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Digital Transformation and IoT

Digital transformation and IoT are now starting to work together. More and more companies are seeing the value and potential IoT devices can offer to them. How, then, can the Internet of Things (IoT) help with digital transformation? Read on to know more.

Digital Transformation and IoT

Makes IoT Devices and IT Systems Work Better Together

Data analytics can be used to make the IoT devices and IT systems work better together. This you can monitor, control, and manage these devices more effectively. The analysis of data from devices can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these systems. It can also help to automate processes that are currently manual or complex.

Smart sensors and smart meters are examples of two types of devices that can be used for data collection and analytics. A smart sensor is a device that measures one or more physical or environmental variables. When, for instance, you out sensors in a production line, they can monitor conditions. Like temperature, pressure, vibration, and other parameters. Smart meters can also measure the amount of electricity consumed by a household or business unit over some time. The data collected through these smart devices can then be analyzed. Thus, helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT systems.

Improves Decision Making

IoT makes it possible for companies to make faster, better decisions. For example, an oil exploration company wants to determine where to drill first to maximize its profits in the shortest possible time. It uses information from its fleet of sensors located at different locations. Thus, enabling it to make a quick decision about where to drill first. Hence maximizing profits quicker than if it had only relied on data from its geologists who were not always on site.

IoT Data Can Be Combined with Data from Other Sources

With IoT devices collecting data about the physical environment around us (e.g., temperature), we can combine this data with data from other sources (e.g., social media). This means we can capture more data points about our world than if we had information from only one source. This is a phenomenon they call big data analytics. This allows us to measure our physical environments more accurately than before. This kind of analysis can help in making better decisions faster than before. All with fewer mistakes since we have so many more facts at our disposal in real-time to inform our decision-making process.

For example, Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide who share their status updates on Facebook almost every day. This means there is a huge amount of valuable information available on this platform. A digital marketing agency could tap into this rich source of information and combine it with the location-specific information available through an IoT platform.

Use The Right IoT for Your Digital Transformation

As you can see, IoT is a technology that is helping companies to make better decisions faster than before. This is because they can collect and analyze data from many sources. So, what are you waiting for? Use the right IoT devices now.