, there is a lot…
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digital transformation strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy

How do you make a digital transformation strategy? And how can you make sure your efforts in doing the journey pay off? First off, let us understand why owning a good digital transformation or Dx strategy is essential. Then, we will discuss some ideas for improvement.…
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digital transformation metrics

Digital Transformation Metrics

What are the topmost digital transformation metrics? Also, how do these search your growth in digital transformation? Read on to know more about these metrics. Digital Transformation Metrics More and more firms use digital transformation. Also, they realize how it promotes a company. As they use…
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driving digital transformation

Driving Digital Transformation

Driving digital transformation has a lot of parts in the business. So, making sure the journey goes and ends well is necessary.  Businesses need to make sure of this. Why? The business has a very high crash rate when doing digital transformation. Also, you do not…
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best examples of digital transformation

Best Examples Of Digital Transformation

What are the best examples of digital transformation? And how their tops help other businesses in their digital transformation look? Operating in digital transformation can make or destroy a firm. In this very digital life, making this development has become essential. Companies need to crack the…
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digital transformation public sector

A Guide to Digital Transformation Public Sector Now at Any Age

Digital transformation is now an imperative in the public sector. In this article, we will examine the top four areas where governments need digital technologies. Continue to read to know more. Digital Transformation in Public Sector A public sector must be fit for future trends. But,…
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digital transformation kpi

Digital Transformation KPI: How to Measure Success

How can you know that you’re making progress? Here are the top digital transformation KPI or key performance indicators you need to know now. Read on to learn more. Digital Transformation in 2021 Digital transformation is not an endpoint or a destination. It is compared to…
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digital transformation infrastructure

Digital Transformation Infrastructure

Digital transformation infrastructure works as a key role in doing the journey. In fact, it is the determination of digital transformation or Dx. Why is that the fact? Let us dig deeper into this research. Digital Transformation Infrastructure Today, new technologies can change every role of…
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digital transformation governance

Digital Transformation Governance

Did you know there are many positions of digital transformation governance? It will then need to meet the whole firm. To make sure firms get in their journey, they need to be informed of these. Then, they need to be ready to put this governance in…
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digital transformation expert

Digital Transformation Expert

What is a digital transformation expert? When we say expert, that character is someone who understands the field very well. So, he will also be able to create jobs faster and easier.  When it comes to digital transformation, it is still new. So, how can one…
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digital transformation thailand

Digital Transformation Thailand

What is the digital transformation Thailand project? And how are the people making sure that its efforts will pay off in the expectation? Thailand’s digital push is looking great these days. From being in 57th bit in the UN’s e-Government Development Index. Now, it is in…
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digital transformation culture

Digital Transformation Culture and Internal Communication Now

Why is internal communication the key to a successful digital transformation culture? Read this article to find out. Digital Transformation Culture Digital transformation is a process in use by businesses of all sizes. So, they can optimize their present business activities.  Companies are also aware of…
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digital transformation steps

Digital Transformation Steps

What are the digital transformation steps? We know that digital transformation is all about applying technology. And it goes with old problems.  Digital innovation lets businesses provide an original purpose to their clients. Also, it regularly keeps its plans and tactics.  Digital technology is associated with…
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digital transformation of industries

The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Transformation of Industries

How did the digital transformation of industries change after the COVID-19 broke out? Read this article to know how four industries are forever transformed by the pandemic. Digital Transformation in 2021 and Beyond Many businesses have been forever changed by the pandemic. Over the span of…
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digital transformation defined

Digital Transformation Defined: A Wake-up Call for Businesses

How is digital transformation defined in a post-COVID workplace? Also, why is the pandemic a wake-up call for businesses? Read on to learn more. Digital Transformation Defined The global COVID-19 lockdown has unprecedented impacts on our lives. For one, it forced companies to rethink their strategies.…
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digital transformation questions to ask

Digital Transformation Questions To Ask First

Digital transformation (DT) is now a necessity for all businesses. These digital transformation questions to ask will set you on the right track.  Many businesses acknowledge the need for digital transformation. However, they still struggle to achieve the desired results. Around 66 to 84% of DT…
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digital transformation goals

How to Set the Right Digital Transformation Goals

Digital transformation (DT) offers a lot of benefits. The first and most important step is to clearly define your digital transformation goals.  The term “digital transformation” might be relatively new. However, its meaning isn’t really new at all. For instance, the iconic video game company Nintendo…
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digital transformation partner

Pick the Right Digital Transformation Partner

Working with a digital transformation partner is a must if you want to succeed. Picking the right partner might be tricky so this article serves as a guide.  When done right, digital transformation (DT) greatly improves your product or service. DT involves exploring new ways of…
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digital transformation projects

Digital Transformation Projects to Inspire You

Digital transformation projects done right take businesses to a new level of growth. The best way to learn is by observing others that succeeded. What Is Digital Transformation?  Digital transformation (DT) is the integration of digital technology in all areas of a company’s operations. The process…
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