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Best Sites to Follow for Digital Transformation Blogs

So here are the best websites that you can opt to follow for digital transformation blogs.

Digital Transformation Blogs to Follow

Starcio Blog

Starcio Blog is by Isaac Sacolick, one of the top 100 social CIO and DX leaders. Isaac is a leader who focuses on the following in his DX strategies:

  • Big data
  • Agile development
  • Data science
  • Digital marketing

Because of his vast and pioneering background in DX, his blog is among the most insightful and helpful.

Plainview Blog

Plainview Blog, on the other hand, is for executives who lead digital transformation initiatives. For example, the focus message of their blogs is to help companies drive real results from change. That is, by boosting the people factor and economic resources.

MuleSoft Blog

MuleSoft Blog is another good resource for different topics about DX. Besides, MuleSoft helps its readers learn the impact of data and applications in driving DX.

For example, MuleSoft Blog covers the following:

  • DX revenues 
  • Latest trends
  • In-depth topics about DX

Smart Insights Blog

Smart Insights mostly focuses on digital marketing strategies, news, and case studies. For example, they cover topics about:

  • Developments in DX
  • Latest tools
  • Helpful advice
  • DX statistics

All of which are important in developing a winning digital transformation strategy.

OpenText Blog

OpenText, on the other hand, is more than just a publication site for digital transformation. Because OpenText is Canada’s largest software company that specializes in enterprise information management. Besides, on their site, they provide helpful content about DX insights and advice.

Progress Blog

For CIOs, Progress Blog is for you. The Progress Software Corporation aims in helping companies create a culture of digitalization. Of which involves the role of customers and employees in succeeding DX. So if you want to learn helpful strategies, especially for CIOs level, Progress Blog is one of the most helpful on the list.

Centric Digital Blog

Centric Digital is a company that also specializes in digital transformation. Their goal is to help business reshape their models and customer experiences. Thus, helping companies thrive in this evolving digital era. So if this sounds like your company’s concern, make sure to check their content.

Happiest Minds Blog

Happiest Minds is another leading digital transformation company. Their goal, like others, is to help companies make the best use of today’s digital technologies. 

Moreover, they regularly provide blog posts about:

  • Big data
  • Mobile
  • Analytics
  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • Cybersecurity 

Informatica Blog

Informatica is a company that offers data management solutions in the cloud and hybrid environment. 

Moreover, their blog focuses on helping leaders and CIOs lead DX effectively. For example, they cover the following:

  • DX tips and strategies
  • Good leadership
  • Developing and implementing processes

Frost & Sullivan Blog

Frost & Sullivan is a major partnership company. They offer advisory services and expert insights about digital transformation, for instance. 

So in their blog, they provide content about DX. More particularly in:

  • News
  • Latest trends
  • Procedures
  • Leadership 

Axway Blog

Axway Blog provides content about healthcare digital transformation. For example, they provide helpful resources about the latest news, trends, insights, shadow IT, and agile integration.