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Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital transformation consulting is helping many companies today. How? Read on to know more.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Are you having a hard time keeping up with the rapid pace of change in the business environment? Are you finding it hard to transform your business operations to suit the changing environment? Or are you finding it hard to develop new business models that will help you stay ahead of the competition? Are you looking to innovate and transform your business into a new-age digital enterprise?

Then, what you need is help from digital transformation (Dx) consulting. What is it? A Dx consulting is a service offered by an expert to guide a business through the process of Dx. The expert will help you to focus on the strategic decisions that will enable your business to transform into a new-age organization that can stay ahead of the competition.

So, this may mean shifting from traditional business models that are becoming outdated. And developing new business models that are enabled by the latest technology.

Levels of Digital Transformation Consulting

Dx consulting comes at various levels such as:

  • Business Transformation Consulting. This is where the consultant will develop a business strategy. Then, transform it into a digital business model for the organization.
  • Technology Transformation Consulting. This level is where the consultant will advise on the latest technologies that companies can leverage to transform the business model.
  • Digital Business Transformation Consulting. This level is where the consultant will advise on the latest technology trends. And how to leverage those technologies to transform your business model.
  • Software as a Service Consulting. This is where the consultant will advise on Software as a Service (SaaS) and how they can leverage it to transform a business model.

The Need for Digital Transformation Consulting

Your competition may already be using the latest technologies to reinvent their organizations into a new-age digital enterprise. In fact, they may have already started leveraging technology to gain competitive advantages over you.

Yet, you are still stuck with outdated technology and business models. So, you need to up your game and move from being a traditional enterprise into a new-age digital enterprise that will help you stay ahead of the competition. 

A Dx consulting can help you move away from traditional business models. And reinvent your organization into a digital enterprise that is enabled by the latest technologies. Also, it can help you develop new innovative business models which are agile, efficient, and effective in delivering services and products to customers.   

Businesses that leverage technology is more efficient than those that don’t. So, if you want your organization to be efficient, then you need to leverage technology. New-age technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cloud computing can help your organization. It can help it become efficient by taking away mundane tasks off human hands and automating them.

So, you can leverage these technologies to develop efficient business processes. This will help your organization optimize the use of resources such as labor, time, and money. So, you can cut down on costs and increase efficiency thereby reducing waste.

Pick the Right Digital Transformation Partner

Working with a digital transformation partner is a must if you want to succeed. Picking the right partner might be tricky so this article serves as a guide. 

When done right, digital transformation (DT) greatly improves your product or service. DT involves exploring new ways of identifying the business challenge. Moreover, it changes how your brand interacts with customers. 

Another benefit of DT is access to analytics, which in turn enables you to better understand the market. Those are just a few of the millions of benefits that DT brings. 

However, your company will only reap the benefits of DT if you choose the right digital transformation partner

Every great partnership starts with you 

The first and most crucial step in DT is to identify and understand your goals. What are you trying to achieve by implementing DT? Identify what challenges you aim to solve with DT. 

Some examples of the goals you may want to pursue are:

  • increase customer satisfaction
  • speed up the product development process
  • Build a long term digital roadmap
  • strengthen your market position
  • apply data analytics for internal processes optimization
  • validate current pain points and find ways to solve them

Not knowing your true intentions will result in you and the consulting firm waste time and money. Define your priorities.  

After identifying your goals, figure out the reasons why you need a partner. Take note that it’s very important to assess your in-house potential. Only in this way you can find the best fit with a partner.

For instance, do you want to extend your team? If so, search for companies that have a compatible working culture and skill stack. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a team to fill in the missing skills, look for a company that works very differently from yours. 


Moreover, communication is a crucial part of the success of DT. Ask questions and clearly communicate your needs and expectations. Both parties must be fully aligned so the partnership turns into a win-win situation. 

Furthermore, have your potential partner walk you through the onboarding process as if you were already a customer. This will help you identify whether your partner’s strategy aligns with your vision. It is also important that you document the alignment and synchronization process. 

These questions may seem very secondary. However, it is best to address them early on to make the validation process more efficient.  Don’t figure it out on the go. Otherwise, you might get stuck in the endless loop of “figuring things out” before moving on to tangible progress.

Red flags

You’ll notice the red flags early on. For instance, are the people present at the negotiations will be the ones who will handle the partnership? If not, it could lead to future complications in strategic alignment. Furthermore, it may result in a major loss in money and time. 

Moreover, always test the waters first before entering any deeper commitments. The last thing you need is a wrong partnership and losing your market position due to major delays and inadequate investment. 

Digital Transformation Consulting Services And The Benefits

Who’s here to give you some advice? We’re both guilty of it. We’d like digital transformation consulting services to help us with this. Businesses need the services of consultants. Besides, the service offered by consulting firms is critical.

It adds a large amount of value to a company. They also assist in the development of company growth and project management techniques.

So, how do Web Essentials does consult services for the DT trend? Also, how do they use real-life examples in their company? Let’s dive in!

The Work Of A Digital Transformation Consultant

The job of a Digital Transformation contractor or consulting firm is to assist an enterprise in being more profitable. How do you do it? By using technology as a means of enacting strategic changes.

The Web Essentials Method

  • Examine the customer’s current situation and needs.
  • Create client strategies based on digital solutions.
  • Assist in the development of new digital transformation business cases.
  • User path analysis and architecture.

The Benefits

Let’s get back to it. Web Essentials provided digital transformation consulting services for the following projects.

Increase Efficiency And Transparency Of Your Company

The platform essentials provide an eVoting System for a local government. It enables the results to be shown in real-time.

As a result, fewer resources are needed to collect and analyze the data.

Connect Vendors To Leads

LeadsScan is a mobile app that converts conventional business card transactions into digital transactions. With the assistance of an exhibition solutions company, they created LeadScan.

Exhibitors may use this software to check a visitor’s badge at their booth. After that, gather their ticket information and add notices, marks, and follow-up activities to it.

Also, the lead generation process is quicker. Because of the digital method, it obtains the information needed.

Cut Down On Administrative Costs

We developed event management software for Swisscom. This app makes use of technology to bring people together who have common interests. As a result, people can organize activities and build an online community.

It would also cut down on operating costs. Instead of having to set up each event themselves, administrators may authorize them. As a result, there will be a reduction in the number of people.

To some, digital transformation is a broad, scary, and overwhelming concept. However, to achieve this, you need to take small steps in the right direction.

Digital transformation, on the other hand, is often linked to job losses. These days, technology has become the standard, and human labor is on the decline.

Human labor replaced by machines is a hot issue. This subject splits people’s opinions.

Jobs can move rather than vanish. Then there’s the issue of people needing to develop their skills.

To summarize, humans require machines, and machines require humans. Both parties must contribute for it to function. We live in a world that is also undergoing digital transformation.

Consulting With WalkMe

WalkMe is the pioneer in digital adoption. So, in terms of solutions and ideas for digital transformation, WalkMe can be a reliable partner.

In fact, most organizations around the world benefit from using WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform. Thus, bring everything into the digital age. So for more information, feel free to visit WalkMe’s website and learn more.