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HR Digital Transformation: What, Why, and How

Human resources is one of the busiest departments. Implementing HR digital transformation comes with many benefits that will give you a competitive gain.

Technology continues to disrupt many organizations. Not implementing digital transformation (DT) spells disaster for your company. The HR department is one of the best options you might want to include on your priority list. 

HR Digital Transformation Definition and Benefits 

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technologies in all areas of an enterprise. This isn’t simply digitizing process. DT is also a cultural change as all members must embrace the changes for the DT to succeed. 

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Hence, this is also a top-down change having the leaders start the change. Furthermore, implementing DT makes your organization agile and ready to adapt to the rapid evolution of technology. 

The primary goals of HR digital transformation are:

  • Automate the business process and reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Increase the employees’ morale by maximizing their work experience
  • Use the freed-up time for higher-value tasks that will benefit the business

However, your company will benefit from these goals only when DT is done right. 

How To Develop A Strategy 

The first thing you must keep in mind is don’t implement HR digital transformation for the sake of changing. Furthermore, you must ask relevant questions to clearly identify what you’re trying to achieve. In other words, never start the process until you’ve defined your goals. 

Define the goal you want to achieve 

DT must benefit the end-user, in this case, your HR staff. Ask yourself if embarking on the DT process will make things easier for everyone. 

Moreover, DT is a continuous process you must regularly measure its success. Thus, it’s important that your goals are measurable. The success of the DT project is measured by the business value it adds. 

Identify who will implement this transformation

Line managers and HR practitioners must take part in the process. Any changes to HR will directly affect these managers and their teams. 

Hire additional resources for the digital transformation process if required

HR digital transformation is an investment worth making. Of course, you need to invest in the tool you need to accomplish a certain job. Yet, you may also need to hire people for the role. 

For instance, one of the main benefits DT brings is analytics. Having tons of data is useless if you can’t interpret it. Hence, you may want to hire a data scientist to do the interpretation for you and gain actionable insights in improving your business strategy. 

Define a time frame 

Give a certain amount for each process to demonstrate its value to the organization. Furthermore, you need to let go of outdated technology and processes to ensure that DT goes smoothly. Determine those outdated processes that will be phased out. 

Prepare your team for the change

Humans are typically resistant to change. Your employees might feel that they will lose their jobs. However, assure them that DT is to help them do their jobs better. Moreover, always keep the communication open and listen to their suggestions.

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