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Digital Transformation Of Companies: IKEA, LEGO, and NIKE

Here are some of the initiatives for the digital transformation of companies. Big names like Ikea, Nike, and Lego are just a few examples of firms that have made transformation moves. What can you learn from them? How can these actions inspire you to do something for your company as well? Let’s see more below!

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Digital transformation can revolutionize a typical organization. One example of that is the Swedish furniture manufacturer.

IKEA is improving its consumers’ shopping experiences. At the same time, lowering expenses thanks to new technologies.

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One website helping IKEA is TaskRabbit. It is a website where you can look for someone to assist you to assemble and transport IKEA furniture.

Also, IKEA has chosen to launch a smart home initiative. This includes intelligent kitchen equipment and lights for the furniture industry tycoon.

In the IKEA Place app, the firm also employs Augmented Reality. It helps customers to choose furniture.  And, “furnish” an apartment before completing in-store purchases.

The Space10 initiative is another illustration of IKEA’s digital revolution. The business pitched the concept of self-driving automobiles as a living and entertainment area there. But, IKEA won’t manufacture automobiles. Instead, it will create interior design concepts for them.


The first illustration of digital transformation at LEGO was the company’s foray into the video game business in 1997.

Since then, games have been an essential part of brand promotion. Because the games are free, it boosts the promotional effect of the products.

Meanwhile, LEGO is also looking into 3D printing. While most businesses are wary of this technology, LEGO has applied for a patent for this form of printing. All this is to allow clients to take advantage of cutting-edge solutions.

Besides, the company has built a website where customers can submit ideas for block sets. Then, the company will consider releasing the kit if the idea receives a lot of support. It will inspire brand enthusiasts’ ingenuity while also instilling client loyalty.

Moreover, LEGO toys are becoming more modern as well. Advanced solutions, such as sensors, are sometimes included with blocks.

The company is also attempting to bring the worlds of gaming and physical blocks together. How? Yes, by creating a project based on virtual playsets.


NIKE, the sports footwear industry’s behemoth, has begun to focus on mobile devices. It employs cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and recommendation algorithms.

The business has developed a smartphone application that uses a leg scan to help determine the right sort of shoe. The application produces a map of the foot based on 13 data points by scanning them.

Furthermore, the program provides the organization with valuable information. Information that can help create better footwear projects in the future.

The NIKE+ program is also an important company effort. The approach resulted in a considerable boost in sales in Japan.

On the other hand, the NIKE SNKRS application was also successful. Sales of the prestigious shoes have seen an increase by 100 percent.

Yes, NIKE’s digital transformation demonstrates how innovation may lead to a lot of good stuff. Company design teams can work faster by digitizing 6,000 footwear materials. As a result, the company can respond well to the fast demands.

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