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Best Digital Transformation Of Companies

Let’s discuss examples of the best digital transformation of companies. Below, are some of the most prestigious firms in the world. Disney, Microsoft, and Audi are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digitally transform companies. Let’s learn more about their initiatives.


Disney World parks appear to be the most “analog” entertainment. Surprisingly, the company has evolved into one of the best digital transformation examples. It became a company with a much-improved visitor experience.

The MagicBand, which allows park visitors to make payments, manage bookings, and access their hotel rooms, is available at the parks. As a result, each guest is identifiable by MyMagic+ straps, which allows them to have unique experiences. In the park, the system works by presenting personalized interactive screens.

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Another example of Disney’s digital metamorphosis is the Disney+ streaming network. As you know, it has recently proven to be a huge success.

Users of the platform (who numbered in the tens of millions on the day of launch!) now have access to the latest Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars films. Many other works are available in the collection. So, it’s a serious competitor for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO GO. Indeed, Disney has done a masterful job for its effort.


Among the best digital transformation of companies, Microsoft is a standout.

So far, this software sales leader has relied on the Windows operating system. It is available in BOX and OEM versions, as well as Microsoft Office. But, the corporation decided to adapt to changing client needs rather than relying only on Windows.

For starters, Microsoft became more mobile-friendly, releasing Office for iPad, for example. Furthermore, the corporation has engaged in cloud computing. Microsoft forges partnerships with Dropbox and expanding its OneDrive service. Also, Microsoft teamed up with Amazon and Red Hat, an open-source software provider.

The company also recognizes the need for more open APIs. Open APIs help programmers to easily access Microsoft applications. So, Minecraft, LinkedIn, and GitHub were among the products purchased by the corporation. All this offers up new avenues for meeting the digital era’s commercial demands.


It appears that finding a more “analog” industry than the car sector is tough. Despite this, AUDI chose to enter the digital world with its new offerings. It has then become one of the most successful examples of digital transformation.

Audi City, the company’s revolutionary showroom concept, was unveiled in 2012. In micro-showrooms in city centers, it introduces users to the whole catalog of the brand’s car models. As you know, it’s not usually possible with many exhibited cars.

This initiative helps you to discover and purchase automobiles while shopping in the city center. Thus, making the experience more fun and accessible. Also, Audi City hosts nighttime discussion sessions and exhibitions. Yes, Audi wants to further enhance its brand’s positioning.

Moreover, advanced car configurations are now possible in stores. Thanks to interactive screens that display the car in full size

You can use your own tablets to peek inside the automobile. Then, observe its movement, and listen to the engine’s true sound.

Sales climbed by 60% compared to typical showrooms thanks to innovative solutions in Audi City, where only four cars are always shown (savings for the firm!).

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