Most Influential Digital Transformation Topics in 2021

Keeping up with digital transformation topics can help you stay ahead in the DX game. So what are the most talked-about and influential DX topics this year?

Top 5 Digital Transformation Topics of 2021

1. 5G Becomes the New Normal of Connectivity

Since today’s new normal requires more connections, better connectivity is thus required. This is why 5G takes one of today’s spotlights in DX.


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For one reason, business operations are now mostly done in homes and remote workplaces. As a result, this demands more connection power.

Last year, 5G has already been known as a promising new technology. 

With 5G, technology improves by:

  • Better speed and connectivity- that can address the demand of growing bandwidth needs
  • Reliable connection- fitting remote working arrangements
  • Better IoT connections- IoT is being more popular and in-demand. So integrating 5G addresses more of the need. 

Certainly, all of these 5G benefits can increase the digital transformation rate at both individual and corporate levels.

2. Blockchain Develops 

Even last year, blockchain takes the spotlight already. At first, this was first resonated with cryptocurrency. 

Today, the finance industry embraces blockchain. But not only does the finance industry takes blockchain for DX. Take what India recently explored. They have studied blockchain’s capabilities and discovered it can also function in more industries.

So we can rightly expect blockchain technology to be accepted in more industries in the future. Specifically, playing a crucial role in cybersecurity.

3. Cybersecurity is a Top Priority

2020 has been a year of the attack, both in health and in cybersecurity. Since then, companies now see the benefit of prioritizing cybersecurity. Thus, making this topic one of the leading concerns of the CIOs. Not to mention the millions to billions of dollars organizations lost in data breach incidents.

Thus, prioritizing cybersecurity today is a necessity for every business. Especially for industries undertaking digital transformation. Because DX creates more connections in an organization. More so, that employees are sent on remote working arrangements. Which also results in creating more vulnerabilities within premises.

4. Digital Banking is Rising

Banking and finance are some of the leading industries in digital transformation. Of course, these industries are mostly impacted by customers’ demands and technology, also. With the increase of customers wanting both convenience, in-demand, and mobility, digital banking is the best move.

Because of this, the finance industry now introduces the following in its services:

  • Online banking 
  • Digital payments
  • Digital credit application processing
  • Online loan applications

So in the coming years, we can expect this DX trend to spread across every bank available.

5. Customer Data Platforms Storm 

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are rising in customer-centric business platforms. Of course, data is today’s fuel for growth. However, as much as industries have much data, but many were not able to use it to the full. Thus, making these data put to waste.

This is why a customer data platform can help. For example, a CDP can:

  • Collect data from all sources 
  • Organize and tag data
  • Help company use that data to its benefit

Besides, data analytics is a good combo for this. With both empowering data management, this should result in more growth and efficiency. Thus, leading DX in the modern era.

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