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Cognizant Digital Transformation: How to Become a Digital Winner

The Cognizant Digital Transformation strategy focuses on how companies can make the most out of their initiatives. If you are beginning your digital transformation project, how can you become a winner at digital?

Let’s find out.

Cognizant Digital Transformation

Digitalization is not a destination. Instead, it is compared to a long journey.

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Now, the pandemic has accelerated the need for transformation. That’s why many companies across different industries are making strides towards going digital.

They have realized the value of digital technologies. For one thing, it will change both customer and business experiences for the better.

If you are considering DX or already starting, how can you ensure that your strategy creates results? Here are the five key steps from Cognizant that can help you build a defined strategy.

Five Key Stages of Cognizant Digital Transformation

Problem Framing

The process starts with taking a step back to see the actual problem. But, this step is easier said than done.

One reason is that many companies don’t actually believe that they need to change. Others also have no idea what the core issue is.

By reframing the problem, you can get a full understanding of what you need to do. Cognizant offers help by providing insights during this stage. Then, develop a research plan for the required steps.


Insights from the intensive research will define how you can benefit from the project. It’s also critical to open new doors and leverage them as much as possible.

For instance, a Digital Maturity Assessment gives better awareness of where the company is coming from. As a result, you can get an overview of the gaps you need to fill to achieve your objectives.

Strategy Ideation and Development

Most strategies would include algorithms. But, many of today’s successes in DX results from real engagement and people-focused culture.

So, good strategy ideation stems from making an actional roadmap that fits your needs. It will then allow you to envision possibilities for your decision marking.

Prioritization and Definition

So, you’ve done shaping your strategy. What’s next? The thing is, executing it successfully needs a solid framework.

You also have to assess your current financial health. So, you can plan to create efficiencies without breaking the bank.

It’s also essential to invest in the right technologies and tools. This will make sure that you will get a return on investment.

With this in mind, identify which areas need transformation the most. Prioritize the departments or aspects in your company that meet your digital vision.

Execution Planning

The four steps mentioned will now allow you to roll out your plan. But, it doesn’t end in just adopting new tools.

Digital transformation also includes a new model that will support the organization in the future. It will also involve a full change management program. 

A change in the whole culture is important because the transformation should be rooted in the organization. So, everybody must be on board.

After building your digital transformation strategy, you will now implement it. Only then are the plans actually put in practice.

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