Digital Transformation Using DevOps

Digital Transformation Using DevOps

Companies are now doing digital transformation using DevOps. Why? Read on to know more.

What is Digital Transformation?

Today, everything is going digital. Digital transformation can be defined as the process of using technology to reimagine the customer experience using the power of data and digital technologies.

Digital transformation is important. Because it has helped companies to better their customer experience and improve their ROI. Also, it is a continuous process and it continues to evolve rapidly. Companies that are not on the digital bandwagon will soon be left behind.

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Also, one of the things companies are using to drive their digital transformation is DevOps. What is this?

What is DevOps?

DevOps or development operations is a set of practices that help companies to develop, deploy, and operate software systems. Further, companies use it to develop and test software many times. Also, it is used to operate software continuously.

There are also several reasons why companies are using DevOps for digital transformation. They are:

  • It improves the way companies build, deliver, and operate their products and services
  •  It helps them to build better products or services which are more efficient and cost-effective. For example, an engineering team can deploy changes to their product ten times faster than before. And the process is more reliable too. 
  • It promotes collaboration between development and operations teams. The collaboration helps both teams to work together more efficiently and deliver better results.
  • It helps to improve the customer experience.

DevOps is not just for digital transformation alone. You can also use it for other things too, like improving operational efficiency, low-cost development and testing of software, etc.

Digital Transformation Using DevOps: The Benefits

The benefits of using DevOps for digital transformation are:

  • The process is more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Development and operations can be done in parallel.
  • Digital transformation becomes easier.
  • Better quality software is developed, tested, and deployed in a shorter time.
  • The, the customer experience is better with fewer bugs in the software.
  • The quality of work improves.
  • Also, the software is more reliable too.

With all these benefits, it is not surprising that companies are using digital transformation to power their growth using DevOps

Also, they are using the third platform to power their growth using DevOps. What is this? The third platform refers to the computing platforms powered by big data, social, mobile, and cloud technologies.

Companies use these platforms to build their products or services quickly. And also operate them continuously with greater efficiency and higher reliability. With the third platform, companies have access to better resources. This can also help them grow faster with a better customer experience using DevOps for digital transformation.


As you can see, digital transformation is important for companies. They need to use the power of data and digital technologies to enhance their customer experience and improve their ROI.

Further, developing, testing, and deploying software using DevOps is one of the ways to help companies do digital transformation. This is because it helps them build, deliver and operate better software products or services more efficiently and cost-effectively. Digital transformation has also helped companies to grow faster with better customer experience.

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