Digital Adoption in Banking

Digital Adoption in Banking: How to Succeed?

Digital adoption in banking is getting more and more important. Especially now that they are one of the leading in digital transformation.

But how can banks raise their customer’s adoption rate? Also, how can they help their staff? If you are in the sector, then this article is for you.

Keep on reading to know more.

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Digital Adoption in Banking: How to Succeed?

Start with a Plan

To start, you will need to make a plan. Your journey will not see success without a good plan. So, you need to outline your goals. See what you achieve.

After, plan out how you want to achieve these results. What is your strategy? How will you measure success?

Empower Staff

Before launching new features or apps to your customers, think about your staff. They will be the ones that need to be familiar with them first.

So, train them how to use the new features. Encourage them to join the pilot programs. Then, let them see its perks. Last, get feedback from them.

Make Captivating Messages

Each one of us receives a lot of messages each day. And that is also true for your customers. So, if you send out a plain one, you being overlooked.

To avoid this, be sure to make captivating messages. One that will appeal to your customers. Know what they want or need. Then, figure out how you can give it to them. After, list out how the new feature can help them.

Ask Users to Take Action

After a captivating message, do not forget to include a call to action. Be sure that it is straightforward. But do not forget to reward that action.

Why? Because this can be a marketing strategy. Your customers will know what they need to do next. So, you can ask them to download your digital banking app. Or try out your new feature.

Use Traditional Channels

People feel closer to something that they see more often. After a while, they are more inclined to take an action.

And that is also true for your customers. What can you do? Promote your new feature in various channels. And do not skip on traditional ones. Like the billboard or on your ATM screens.


Aside from digital and traditional channels, do not forget to cross-promote. Find ways to do that. Like promoting your app during account opening.

Or you can promote your mobile app while doing a credit card promotion. This will help your customers know more about your app.

Measure Performance Regularly

Last, know whether your efforts are paying off or not. How? By measuring your performance once in a while.

How much were the ad visits? How are your email campaigns doing? Then, always be flexible to the new trends that are rising.

Digital Adoption in Banking

If you follow these tips, it can help you achieve a high digital adoption rate. But if you want more tangible results, WalkMe, the leading platform in the field, can help. Whether it be your employees or your customers.

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