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Digital Transformation Predictions for 2021

Most of us would agree that 2020 was a crazy year. You must consider these digital transformation predictions in creating a strategy. 

COVID-19, economic crisis, political unrest – 2020 taught us that everything can change overnight. Hence, digital transformation is no longer a luxury. Instead, it is now a means for survival. Before embarking on the journey, you must be aware of these digital transformation predictions. 

Change management will be more crucial than ever 

Most employees worldwide are tired of change. 2020 has been full of massive changes. However, don’t fall into the temptation of assuming that your employees are used to and willing to change. In fact, it is crucial to acknowledge that change management is more crucial than ever. Why?

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Digital transformations typically result in more operational and organizational changes. These changes will affect your employees one way or another. Hence, you must not ignore the importance of organizational change management. 

Digital transformation strategy will be a differentiator 

There are just tons of technology options available. Of course, you can’t simply choose “nice-to-have” technologies or what seems popular. Remember that every company has unique needs. Hence, you need to tailor your strategy according to your needs and objective. 

Moreover, a good digital strategy considers all factors. That includes the people, process, and technology aspects of change. Do not blindly focus on selecting and implementing a single enterprise technology. The best strategies have a clear roadmap for broader transformation. 

More organizations will implement risk mitigation 

Many companies are noticeably increasing their focus towards taking control of their transformations. This means that organizations will see their technology implementation risks better. 

Forward-thinking organizations don’t solely rely on their technical implementers. Instead, these organizations continually find ways to point out and mitigate risks.

Organizations will be more decisive 

The fallout brought by COVID-19 has made many companies more decisive. This trend will continue for years to come. You must possess decisive leadership and control over your transformation initiatives. 

Before, organizations typically outsource digital transformations. Then, they will let the firm solely deal with the project. Yet, that is not the case anymore. Companies that take the extra effort for quality assurance will excel among others. That is compared to ones that operate with outdated governance models.

Low-Code will help resolve the software backlog 

Technology is a crucial part of any digital transformation. Who will develop the tools that improve the overall experience of a company? The answer is everyone, thanks to low-code platforms.

As the name implies, low-code platforms do not require vast coding experience. Even individuals with no coding experience can play a part in developing such tools. Low-code platforms give users more flexibility to solve problems. Moreover, these tools enable companies to quickly take advantage of situations. Some of those situations are changing customer demands and market conditions. 

Yet, solely relying on low code is not enough. Keep in mind that power must always work hand-in-hand with speed. In some cases, low code makes problems worse. That is by creating even more disconnected applications. 

Prevent this from happening by having powerful low-code platforms. Moreover, they must have the ability to organize data and modern tools like AI. 

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