Digital Transformation Is More Than Just ‘Technology’

Digital transformation is the use of technology to modify and change business processes and culture. The goal of digital transformation relates more to bettering business culture. Most importantly, in delivering customer experience.

However, it is more than just the use of technology. Because customer experience is the core of digital transformation. How can we say so? First, let’s see the difference between digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation?


A simple definition: this refers to the evolution of analog into digital.

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Businesses used to record and keep track of transactions with the use of ledgers. Also, typewriters were used to be the best business tool for recording documents.  Well, these were all analog.

However, time passed, and technology evolved. Then the possibility of recording and keeping track of business transactions can now be on computers. For instance, concrete folders are now replaced with digital folders on a desktop. Also, ledgers are now metamorphosized into spreadsheets.


On the other hand, digitalization is the enhancement of digitization. 

In addition, digitalization does not suppose to change business processes. But it ought to expedite and better efficiency in business processes.

Take records keeping for instance. Before, making information available for customers takes manual work. But with the help of digitalization, records are now easily available on computers. What’s more, is that it can even allow customers to find and retrieve their own data via the cloud.

Certainly, digitalization enhances business processes for better efficiency.

Digital Transformation

How about digital transformation? Digital transformation changes a business from its culture, processes, employee interaction, down to customer experience

However, it starts with a digital mindset. For instance, a digital mindset asks:

  • What is the latest technology now available?
  • In which areas of my business can be replaced with the new technology?
  • What roles and tasks can be replaced with automation?
  • How will technology affect or improve the way business will thrive?
  • How can we better customer experience? Perhaps with the added twist of more personalization?

In addition, it takes more for digital transformation. There’s so much more to the world of it. What it truly takes is a digital mindset that does not limit possibilities.

‘More Than Just Technology’

However, the mere integration of technology is not shaping the success of the digital transformation. Because it doesn’t mean they’re using it, you should too.

Each company behaves and operated differently. Even with companies of the same field, there are still key areas in which they operate uniquely. Differently from each other.

So a successful digital transformation needs personalization. Thus, the executives first need to identify in which areas of their business need advancement. Also, it is more than just the use of technology. Because the core of delivering it is putting customer experience firsthand.


Certainly, the buzz of it takes more for a successful implementation. It’s more than just the use of modern technology. But it is about making the best use of available technology, according to the company’s needs.

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