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Helpful Digital Transformation Articles for CIOs

Resourcing from digital transformation articles can help you improve in undertaking DX. More than anyone in a company setting, CIOs are the ones who should be most informed.

So here are helpful digital transformation articles- their titles and overview.

Digital Transformation Articles for CIOs

Best Sites to Follow for Digital Transformation Blogs

In this article, listed are the top websites that provide digital transformation content. This includes the leading company that specializes in DX. So leaders can keep up with the latest trends, news, and evolving technologies.

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How Software Walkthroughs Help Digital Adoption Challenges

Digital adoption comes with challenges that made up to 70% of digital initiatives fail. So in this post, it introduces the 4 major causes of digital adoption failure. While it also provides a software walkthrough as a possible solution to counter the challenges.

Digital Adoption Basics: All You Need to Know 2021

Digital adoption has become one of the biggest hurdles in succeeding in digital transformation. This article takes you to digital adoption in full detail. For instance, it discusses what digital adoption is about, why it is important, and how to succeed in it.

The Digital Transformation Office

A part of succeeding digital transformation is setting up a dedicated office for it. But what does an ideal and exemplary digital transformation office do and have? This article will cover that for you.

Digital Transformation Online Courses

Taking digital transformation online courses is an interactive, effective, and cost-effective way to learn while at home. More so, this kind of learning fits executives, DX team members, and DX enthusiasts who have a busy schedule. So this article details the best possible options available today. 

Why Do Digital Transformation Training Matters?

Training matters in all aspects of change. But, how about in digital transformation? This article covers how to effectively train employees in adopting new technologies. Perhaps reading this article before doing any training program can help.

The Digital Transformation In Marketing, Sales, and Service

To get a good grasp of DX, it is helpful to learn how it impacts and how it applies in different industries. For instance, this article covers how DX touches the major industries today. Namely, service, marketing, and sales.

Digital Transformation and its Impact: Banking, Retail, and Insurance

The finance industry is getting more revolutionized by digital transformation efforts. So this article will help you take a closer look at it in its various facets. For instance, you will learn how DX affects banking, retail, and insurance.

Digital Adoption in Covid 19

The Covid 19 is bringing a lot of its toll on individuals, but also on organizations. However, many succeed in digital adoption even amidst the surge of the Covid 19 pandemic. So how can your company thrive along? This article will discuss these points in detail.

Digital Transformation Metrics

To know where you are at in DX, it is important to measure, track, and analyze performance. In short, this involves the digital transformation metrics. So this article will cover all you need to know about the topic.

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Know the factors affecting employee performance

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