digital transformation thailand

Digital Transformation Thailand

What is the digital transformation Thailand project? And how are the people making sure that its efforts will pay off in the expectation?

Thailand’s digital push is looking great these days. From being in 57th bit in the UN’s e-Government Development Index. Now, it is in jumped high in 20th place.

How? Due to the big efforts made to provide its citizen’s path to mobile and broadband. But, that is not all.

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There are still a lot more places the nation is seeing to do. For one, they prepare to apply AI to hurry up their plans.

What are these projects?

Digital Transformation Thailand: AI is the Future

No land is free from doing digital transformation or Dx. Especially today, that the pandemic did it more valuable to do one.

Thailand is in on the Dx series. And as said, the country is now discussing AI make a lot of their great ideas.

The Digital Government Development Agency or DGA is the one beginning them.

One of these projects is an e-audit. The nation is planning to look at its past audit reports. Then, make a database for the plan.

The algorithm will identify keywords from past articles. It is to help firms from making errors in the contract or dangerous ideas.

The DGA is working with NECTEC. Or the National Electronic and Computer Technology Center.

They think to make chatbots that will help companies in managing tools. As a result, if a power blackout occurs, they can report it there in real-time.

They will make an AI program. One that will let drivers go together by sharing data and ideas.

Any good algorithm made by one business can be sold to others who require it. And this is great. 

Why? Because making algorithms on poor data will make sure that AI types work local difficulties.

That is not all. Also, there is a different Thai plan that seems attractive.

Thailands Digi-D

Thailand is giving a process to make a digital ID or Digi-ID. These are the essential words in all the country’s continuing digital systems.

Their one plan with this is to decrease the need for paperwork. And one that Thais still rely on so much.

With Digi-ID, they try to do paperwork online rather. All without the need of making lots of usernames and passwords.

They will request this the National Digital Identity or NDID. Also, its business will apply blockchain and facial classification.

Why it will need that in the business? To ensure the security of data.

They will let residents have more great control over their data. And who they will give access to it.

Very soon, they will make a decision that will let users decide how they want to give their data.

This will look very relevant for both government firms and their people. Making for a more comfortable way to the sets that they need.

How do you think will these efforts pay off in the expectation? And what else can we see from Thailand soon in the trade?

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