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Best Books On Digital Transformation: Tech-Savvy Master List

Here are the best books on digital transformation and everything in between technology and beyond.

Digital Transformation Books- Why You Need Them?

We are just into the era of flooding information. From news feeds, to search engines, and tweets. We are surrounded by information. Which is technically an advantage. However, it’s also a cause of an issue.

When we talk about the hype of digital transformation, you can google everything about it. Yes, you can have the scratches of its surface ideas. However, if you are someone who’s really ought to drive change into one’s business. Then, look for books. 

Even though we are in a digital era, but books never get old. They still remain to be one of the best resources. This goes the same when it comes to getting the most reputable sources for digital transformation.

So here, we’ve collected the best books you can find about digital transformation.

Top Best Books On Digital Transformation

Innovation Lab Excellence: Digital Transformation from Within

By Richard Turrin

This piece is best recommended for those who manage an innovation lab. Or maybe to someone who’s working for such, or someone who manages a business related to such.

  • Learn the behind the scenes of innovation labs
  • Highlights the best practices innovation labs should have
  • Deliver concrete results as the impact of applying these practices

About the Author: Richard is a fintech leader who turned into a consultant. In addition, Richard came from one of the world’s leading digital transformation platforms- IBM. In a sense, his IBM experience and more have turned into golden insights written in his book.

The Deep Learning Revolution

By Terrence J. Sejnowski

Deep Learning is known to be the root of Google Translate, Siri voice assistant, and even driverless cars. In addition, ‘Deep Learning’ can turn somewhat impossible to be possible. How? By the power of deep learning in technology. 

“If you want to understand AI, you need to read The Deep Learning Revolution” – Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT

About the Author: Terrence is a veteran in Deep Learning since the 80s. Not to mention how he used to be an advisory committee member of the BRAIN initiative during Obama’s administration.

Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy & Leadership when Algorithms and Networks Run the World

By Marco Iansiti & Karim R. Lakhani

A goldmine resource for AI learners and those who are aspiring game-changers in the light of AI. Because Marco & Karim hereby help readers to redesign their thinking. 

  • Limitations on the scale, scope, and learning have further restricted the potential growth of the business
  • Learn how AI changes and expedites growth with today’s famous institutions. Namely, Microsoft, Airbnb, Ant Financial, and Amazon

About the Author: Iansiti is a co-director of Harvard’s school laboratory. Also, Iansiti is an HBS business professor. In his book, Marco guides readers on how to redesign their thinking according to the AI game. Also, as a professor, Iansiti provides a well-researched resource for digital transformation. All of these and more, with the book, Competing in the Age of AI.

Digital Transformation Book: The Digital Transformation Playbook

A review of a digital transformation book, The Digital Transformation Playbook by David L. Rogers. 

The Digital Transformation Playbook

‘Are you going digital?’

A question a lot have been wondering about for years but hesitant to make the change. This digital transformation book by David highlights how changing businesses with digital transformation is a need rather than an option.

You may be one who’s wondering. You well-know the wonders of digital transformation. But you may be hesitant. For instance, you might feel like it’s not a need. But instead a sort of luxury. But is it? Or don’t you just have enough facts?

Redesign, and rethink your business. This is how The Digital Transformation Playbook says it.

5 Domains Of Business Strategies

According to Rogers, there are 5 domains of business strategies that can affect a business’ growth. Let’s learn deeper about each one of these.

1. Customers

Rogers hereby highlights the ways that your business could connect to customer networks. This is due to shifting away from mass production and marketing by businesses. Not to mention how the biggest influence of purchase comes from customers.

2. Competition

On the other hand, the Digital Playbook also makes the point of focusing more on the building of platforms. Rather than focusing on the building of products. It was further said that this can better make one competent in the field.

3. Data

Data has been a company’s asset with a growing value. Also, all businesses today of any kind, have data. As Rogers put it, ‘every business now has access to a river of unstructured data’. However, the challenge goes into the proper way of handling it. Because this affects not only the business itself. But as to how you can survive and thrive in this digital revolution.

4. Innovation

Because of increasing innovation, businesses today have more access to customer feedback. These feedbacks play as insights. That can serve the business well in the phase of decision making. As a result, a business can innovate and innovate. Thus, further, grow. However, this is only possible with fearless experimentations.

Innovation plays an essential value in a business’ digital roadmap. As mentioned, insights gained from these innovations should be best utilized. 

In addition, Rogers highlights the need to ensure the proper process of innovation. It should consider the factors of growth and long-term experimentation.

5. Value

A business should be willing to change the value proposition. This is important especially in this economy with continuous innovation. Also, the business landscape is ever-changing and never consistent.

Thus, in order for a business to survive, it should be willing to shift. For instance, they can change for the better if that’s how their consumers opt for.


In a word, The Digital Transformation playbook is a book that encourages ‘rethinking’. As Rogers always highlights, a true digital transformation starts with how a leader and its workers think. It all begins in the mind.

Not to mention, how this way of thinking should continuously innovative. Because a digital mindset always opts for possibilities.