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Digital Transformation Projects to Inspire You

Digital transformation projects done right take businesses to a new level of growth. The best way to learn is by observing others that succeeded.

What Is Digital Transformation? 

Digital transformation (DT) is the integration of digital technology in all areas of a company’s operations. The process often involves big changes in how a company functions and serves customers. 

Moreover, it can massively affect the quality of the company’s products. DT enables companies to bring innovative products and services. Additionally, DT impacts how a company deals with data. 

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Digital transformation projects aren’t simply to digitize information. Of course, digitization of information is a crucial element of all digital transformation projects. However, it’s only a part of the whole process.

DT often involves taking radical steps and not afraid of experimenting and failures. It might be tough to let go of traditional business processes. However, the times we live in have made digital technologies essential.

Keep in mind that customers already know what DT is. Technology is a well-known part of everyday life. Thus, it’s time to take the leap and start transforming. 

Successful Digital Transformation Projects 

Thanks to DT, companies have the opportunity to optimize operating costs as well as increase process efficiency. Additionally, DT increases the ability of the companies to predict the market situation. As result, it allows them to better meet customers’ needs

However, 70% of digital transformation fail. Sounds scary? These digital transformation projects will give you the motivation to take a step forward. If they did it, you can, too!


It’s hard to think of the automotive industry going digital. Yet, Audi decided to enter the digital world with its new services. They became one of the most successful DT examples. 

Their initiatives began in 2012 when they introduced Audi City. It is an innovative showroom concept having users acquainted with all Audi’s car models in micro-showrooms in city centers. 

Moreover, these spaces make your experience enjoyable and accessible. That is by allowing you to discover and buy cars while wandering around the city center stores. 

Audi has also made advanced car configuration possible by installing interactive screens in stores. Furthermore, you can use your own tablet to look inside the car.

These solutions have resulted in Audi only exhibiting 4 cars. Audi has gained more savings and their sales increased by 60% compared to traditional showrooms.


LEGO’s digital transformation began way back in 1997 when it entered the video game market. Since then, they have mainly used games to promote their brand. These games are largely free so it has increased the promotional effect of the products. 

Most companies are afraid of 3D printing options because it allows customers to create products themselves. However, LEGO broke the norm and has filed a patent application for this type of printing to enable clients to use innovative solutions. 

Furthermore, LEGO has created a website collecting customer ideas for block sets. This will stimulate the creativity of brand fans and instill customer loyalty. 

Moreover, the company has made its toys become more modern. For instance, LEGO sometimes equips blocks with advanced solutions such as sensors.

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