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Leading Digital Transformation Solution Firms

Not all companies can experience success in the age of digitization. We will list the leading digital transformation solution companies that can help you mesh well with the transition.

Yes, digital transformation is still an unknown project. As a result, more and more companies see it as dangerous territory.

Yet, here are some of the companies that are leading digital transformation to a new level.

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Critical Mass Technologies

CMT is a digital transformation provider that combines the old and the new. For example, integrating traditional healthcare processes with advanced practice management strategies.

Sidis Health, its flagship solution, helps make it possible.

Also, the solution helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In clinics in large Applied Behavioral Analysis providers.

As a result, it enables productivity and increases the reach of treatment.

Moreover, Sidis Health allows a leaner environment of service delivery for ABA providers.

They are also producing a one-of-a-kind path to electronic health records. Also, practice management systems. How?

Well, they are changing how clinics staff their organizations. Also, changing the way clinics establish and distribute their standards of practice.

The change comes with centralized real-time data collection. Furthermore, it ensures that consistency and progress are there. Thus, providing transparency to children and parents.


The company is one of the most innovative and reputable business partners out there. Its goal is to aid its clients to realize their full potential. How?

Through the BPM-D Framework.

The framework involves the collection of methods, devices, and knowledge assets. As a result, it improves business value. By advancing up process improvements while decreasing the risk of such initiatives.

According to Franz, managing director and Co-CEO of BPM-D, “… BPM-D framework … help clients build a more effective and digitalized BPM discipline … and guide them to the next phase of success”.

Crowd Machine

It prides itself on being one of the industry leaders. Leaders that inspire digital transformation with its unparalleled solutions.

Crowd Machine GO is a no-code cloud-based platform. It enables clients to bring all the data together. Then, it’s ready to analyze, monitor, and use effectively to drive business efficiency. As a result, you will expect profitable returns.

Moreover, clients can carry together a legacy solution and utilize it to build more innovative solutions for business maturity.

Furthermore, it also permits complete automation and modernization of the overall IT ecosystem. Also, transfers existing applications on the cloud.

As a result, they will have larger visibility of their business processes. Thus, causing an increase in productivity, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction to its clients.


It attaches, automates, and presents visibility into supply chains. Rightfully called as the leading Digital Supply Network for Manufacturers

Elemica solutions connect to:

  • end customers
  • thousands of their direct material suppliers
  • logistics service providers
  • leading manufacturers

Because of this visibility, clients can see and ease supply chain dangers.


It supports companies to expand their capacity to innovate. How?

Well, Gigster dynamic teams create industry-changing custom software

Furthermore, Gigster grants an innovation management platform that measures the end-to-end delivery process. Also, drives a 360-degree view of risk. These uses expert reviews of each project deliverable. Thus, increasing quality.

WalkMe is a digital transformation platform that has rapidly grown to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

You can learn at WalkMe with your digital transformation journey.

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