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Digital Transformation Solutions

What are the digital transformation solutions for businesses today? 

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of digital change. Also, we will discuss some solutions for the company.

Digital Transformation Meaning

The idea of digital transformation is not new. Also, it has been around for several years. But it is only now that the technology is mature enough to discuss this idea. 

What does digital transformation mean?

Digital transformation means improving the way. Also, developing companies and people interact with each other. It is by integrating advanced technologies.

Digital change can improve their business methods. Also, the way people and businesses communicate with consumers online.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital change solutions can be seen in many efforts. It includes retail, telecommunications, e-commerce, and more.

“Digital transformation solutions” are a combination of solutions. Besides, it can have the potential to change an organization’s skills. 

The organization would be better able to play in the digital age. So, digital change solutions try to take the best works from the past and combine them with new technologies. As a result, it can drive down prices, better sets, and increase ability.

The digital transformation answers are made of the following three steps:

  • In this step, need to that your company decides your modern orders and knows their powers and flaws. Also, your business sets clear goals such as growing wealth and reducing prices.
  • At this step, your company should know areas that can be developed using technology. The areas which were known should be connected to the business.
  • The third step is the actual implementation of the change plan. It is important that your business set up a free plan for achieving the plan. Also, how much will it take, how long will it take, who will be in command of the implementation, and more. Also, your business plan a constant development plan to assure that it never falls behind in using technology.

Benefit for Businesses

Businesses can help with digital transformation solutions by improving energy and reducing prices. Many companies will enjoy creating new income streams. It adds growing into new sales. 

For example, retailers are turning their stores into warehouses. Also, it is by using excellent technology to increase efficiency. 

Digital change can be an opening for businesses. Why? Because digital conversion technologies are making a change in every industry and business area. 

Digital transformation can be a rival advantage. Why? Because the technology is growing so fast and it is always changing. 


Digital transformation is a trend. It is an ongoing and constant process. It is many processes that need plan and forethought. The digital change offer includes the entire organization

In this rule, teams need to choose which areas of their business they want to change and determine what they want to do. Buyers expect firms to be more active and alert. 

Technology is critical in this change process. Why? Because it is the driving power behind the digital change. Technology will help your business achieve the conversion plan carefully and efficiently. 

Leading Digital Transformation Solution Firms

Not all companies can experience success in the age of digitization. We will list the leading digital transformation solution companies that can help you mesh well with the transition.

Yes, digital transformation is still an unknown project. As a result, more and more companies see it as dangerous territory.

Yet, here are some of the companies that are leading digital transformation to a new level.

Critical Mass Technologies

CMT is a digital transformation provider that combines the old and the new. For example, integrating traditional healthcare processes with advanced practice management strategies.

Sidis Health, its flagship solution, helps make it possible.

Also, the solution helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In clinics in large Applied Behavioral Analysis providers.

As a result, it enables productivity and increases the reach of treatment.

Moreover, Sidis Health allows a leaner environment of service delivery for ABA providers.

They are also producing a one-of-a-kind path to electronic health records. Also, practice management systems. How?

Well, they are changing how clinics staff their organizations. Also, changing the way clinics establish and distribute their standards of practice.

The change comes with centralized real-time data collection. Furthermore, it ensures that consistency and progress are there. Thus, providing transparency to children and parents.


The company is one of the most innovative and reputable business partners out there. Its goal is to aid its clients to realize their full potential. How?

Through the BPM-D Framework.

The framework involves the collection of methods, devices, and knowledge assets. As a result, it improves business value. By advancing up process improvements while decreasing the risk of such initiatives.

According to Franz, managing director and Co-CEO of BPM-D, “… BPM-D framework … help clients build a more effective and digitalized BPM discipline … and guide them to the next phase of success”.

Crowd Machine

It prides itself on being one of the industry leaders. Leaders that inspire digital transformation with its unparalleled solutions.

Crowd Machine GO is a no-code cloud-based platform. It enables clients to bring all the data together. Then, it’s ready to analyze, monitor, and use effectively to drive business efficiency. As a result, you will expect profitable returns.

Moreover, clients can carry together a legacy solution and utilize it to build more innovative solutions for business maturity.

Furthermore, it also permits complete automation and modernization of the overall IT ecosystem. Also, transfers existing applications on the cloud.

As a result, they will have larger visibility of their business processes. Thus, causing an increase in productivity, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction to its clients.


It attaches, automates, and presents visibility into supply chains. Rightfully called as the leading Digital Supply Network for Manufacturers

Elemica solutions connect to:

  • end customers
  • thousands of their direct material suppliers
  • logistics service providers
  • leading manufacturers

Because of this visibility, clients can see and ease supply chain dangers.


It supports companies to expand their capacity to innovate. How?

Well, Gigster dynamic teams create industry-changing custom software

Furthermore, Gigster grants an innovation management platform that measures the end-to-end delivery process. Also, drives a 360-degree view of risk. These uses expert reviews of each project deliverable. Thus, increasing quality.

WalkMe is a digital transformation platform that has rapidly grown to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

You can learn at WalkMe with your digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation In Companies

There are countless moves for digital transformation in companies we have seen recently. In many industries, digital transformation is fueling corporate innovation. It entails far more than simply upgrading their technology and processes. Here, we’ll look at how digital transformation in companies today is shaping.


Microsoft is long known for Windows, Office Suite, and other top products. But, Microsoft’s stock prices have been lagging.  That is because of the growing competition from Apple, Amazon, and other corporations.

So, the firm chose to reconsider its strategy. Its solution was to launch a more forward-thinking cloud networking system business.

It shifted its focus away from traditional software. Instead, toward a cloud solution that is more flexible for personal and business use.

Microsoft also began forming profitable relationships with other technology and software companies.


Many businesses have benefited from Honeywell’s help in enhancing their digital capabilities. Honeywell, on the other hand, realized not long ago that it, too, needed to start transforming.

So, Honeywell decreased its industrial end markets from eight to six as part of a focus on quality over quantity. They started looking for the best approach to use their digital solutions as well.

The corporation began a digital transformation by adopting new technologies. For instance, data-centric, internet-connected goods and gadgets.


Nike is one of the world’s leading athletic shoe and apparel businesses. But still, believed they were becoming sluggish and outmoded.

Nike’s top brass didn’t waste any time. It underwent a digital makeover of its thinking, supply chain, and brand. Thus, allowing it to better engage with its consumer base.

Moreover, the company:

  • improved its data analytics
  • changed its e-commerce strategy
  • improved its digital marketing initiatives
  • increased direct-to-customer sales

Furthermore, Nike is using digital consumer data more efficiently and effectively. As a result, it can develop more concept stores and expand membership options. Also, improve the customer experience online and through apps.


Hasbro, a toy and game manufacturing and marketing firm noticed that its market share was dwindling. So, they devised new digital and data techniques to boost sales.

In their efforts, they began collecting and analyzing client data more effectively. The purpose is to generate more effective targeted marketing efforts.

Moreover, they made a big effort on social media, targeting parents who buy toys and games. Then, the digital data they obtained allowed the organization to gain a deeper understanding of its clients. Also, be more proactive in engaging with them.

Home Depot

Despite its success, it chose to pursue a more comprehensive digital transformation approach.

Their mission was to improve the online buying experience for customers. How? Well, by providing high-quality products and resources through a streamlined procedure.

Home Depot aims to spend money to improve both in-store and online shopping.


Another corporation that improved its web presence was Target.

They grew their market share by:

  • introducing new technologies in their stores
  • introducing online ordering,
  • increasing their social media, web presence, and online sales

Customers can now discover new products and have faster access to established brands. And of course, buy them online through social media. It’s now possible thanks to their new, remodeled store design and a larger focus on direct-to-customer sales. They have developed a more successful digital strategy that allows for more customization.

WalkMe is a digital transformation platform that has rapidly grown to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

You can learn at WalkMe with your digital transformation journey.

Cognizant Digital Transformation: How to Become a Digital Winner

The Cognizant Digital Transformation strategy focuses on how companies can make the most out of their initiatives. If you are beginning your digital transformation project, how can you become a winner at digital?

Let’s find out.

Cognizant Digital Transformation

Digitalization is not a destination. Instead, it is compared to a long journey.

Now, the pandemic has accelerated the need for transformation. That’s why many companies across different industries are making strides towards going digital.

They have realized the value of digital technologies. For one thing, it will change both customer and business experiences for the better.

If you are considering DX or already starting, how can you ensure that your strategy creates results? Here are the five key steps from Cognizant that can help you build a defined strategy.

Five Key Stages of Cognizant Digital Transformation

Problem Framing

The process starts with taking a step back to see the actual problem. But, this step is easier said than done.

One reason is that many companies don’t actually believe that they need to change. Others also have no idea what the core issue is.

By reframing the problem, you can get a full understanding of what you need to do. Cognizant offers help by providing insights during this stage. Then, develop a research plan for the required steps.


Insights from the intensive research will define how you can benefit from the project. It’s also critical to open new doors and leverage them as much as possible.

For instance, a Digital Maturity Assessment gives better awareness of where the company is coming from. As a result, you can get an overview of the gaps you need to fill to achieve your objectives.

Strategy Ideation and Development

Most strategies would include algorithms. But, many of today’s successes in DX results from real engagement and people-focused culture.

So, good strategy ideation stems from making an actional roadmap that fits your needs. It will then allow you to envision possibilities for your decision marking.

Prioritization and Definition

So, you’ve done shaping your strategy. What’s next? The thing is, executing it successfully needs a solid framework.

You also have to assess your current financial health. So, you can plan to create efficiencies without breaking the bank.

It’s also essential to invest in the right technologies and tools. This will make sure that you will get a return on investment.

With this in mind, identify which areas need transformation the most. Prioritize the departments or aspects in your company that meet your digital vision.

Execution Planning

The four steps mentioned will now allow you to roll out your plan. But, it doesn’t end in just adopting new tools.

Digital transformation also includes a new model that will support the organization in the future. It will also involve a full change management program. 

A change in the whole culture is important because the transformation should be rooted in the organization. So, everybody must be on board.

After building your digital transformation strategy, you will now implement it. Only then are the plans actually put in practice.

Digital Transformation Governance

Did you know there are many positions of digital transformation governance? It will then need to meet the whole firm.

To make sure firms get in their journey, they need to be informed of these. Then, they need to be ready to put this governance in the country.

If you are making your digital transformation, you need to get these. Keep on reading to identify more.

Digital Transformation Governance

Innovation Governance

Today, the race is very tight. So, to keep up with competitors, it is important to make a change. 

If you want to save up with them, change governance is necessary. Also, many stakeholders think that development should be the focus of Dx. 

They are spending more on new techs, new ways of playing, and more. In doing these, they tell they keep being strong. 

If you can, you also need to drive innovation. Then, see if it is an amount that your company can provide.

If the right governance is not put up, this can just become a cost center. So, ensure you order the right one.

Find a real use proof of such new techs. Then, see if what this can mean for you in the coming years.

There are two steps to do this. These are:

  • holding an oversight of the actual conversion process
  • operating an error of the real content of the development

Data Governance

Now, businesses trade with a lot of data. And of course, you link to this. 

There is a strong need to have to get sure of the location data at hand. Why? It is because this data is your plan to make better-informed decision-making. 

These are the ones Dx tools will base their study on. For example, if you do not hold the right input data, AI cannot make good options.

There is a search to keep these data safe. Its position will depend on how safe these data are. Also, outsiders may transfer or edit these relevant data.

You need to place strong data governance. It adds secure privacy, protection, and place. Then, make sure you follow up with agreement needs.

IT Governance

The first thing you require to believe about is IT governance. First, make sure you have the best people with the proper skillset.

Having these works put up the right IT plans. But at the same time, these will not get a lot that will put your firm in debt.

See the risks that come with new techs. Some of these may be about if it is safe, scalable, or whatnot.

On the other side of the money, you need to be able to see the perks of these techs. What can they provide within the business?

You need to make sure all these techs will meet with the business plans. Remember, doing Dx is not only to hold new devices.

Digital Transformation Governance: Value

Digital Transformation governance can help both firms and clients. And it will have an increase in the trade. 

So, these are the different positions of governance when doing Dx. Which of these do you already have?

Digital Transformation Thailand

What is the digital transformation Thailand project? And how are the people making sure that its efforts will pay off in the expectation?

Thailand’s digital push is looking great these days. From being in 57th bit in the UN’s e-Government Development Index. Now, it is in jumped high in 20th place.

How? Due to the big efforts made to provide its citizen’s path to mobile and broadband. But, that is not all.

There are still a lot more places the nation is seeing to do. For one, they prepare to apply AI to hurry up their plans.

What are these projects?

Digital Transformation Thailand: AI is the Future

No land is free from doing digital transformation or Dx. Especially today, that the pandemic did it more valuable to do one.

Thailand is in on the Dx series. And as said, the country is now discussing AI make a lot of their great ideas.

The Digital Government Development Agency or DGA is the one beginning them.

One of these projects is an e-audit. The nation is planning to look at its past audit reports. Then, make a database for the plan.

The algorithm will identify keywords from past articles. It is to help firms from making errors in the contract or dangerous ideas.

The DGA is working with NECTEC. Or the National Electronic and Computer Technology Center.

They think to make chatbots that will help companies in managing tools. As a result, if a power blackout occurs, they can report it there in real-time.

They will make an AI program. One that will let drivers go together by sharing data and ideas.

Any good algorithm made by one business can be sold to others who require it. And this is great. 

Why? Because making algorithms on poor data will make sure that AI types work local difficulties.

That is not all. Also, there is a different Thai plan that seems attractive.

Thailands Digi-D

Thailand is giving a process to make a digital ID or Digi-ID. These are the essential words in all the country’s continuing digital systems.

Their one plan with this is to decrease the need for paperwork. And one that Thais still rely on so much.

With Digi-ID, they try to do paperwork online rather. All without the need of making lots of usernames and passwords.

They will request this the National Digital Identity or NDID. Also, its business will apply blockchain and facial classification.

Why it will need that in the business? To ensure the security of data.

They will let residents have more great control over their data. And who they will give access to it.

Very soon, they will make a decision that will let users decide how they want to give their data.

This will look very relevant for both government firms and their people. Making for a more comfortable way to the sets that they need.

How do you think will these efforts pay off in the expectation? And what else can we see from Thailand soon in the trade?

Digital Transformation Projects to Inspire You

Digital transformation projects done right take businesses to a new level of growth. The best way to learn is by observing others that succeeded.

What Is Digital Transformation? 

Digital transformation (DT) is the integration of digital technology in all areas of a company’s operations. The process often involves big changes in how a company functions and serves customers. 

Moreover, it can massively affect the quality of the company’s products. DT enables companies to bring innovative products and services. Additionally, DT impacts how a company deals with data. 

Digital transformation projects aren’t simply to digitize information. Of course, digitization of information is a crucial element of all digital transformation projects. However, it’s only a part of the whole process.

DT often involves taking radical steps and not afraid of experimenting and failures. It might be tough to let go of traditional business processes. However, the times we live in have made digital technologies essential.

Keep in mind that customers already know what DT is. Technology is a well-known part of everyday life. Thus, it’s time to take the leap and start transforming. 

Successful Digital Transformation Projects 

Thanks to DT, companies have the opportunity to optimize operating costs as well as increase process efficiency. Additionally, DT increases the ability of the companies to predict the market situation. As result, it allows them to better meet customers’ needs

However, 70% of digital transformation fail. Sounds scary? These digital transformation projects will give you the motivation to take a step forward. If they did it, you can, too!


It’s hard to think of the automotive industry going digital. Yet, Audi decided to enter the digital world with its new services. They became one of the most successful DT examples. 

Their initiatives began in 2012 when they introduced Audi City. It is an innovative showroom concept having users acquainted with all Audi’s car models in micro-showrooms in city centers. 

Moreover, these spaces make your experience enjoyable and accessible. That is by allowing you to discover and buy cars while wandering around the city center stores. 

Audi has also made advanced car configuration possible by installing interactive screens in stores. Furthermore, you can use your own tablet to look inside the car.

These solutions have resulted in Audi only exhibiting 4 cars. Audi has gained more savings and their sales increased by 60% compared to traditional showrooms.


LEGO’s digital transformation began way back in 1997 when it entered the video game market. Since then, they have mainly used games to promote their brand. These games are largely free so it has increased the promotional effect of the products. 

Most companies are afraid of 3D printing options because it allows customers to create products themselves. However, LEGO broke the norm and has filed a patent application for this type of printing to enable clients to use innovative solutions. 

Furthermore, LEGO has created a website collecting customer ideas for block sets. This will stimulate the creativity of brand fans and instill customer loyalty. 

Moreover, the company has made its toys become more modern. For instance, LEGO sometimes equips blocks with advanced solutions such as sensors.

State Of Digital Transformation

State of digital transformation. 

What it is speaking about?

Digital business is defined as the creation of new marketing plans. And digital transformation is the use of program technologies to make knowledge. 

Moreover, it is a rival interest in new presents. Also, it adds new models and technologies. 

Related tools are becoming as foretold. But for most firms, the change to digital marketing has been more precise. 

Businesses say their most important action in leading benefit is the need for a budget. But the big company needs to get to even begin a digital change. 

Benchmarking Digital Maturity in the COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 change made a major shift in the first half of 2020. And the pair made hard progress that was supposed to take years. 

Moreover, it drives operators to the past job. Also, it digitized customer’s presents. 

There is no more force than ever for digital to act in ways. Besides, it can power major store changes. 

This Year’s Yearly State of Digital Transformation Report

It examines how companies seek digital change. Also, it reveals changes based on the digital increase step. 

Moreover, it is the issue of COVID-19 on digital transformation efforts. Besides, it gives a great benchmark of digital increase. 

Here are five states that define client center in digital change:

  • Power and data
  • Client communication
  • Selling and marketing
  • Technology and move
  • Data and false data

Report Takeaways

The services help is one of the leader’s uses given COVID-19. Also, it adds the project used in the business. And it involves the results in the settings. 

The more digitally got the business, the more they are centered on responding to the COVID-19 crisis. 

And the less digitally started the firm, the more is going on doing digital basics. 

Additionally, digitally moving firms are having their great center despite the pandemic. Also, they center on digitally-driven trade. 

Plus, power helps support business views. And they develop their digital transformation aims. 

Here are the top five digital technologies already completed:

  • Big Data
  • Big data leads to more intelligent business progress. And it improves skills that have the main purposes of digital-first works.

Mobile Technology

Nowadays, more companies are focused on digital change. Ans it is time to leverage mobile as a different part of the job plan.  

Public and Private Cloud

It develops the next age of competitive power rules. Also, it develops services in the business. 

Thus, public and private clouds will play a middle section. 


Application Programming Interfaces is getting the systems mix. And it gives data with one other. 

Top Five Technologies in the Works

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Internet of things
  • SDN and SDS


IT Managers are making great. And they make a normal process of getting digital-first companies. 

Moreover, many companies have foundational things is in place. Also, they are actively going on using more new technologies. 

But, a great digital change will need proper attention to change control. And it adds the workforce plan for the full company. 

CIOs and top IT leaders will play a primary part on both maps. 

The Ultimate List of Digital Transformation Companies Now

What are some examples of digital transformation companies now? In this article, we will discuss five of the most remarkable companies that transformed.

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Companies

The digital age is here for a long time. Thriving on it needs innovation and digital transformation.

True, many companies are still struggling to apply the latest technologies. But, we’ve seen how others stand out.

Most startups were born digital. That’s why there are at the leverage over some more mature companies.

But, that doesn’t mean that big companies haven’t done efforts to transform digitally. In fact, there are giant well-established companies that have gotten their foot in the door of DX.

Today, we’ll dive into the digital transformation strategies in different industries. Let’s consider the strategies of Volkswagen, Starbucks, Ikea, Lego, and Domino’s Pizza.

List of Digital Transformation Companies Examples


Volkswagen will invest $4 billion by 2025 to strengthen its digital ecosystem. And by doing so, they will gain many benefits.

For one, they can be more appealing to consumers who are into digitalization. At the same time, they can compete with their competitors well.

Since 2020, five million Volkswagen cars are now connected to the Internet of Things. So, things will be more high-tech and can improve daily lives

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s was able to surpass its former competitor Pizza Hut. How? By listening to customer feedback and adopting digital. 

So, it is not unexpected that digital channels now contribute to four-fifths of Domino’s sales.

Domino’s transformed its whole culture. From a fast-food company to one that hires programmers, digital marketers, and other tech professionals.

The company’s whole structure was also changed. They now emphasize internet marketing and promotion. 

Everyone at the top, from the Board of Directors to the CEO, had to be on board. Now, Domino’s is called an “e-commerce business that sells pizza.”


The company’s creative use of data analytics is at the heart of its expansion and continues to pay off.

Starbucks also uses data to inform it better align its menu and products with the tastes of its customers. Likewise, they have begun experimenting with digital menu boards. 

So, they can adjust the advertised foods based on the time of day to promote. Then, they can grow sales wisely.


In 2017, IKEA released the IKEA Place app. It is an augmented reality tool that allows users to see how furniture will feel in their own house.

This allows the customer to check out different choices before choosing which to buy. This app has received 2 million installs and is frequently used.

Ikea has also joined the smart home market, with smart plugs and speakers. IKEA will be ready to contend better in the future. Only if it strives to build such products, services, and methods.


LEGO has succeeded in catching the attention of today’s digitally aware consumers. The firm was able to avoid bankruptcy thanks to an improved digital strategy, and it is now growing.

Other LEGO projects include LEGO Boost. It is coding software for kids.

They also launched LEGO Life, which is social networking and brand advocacy platform.

Digital Transformation Trends

What are the digital transformation trends that are starting in 2021?

Companies are now about the value of doing digital transformation (Dx). 

So, more and more are coming into the Dx series.

Moreover, WalkMe enterprise makes users’ works as they use websites. It includes boosts businesses and growth models. 

Also, it shows that the best people get the top place. And it gives secure details. 

Thus, we are now observing a trend in Dx that is increasing as 2021 is coming next. What are these?

Digital Transformation Trends Growing to 2021

Data Analytics

To change their consumer experience, data analytics is the solution. As per one study, around 52% of managers realize. They said that data analytics supported them give more helpful client works.

So, it is necessary that the data they have is correct and is up to date. This is because this is where they will base their efforts moving forward.

Data Divide

To keep up with customer wants and requirements, companies are now getting a more active form to get data. Then get insight into it.

So, having the top data can give them an increase from their competitors. Their force to:

  • unlock
  • examine
  • act on data

These will be what will assist them to improve. Also, this can help them give personalized settings and results to their customers.

Which will help them earn more and save what they have. Thus, making data still an essential trend in making Dx next year.


Groups today are now getting complete use of microservices. This is so that they can create a new client action faster.

So, trades that use these noticed an increase in their ROI. Thus, giving it obvious that this trend arising to stay and grow next year in the trade.

API Protection

Almost all customers evaluate and hold to firms with great protection. This is because information breaches yell risk.

So, lots of companies today are using more API protection. This is because apps are more clear to crimes by API breaks.


Automation is the common basic part of making Dx. And this is still big now and will still be working in 2021.

As per one poll, 81% of companies will automate in the following twelve to eighteen months. This is so that they can save up more time for their workers to do extra important jobs.

Som in 2021, we can see larger rules based on plans or ideas.

Digital-Ready Culture

Buyers today want to reach makes on their chosen flows. Also, around two-thirds of them use more extra than one step for the business.

Then, about 78% of them use their free devices to move names. And that number increases to 90% for Millennials.

So, to match these needs, there is a 20% rise in sales doing digital works. Also, the start of the pandemic served in developing Dx aims faster in the trade.

Thus, we can now see an increase in more digital services for the company and customers. Making a move for digital learning continuing to 2021 to business.