5 Digital Transformation Trends 2018

It has been years since the trend of digital transformation begun. Let’s discuss the digital transformation trends 2018. Then, you will see how far we’ve come with a matter of 2 years ago.

1. IoT Devices In Every Corner

IoT or the ‘Internet of Things’ refers to devices that are connected to the internet. The purpose of this is to collect and interchange data. In a sense, it lets devices collaborate and connect with each other. 

As of October 2018, statistics show that there were over 22 billion IoT devices connected with each other.

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The following are simple examples of IoT devices:
  1. Smart Home Appliances
  2. Smart Home Security Systems
  3. Wearable Health Monitors
  4. Smart Factory equipemnt
  5. Ultra High-Speed Wireless Internet
  6. Biometric Scanners
  7. Wireless Inventory Trackers

2. Analytics On The Game

Analytics is defined to be the ‘systematic computational analysis of data or statistics

How does it affect the business?

Well, it maximizes the making of decisions. Analytics enables the use of data and insights. Which helps the business better decide for the company’s and the market’s needs.

For example, a truck manufacturer named Navistar made the best use of this in 2018. The report shows that the company uses real-time data and analytics for monitoring its fleet of 180,000 trucks.

Because of IoT and analytics, the company can monitor refuel management. Also, it can analyze their driver’s behavior. All of this and more enables the company how to play the game of business right. Thanks to the power duo of IoT and Analytics!

3. Edge Computing

Edge computation refers to the “computational processing of sensor data away from the centralized nodes towards the individual sources” of it.

So, edge computing enables to process of data within the network. Also, it enables accurate data for transmission. Not to mention how it benefits the reducing of latency issues of data transfer.

Big companies are implementing edge computing within their system. This results in more efficient data centers. These companies are the following.

4. The Fifth Generation Wireless (5G)

5G is the latest iteration of cellular technology. 5G enables faster wireless connections. Because its design also boosts the responsiveness of wireless networks. Not to mention that 5G has more available bandwidth. Plus an advanced antenna technology.

2018 is called the year of 5G. Where the Samsung and Verizon companies launched their commercial 5G services. This enables an early launch of this technology. Which was supposed to begin 2 years than it was originally forecasted.

5. AI Technology Is On The Move

Artificial Intelligence has just paved its way into 2018’s digital transformation. Now we have, Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Hey Google. Not to mention chatbots replacing humans. All of these and more are made possible with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology.

Since the digital transformation trends 2018, the use of AI in daily life has been a new norm. In addition, because of a fast-paced business environment. Businesses then study more possibilities with the use of AI. that is to make life and processes easier.

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