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Pick the Right Digital Transformation Partner

Working with a digital transformation partner is a must if you want to succeed. Picking the right partner might be tricky so this article serves as a guide. 

When done right, digital transformation (DT) greatly improves your product or service. DT involves exploring new ways of identifying the business challenge. Moreover, it changes how your brand interacts with customers. 

Another benefit of DT is access to analytics, which in turn enables you to better understand the market. Those are just a few of the millions of benefits that DT brings. 

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However, your company will only reap the benefits of DT if you choose the right digital transformation partner

Every great partnership starts with you 

The first and most crucial step in DT is to identify and understand your goals. What are you trying to achieve by implementing DT? Identify what challenges you aim to solve with DT. 

Some examples of the goals you may want to pursue are:

  • increase customer satisfaction
  • speed up the product development process
  • Build a long term digital roadmap
  • strengthen your market position
  • apply data analytics for internal processes optimization
  • validate current pain points and find ways to solve them

Not knowing your true intentions will result in you and the consulting firm waste time and money. Define your priorities.  

After identifying your goals, figure out the reasons why you need a partner. Take note that it’s very important to assess your in-house potential. Only in this way you can find the best fit with a partner.

For instance, do you want to extend your team? If so, search for companies that have a compatible working culture and skill stack. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a team to fill in the missing skills, look for a company that works very differently from yours. 


Moreover, communication is a crucial part of the success of DT. Ask questions and clearly communicate your needs and expectations. Both parties must be fully aligned so the partnership turns into a win-win situation. 

Furthermore, have your potential partner walk you through the onboarding process as if you were already a customer. This will help you identify whether your partner’s strategy aligns with your vision. It is also important that you document the alignment and synchronization process. 

These questions may seem very secondary. However, it is best to address them early on to make the validation process more efficient.  Don’t figure it out on the go. Otherwise, you might get stuck in the endless loop of “figuring things out” before moving on to tangible progress.

Red flags

You’ll notice the red flags early on. For instance, are the people present at the negotiations will be the ones who will handle the partnership? If not, it could lead to future complications in strategic alignment. Furthermore, it may result in a major loss in money and time. 

Moreover, always test the waters first before entering any deeper commitments. The last thing you need is a wrong partnership and losing your market position due to major delays and inadequate investment. 

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