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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Trends in 2021

In this article, we will discuss the hottest trends in digital transformation in manufacturing. Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing in a Post-COVID World

Following COVID-19, the pace of digital transformation in manufacturing is going steady. In reality, companies have no choice but to adapt. Now, we are in a very new, changed business climate.

Digital transformation also accelerated by 5.3 years. With that, global spending for DX will nearly double between 2020 and 2023.

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So, it drives a lot of changes, such as:

  • switch to remote working
  • Growth in contactless interaction
  • need for tools to navigate an uncertain future

Looking forward, here are the top trends in the industry to consider in 2021.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Trends

Employee Health and Safety Remains Imperative

Health and safety became the main goal in 2020. And that trend is still here to stay in 2021.

In fact, it will influence global regulations. So, manufacturers will strive to build safer environments for all employees.

For the last years, the industry is the top three for on-the-job incidents. They also have an average of 400,000 non-fatal injuries a year. 

In the next years, businesses will use more smart equipment and real-time communication. So, employees can be as safe as possible.

Digital Manufacturing Technology Gets Smarter

As expected, AI, robots, and 3D printing are the latest trends in manufacturing technology. In 2021, technology gets even smarter.

Robots will be cheaper while increasing in capabilities. So, more and more factories will use them.

Companies will also use more digital twins. So, they can digitally replicate new products before the production process begins. As a result, manufacturers can save money and waste.

2021 will also be a year for 5G technology. In fact, experts estimate that by 2030, 25% of the global population will us 5G coverage.

Digital Connectivity To All The Things

COVID-19 affected the manufacturing and food processing industries. Closing of buildings and lack of communication are just two of the concerns.

In 2021, we can see digital connectivity almost everywhere in the industry. So, they will use tools that can help:

  • Operations
  • Inventory
  • Employees
  • Equipment
  • Customers

Going Green in Manufacturing

Today, the industry is responsible for more than half of the world’s energy consumption. Also, 20% of global emissions come from manufacturing.

So, they should strive to reduce those for a greener planet. In the next years, we can see the following changes:

  • Repurposing materials and supplies
  • Shifting to renewable power
  • Tracking every step in the process to reduce the waste

Surveys also show that more than 60% of the construction projects would be green.

Frontline Employee Tech Is A Must-Have

Now is the time for the industry to change how they communicate. From traditional communication, they will now use mobile-friendly tools.

Consider Beekeeper, a mobile employee technology. It makes communication better for employees. So, they can improve operations.

If they have better communication they can work in real-time. So, companies can save time and money.

The next wave of digital transformation in manufacturing is here. To know more about DX and adoption solutions, visit WalkMe.

It is a digital adoption platform that helps companies make a successful digital transformation journey. So, you can join the next technological evolution.  

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