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Digital Transformation Predictions for 2021

Most of us would agree that 2020 was a crazy year. You must consider these digital transformation predictions in creating a strategy. 

COVID-19, economic crisis, political unrest – 2020 taught us that everything can change overnight. Hence, digital transformation is no longer a luxury. Instead, it is now a means for survival. Before embarking on the journey, you must be aware of these digital transformation predictions. 

Change management will be more crucial than ever 

Most employees worldwide are tired of change. 2020 has been full of massive changes. However, don’t fall into the temptation of assuming that your employees are used to and willing to change. In fact, it is crucial to acknowledge that change management is more crucial than ever. Why?

Digital transformations typically result in more operational and organizational changes. These changes will affect your employees one way or another. Hence, you must not ignore the importance of organizational change management. 

Digital transformation strategy will be a differentiator 

There are just tons of technology options available. Of course, you can’t simply choose “nice-to-have” technologies or what seems popular. Remember that every company has unique needs. Hence, you need to tailor your strategy according to your needs and objective. 

Moreover, a good digital strategy considers all factors. That includes the people, process, and technology aspects of change. Do not blindly focus on selecting and implementing a single enterprise technology. The best strategies have a clear roadmap for broader transformation. 

More organizations will implement risk mitigation 

Many companies are noticeably increasing their focus towards taking control of their transformations. This means that organizations will see their technology implementation risks better. 

Forward-thinking organizations don’t solely rely on their technical implementers. Instead, these organizations continually find ways to point out and mitigate risks.

Organizations will be more decisive 

The fallout brought by COVID-19 has made many companies more decisive. This trend will continue for years to come. You must possess decisive leadership and control over your transformation initiatives. 

Before, organizations typically outsource digital transformations. Then, they will let the firm solely deal with the project. Yet, that is not the case anymore. Companies that take the extra effort for quality assurance will excel among others. That is compared to ones that operate with outdated governance models.

Low-Code will help resolve the software backlog 

Technology is a crucial part of any digital transformation. Who will develop the tools that improve the overall experience of a company? The answer is everyone, thanks to low-code platforms.

As the name implies, low-code platforms do not require vast coding experience. Even individuals with no coding experience can play a part in developing such tools. Low-code platforms give users more flexibility to solve problems. Moreover, these tools enable companies to quickly take advantage of situations. Some of those situations are changing customer demands and market conditions. 

Yet, solely relying on low code is not enough. Keep in mind that power must always work hand-in-hand with speed. In some cases, low code makes problems worse. That is by creating even more disconnected applications. 

Prevent this from happening by having powerful low-code platforms. Moreover, they must have the ability to organize data and modern tools like AI. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Transformation of Industries

How did the digital transformation of industries change after the COVID-19 broke out? Read this article to know how four industries are forever transformed by the pandemic.

Digital Transformation in 2021 and Beyond

Many businesses have been forever changed by the pandemic. Over the span of the last year, how we live, work, and play has grown into a new realm. 

The long-term effects of COVID-19 over many industries are clearly becoming more clear. Advanced technologies are now redefining our sense of location and experience. As well as creating major changes in our preferences.

How has the pandemic changed the big four industries:

  • Experience
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Entertainment?

Let’s find out.

Digital Transformation of Industries

Experience industry

Will you ever feel comfortable attending large events in person again? Well, many people have mixed feelings about it.

But, one thing is for sure. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly changed how we perceive the experience industry.

Despite the vaccine rollout and lifting of lockdowns, many still carry a sense of distance. And this impacts business conferences, concerts, sporting events, and weddings.

Fortunately, digital technologies help ease our concerns. For one, IoT and AI are shifting how the industry works. 

Now, sensors, smart screens, wearables, and apps allow venues to monitor and control traffic flow. These also help them offer contactless payment and mobile ordering. And even assign large-scale seating in a perfectly distanced manner.

Many companies also shifted to remote work. But with virtual platforms, workers can still collaborate with each other.

Healthcare industry

At the start of the pandemic, in-person doctor appointments became restricted. So, telemedicine grew at a large rate.

In fact, reports show that the number of remote patients saw a 50-175 times increase. And this trend is here to stay even after COVID-19. 

Experts also believe that health systems named telehealth their No. 1 IT priority. In rural areas, distance is not an issue for healthcare anymore.

Now, they can connect to health care providers via technology. They can also get the help they need.

Retail industry

As stated, many employees moved their offices to homes. At the same time, businesses also accommodated orders online.

In 2020 alone, 90% of consumers preferred home delivery over a store visit. And that escalated quickly because of the lockdown restrictions.

So, retailers of all sizes are now boosting their e-commerce strategies. In fact, an additional $41 billion in digital revenue was seen during the holidays.

Of course, big names in the industry like Amazon are already doing their own strategies before the pandemic. But, local and MSMEs are also doing well.

These are all thanks to the rise of localized micro-fulfillment technology. Now, they can make their operations automated. So, they can cut down their delivery time and reduce costs.

Entertainment industry

When was the last time you went to a movie theater? Well, we weren’t able to go to entertainment places. All thanks to the social distancing protocols.

So, many companies in the industry offered online alternatives. For instance, WarnerMedia promoted their film studios like Disney Plus to offer streaming platforms.

And people are loving this shift. A survey also shows that 7 out of 10 people would choose to stream at home than go to theaters.

Digital Transformation Defined: A Wake-up Call for Businesses

How is digital transformation defined in a post-COVID workplace? Also, why is the pandemic a wake-up call for businesses?

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Defined

The global COVID-19 lockdown has unprecedented impacts on our lives. For one, it forced companies to rethink their strategies.

That’s why many of them decided to embrace digital transformation. So, they can keep their businesses running.

In fact, the efforts of DX accelerated a lot in these critical times. From being a “nice-to-have,” it’s now a must-have for every business.

Truly, the pandemic has greatly influenced businesses continuity today. Unfortunately, things will unlikely go back to normal after this crisis.

Let’s now take a look into the reasons why companies should transform now.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Accelerating Digital Transformation

Even before the pandemic, most businesses know about the benefits of transforming. But, many are hesitant because of the costs and the efforts involved.

Now, it’s imperative for survival. And only the companies that adapt to these changes can succeed. 

Why should they accelerate DX now more than ever? Here’s why:

Enhancing employee collaboration

Remote work has come. And it’s here to stay even after lockdown measures will be lifted.

But, it won’t be successful without the help of technology. For one, remote teams have to be more connected. But, how can they do so when they can’t meet in person?

Employees can collaborate with the means of digital tools. That’s why many companies are implementing new technologies as solutions. So, they can enable better team collaboration.

Ensuring the right flow of information

Now more than ever, internal communication should be clear. Reaching your employees at the right time with the right message is also critical.

But, some companies have traditional and complex communication styles. So, employees may get overwhelmed. Sadly, it can be a cause for important information being ignored by employees. 

With the right communication tools, they can ensure the right flow of information.

Maintaining employee productivity

Businesses now find ways to maintain the productivity and efficiency of employees as they work from home. At the same time, they look for technologies that ease this process.

Tech solutions also ensure constant business performance even during these unexpected situations.

Enabling leaders for successful digital transformation

In this crisis, business leaders should also show leadership skills. So, they can increase their chances of being resilient. This will enable them to prepare for rebound and future growth. 

Another reason is that their attitude towards the shift will influence other employees. In fact, studies show that employees who feel supported by their managers also feel that leadership is effective.

Planning for business continuity

Now, leaders should also prepare for post-pandemic recovery. so, they can limit damages on their business. 

Obviously, investing in digitalization is more effective. Instead of putting too much focus on daily operational needs.

Final Thoughts

In these times of crisis, companies have no choice but to rethink. The pandemic brought changes. But, driving change in the culture is also a way to survive.

Digital transformation is important to cope with the pandemic. Then, they can ensure that they will stay afloat.

Successful Digital Transformation Examples

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the need for innovation even deeper. Be inspired by these successful digital transformation success stories. 

Many businesses have taken a hit from the pandemic. However, some of them used this highly uncomfortable situation to improve their business models. They combined digital technology and people in new ways that helped them survive the crisis. In fact, their strategies have made them even stronger. 

The COVID-19 pandemic proved that we are living in a world full of uncertainties. However, there are tools to help us answer these changes, or even embrace them. One of those tools is digital transformation (DT). 

DT comes with tons of benefits. For instance, it makes your company future-proof. It streamlines your business operations, resulting in better customer service. To summarize, DT makes you resist a business crisis. After all, this is what we currently need. 

Yet, DT requires careful planning. Studying successful digital transformation examples will help you formulate a strategy. Listed below are some of the successful digital transformation stories. 

King Arthur Flour

As the name implies, King Arthur Flour is a flour producer in the United States. In fact, they are the oldest of such a kind in the United States. Their nature of business might seem incredibly traditional. However, they can still benefit from DT of some kind. 

King Arthur Flour is one of the companies that took a huge hit from the pandemic. The company’s brick-and-mortar shops responsible for delivery and sales got shot down. King Arthur Flour solved this by creating new demand online. 

They created and published engaging content involving people in home-baking activities. This strategy has made many people want to take part and buy flour from King Arthur. The company has experienced an annual sales increase of 200%. 

Huanxi Media Group

Cinemas have been a core part of the entertainment. We enjoy watching movies in cinemas with sodas, snacks, and the smell of popcorn. However, this custom is impossible to be performed safely during a pandemic. 

Yet, Chinese media company Huanxi figured out a solution to these restrictions. For instance, the movie premiere of ‘Lost in Russia’ was supposed to take place during the Chinese New Year festivities. 

Huanxi adapted to change by partnering with Bytedance (TikTok’s owner). Together, the two companies organized a live-streamed premiere. In just two days, this move generated an income of over $600m. 

Ping An Bank

Ping An Bank is a Chinese bank located in Shenzhen. This bank was no different from the businesses on this list – it had problems delivering delightful customer service amidst the pandemic. Fortunately, Ping An Bank had built technological advantages before the outbreak. 

The bank developed fully online access and contactless services to ensure that customers would seamlessly receive services. As a result, Ping An Bank’s number of customers increased by almost 12% during the first half of 2020. Moreover, even small and medium businesses now benefit from Ping An Bank’s financial management solutions. 

These are just some of the successful digital transformation initiatives during the pandemic. They all adjusted to recent environmental changes. More importantly, they aimed to deliver greater value to end-users.

Implementing Digital Transformation

Implementing digital transformation in each business is different. But, there is a regular test. It needs investment and has dangers.

So, how can you do it?

Read on to learn more about implementing digital transformation.

Overview: Implementing Digital Transformation

In 2016, more than 125,000 firms related digital transformation. They also require a buying increase by more than 80% this year 2020. But, only 27% of them have effective digital systems.

Effective strategies include:

  • foretelling potential dangers
  • adding the supplies for devices
  • promising results

So, how can you be strong in implementing digital transformation? The following actions will help you.

Five Steps in Implementing Digital Transformation

Planning Your Idea

Before you use DX, you should know your purposes. So, do not look at the areas you want to improve. Choose what you want to do.

Moreover, it is enough to think about your long-term purposes. And not your short-term gains.

This also means that you must focus on making a more enjoyable life. Thus, both your customers and operators can help.

Yet, your plan should also be possible. You can also look for trends in your workflow. So, you can optimize it by doing digital change.

Studying the Market Before Implementing Digital Change

After you plan your idea, make work to check the store. Why?

Change is related to technology. So, your digital plan should be renewed when you make it. And the market release will help you with that.

One example is the New York yellow cab business. They were the point in taxis. But, they went bankrupt after Uber came.

Also, almost every automotive sales now have self-driving and electrical vehicles. If businesses do not use it, they will be left behind.

Create the Best Experience

After the two levels, focus on building the best experience. It should also help your customers and operators.

So, rather than holding these technologies. Think about how you want your services to be effective.

For example, you can give the customer experience. That lets them get your help anywhere and anytime.

Also, implementing digital transformation can be helpful for your operators. It can make them operate faster and easier.

Check Your Status

After understanding how you can give, stay important in your state. Also, know your technologies and devices. So, you can consider your future needs.

Moreover, at this level, you can find new areas that need more increase. You can also see what needs to be renewed.

Thus, your business will be deserving of it. And you can do it in the safest way.

Change Your Technologies if Needed

After the four levels, you have to make your digital transformation goal. How?

First, create a company. With a Chief Information Officer, Chief Digital Officer, or other specialists. If you can’t have them in your company, you can use safety allies.

Second, help them get jobs. So, they can help you in the future.

You can also give direction and starts. Or hire third-party groups to help you.

Lastly, make digital transformation a role of your store. Having dedicated and proper practice helps you in implementing digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Analytics

What is digital transformation analytics? And what is its relationship to digital innovation?

Read on to examine more about the subject.

Digital Transformation Analytics

Digital transformation becomes a business. It gives them to grow innovative. Also, DX serves them to work with others.

Moreover, even big stars such as Google and Facebook work digital technologies. Google does artificial intelligence. On the other hand, Facebook provides money to businesses.

Additionally, smaller companies use a digital transfer, too. They can do it without breaking the bank.

For example, coffee stores can stay working. They place guest Wi-Fi links.

As a result, clients like to attend the coffee shop. Also, it can make data analytics. And even get out what a user asks.

So, coffee shops will be able to understand buyer acts. Like knowing how long a user visits.

This insight helps owners get the best choices. 

About making new assets or giving new services. And that is just one idea of digital transformation analytics.

Let’s fall extra strongly into the state.

The Effect of Digital Transformation Analytics

The most essential role of digital change is data. It will help companies make smart options. Just like our coffee store example.

But, those data have to be ordered and left. Also, large digital transformation analytics is more true.

Gone are the days where we use natural devices. Like logbooks and real leaves to collect data.

Now, we have digital technologies. It reports:

  • Spreadsheets
  • R programming style
  • Python programming language
  • Apache Spark
  • IBM SPSS Modeler

Moreover, here are the three primary perks of digital transformation analytics.

Put You on Track with the Supply Chain Plan

Digital transformation analytics helps companies follow stock levels. And not just that. This data can be seen in real-time.

Moreover, there are digital devices that solve problems. 

Especially about not complete building rounds and high average speeds.

Thus, firms can keep if they are underproduced or overproduce. It also serves them to decrease the costs of jobs.

Develop Your Sales and Use

Any marketer would want to secure a sale. A shorter trade age helps them build the whole of deals.

But sometimes, some businesses take some time to finish. But it can be worthy of more cash. Now, here’s where digital transformation analytics reports.

There are digital devices that help boost your sales and use them at once. This device is called the CRMS. Or Customer Relationship Management Systems.

This device will help former data. Also, it shows each level of the contact form.

Then, it will help jobs sides know whether the art leads to allowed sales. Thus, they can prioritize those who are supposed to get from them.

Foretell the Act of Your Buyer

One example is the credit card issuer American Express. They do data devices and computer data. It explores the show records of a user.

Also, it even knows client support. AmEx can figure out 24% of works that are likely to be met within four years. 

This data analytics helps them to make more helpful shopping choices. And the benefits they make will develop how they hold a buyer.

Digital Transformation Webinar

What is in a digital transformation webinar?

We are in a different spot right now. We are holding the coronavirus pandemic. 

But, the business is still going on. At the same time, we stay thinking despite the state.

That is why very than a real class, we now have the webinar.

In this study, we will know more new about how this happens. 

We will also know what we can assume from understanding more about the plan. 

As a result, you will know what you are going into once you take to enter. 

It will give you the best investment in understanding such teaching.

Digital Transformation Webinar

This is an online program that you can see more things that you need in the market you are in. 

This is a way you can understand the help of your home. So, you will ensure that you are protected from any pain.

What can we predict in a digital transformation webinar?

Contact with Clients

Our clients are great. They have the power to produce revies to our service. 

They also get to decide whether they will go back to us or not. So we must ensure the best positions.

So in a webinar, we can learn how we can have a strong bond with people.

This can use by our business allies and clients. So, we can earn their trust and company along with the door.

At the same time, we will remember how to change for them. Hence understanding where to make our target users.

Understand the Danger

Webinars also reveal the risk that you might take in if you are not told.

Once you know these risks, it will make you for things that you must take. 

As a result, you will have protection against the roles that can stop you from growing.

Hence, making you more conscious of the items you must keep in mind on the issue. 

Some of them you may know lastly. But as long as you know the necessary data about the risk, it will keep you.

Thus, you will win over the show that your company might encounter.

Managing Change

When we talk about technology, nothing is permanent.

What might seem important before may not be the problem proper now. So, you will be left back if you are not cool.

Through the help of a digital transformation webinar, it will help you how to improve.

At the same time, you will become soft during these changes.

WalkMe will also help you with the things that they deliver.

Why? That is because WalkMe has professionals who can help you with digital transformation problems.

Hence making you get more jobs. Later on, you do not have to fight in getting all these.

You will have more information about the company.


Digital transformation webinars are great right now. 

Instead of just relaxing in bed. You can do something during this time of the pandemic. 

So, it will help you to develop. During this time when it is tough to go out.

The Digital Transformation People

The digital transformation people. 

Even if we are using technology soon, it still plays a large part in business sales. 

It is because they are the ones who operate behind the software. At the same time, they make sure that it is going well. 

If the software fails, it will still be of no value. 

In this article, we will know what roles they play. At the same time, we will know how great they are. 

As a result, we will have more love for what they do. We will understand how nice their prices are. 

So, let us begin. 

The Digital Transformation People

When it comes to this business, the workforce is still great.

Even though you can do everything in one meeting. The workloads can be so important that you do not have the full time to make it all. 

So, help is embraced. Having this in mind, this is where maintenance comes in. 


Information technology professionals are the ones who can tell more in this market. 

They are also skilled and made to solve problems with regard to this area. It will help you to bypass likely cybercrimes.

It may cause data sins if they do not hold it. 

Also, it might improve the state of the business. 

Clients will not trust them anymore. So, their part in maintaining safety is vital. 

They will show that the company’s data and other data continue familiar. So whatever ideas they may think of in the tomorrow, it will improve just for them. 


If you do not have sales or no one is using the software, your business may fail. 

But some experts can help you when you want to have the best plan when it comes to your company. 

As a result, you will know how to use your centers. You will not be open in the market. 

So, it will help you use carefully on this matter. Without the professionals behind this, you will not be ready to understand and become aware of the traps. 

That is why choosing one is great. 


You cannot expect the company to be the same all the time. The aims will increase according to the time. 

To keep up with the business, you need someone to create and choose which things you like in the market. 

In this way, it will have the plan to become soft. 

At the same time, you may add points for customer service. This will assure that buyers can have a set of ways. 

Doing these people will also make your firm sole from other plans. Moreover, you will also ensure that the point of service is still the same. 


It is important to have the business at its most excellent display. It can only be likely by one point.

This is by hiring the best people for the business. So, you can have someone to help you with your course. 

Knowing that you have the same goal in the market, will help you improve your center.

Digital Transformation Review

We got a digital transformation review from the users. 

This increase improved a lot of company buyers during this pandemic.

There is a good thing that we are close to the web. It is because we now have the knowledge we need for it. 

So, a lot of shops turned to market online. It is because it will be easier for customers to order from them.

Besides, WalkMe company gives a safe and secure program. It cannot change site doing.

Also, it is found in a top-tier and safe cloud network. And it can increase operator richness. 

In this study, we will learn what is the meaning of digital transformation. Also, what services and reviews did it have from the company owners. 

Meaning and Benefits

It is a plan that will help your business get online. 

Many websites will assist you to do so.

Let us examine some.

The front is social media. Are you using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram? You can post your ideas here. 

One of the causes, why these programs are made, is for the business. So when you post, it will be whole. 

For Facebook and Instagram, they made a program that has a marketplace center. 

So, you will know the value of what you are looking for. Also, you will see more about the shop.

It will help you increase trust in them. 

The second is Shopify. It is an e-commerce website that will make you think about your shop. 

It will help you make your connections through Shopify’s orders. 

So, it will be more comfortable for you. At the same time, you will have the first use of your website. 

Now, many company owners are doing this. What can they say about the program?

Let us find out. 

Digital Transformation Review

The game trade got a lot of good reports about this quick growth. 

Because of the pandemic, a lot of people are scared to go out. So buying online is a big choice. 

So, most of the people now are doing online. It is like a virtual mall. 

Also, they kept time and money. When you are having a physical shop, you need to study the rent and other costs. 

With digital information, you will use your funds on spending more on stocks. They find it more valuable than paying money. 

Also, using the internet now is more comfortable than before. Before, it was involved.

Now, we got many real studies about it. 

Today, digital transformation review is a big help in the field.

To Conclude

In this article, we saw how digital transformation received many reviews. 

It is an improvement especially now because of the coronavirus pandemic. So, everyone is using and getting online. 

Also, makes the company owners happy because they will save rate and power. 

When they do not have real shops or they caught some of them, they will see the difference. 

Moreover, details like social media and Shopify also help in the business. It is because they made a plan for online business.

No wonder why companies love digital transformation.

A Deep Dive Into Digital Transformation Statistics

The following digital transformation statistics will show the changes, benefits, opportunities, and challenges surrounding digitalization. Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Statistics in 2021 and Beyond

Digital technology has always provided company executives with a strong tool. For one, it helps in increasing efficiency and driving growth.

Still, many companies considered it optional. Well, not until COIVD-19 happened.

What once was a choice became imperative for survival. The order became “Digitize to Survive,” making technology the lifeblood vital to keep a business afloat.

Now, vaccines were rolled out. So, some countries loosed up health protocols. Businesses have slowly returned to normal. Yet digitalization is here to stay. 

Digital transformation is the use of digital technology in all areas of a company’s operations.

Cloud, analytics, (AI), machine learning, and the IoT are examples of digital technologies.

Companies can promote rapid evolution and replace old market leaders. This works by digitizing the customer experience, products, and services. Of course, it includes the business itself.

Below are some of the top statistics you should know.

COVID-19’s Impact on Digital Transformation

Businesses have accelerated digital transformation. In fact, reports show that 96% of leaders will do this by an average of 5.3 years.

One factor of this trend is, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. Most leaders also realized the importance of DX. That moved them to embrace digital transformation sooner than originally planned.

Because of the lockdown restrictions, many employees were also forced to work from home. So, social and collaboration tools that were only nice-to-have became a must-have.

During the first three months of the epidemic, IT executives spent an additional $15 billion each week. So, they can meet cybersecurity and remote work demands.

Trends and Predictions

Like in the past years, cloud, cybersecurity, and data analytics will be the areas of priority. So, companies will continue to invest in them.

Organizations will also increase innovation. They will also shift business models. So, they can transform the culture of the whole company. 

IoT is also expected to play a significant part in 60% of company leaders’ digital strategies.

As usual, customer-focused stats will remain to be the heart of digital transformation. Value stream management will be used by 70% of businesses by 2023. 

So, they can boost flow in the development and operations pipeline. And that will result in faster delivery of customer value.

Best Practices in Digital Transformation

Businesses have realized that their customer’s voice is vital. So, companies should adapt to their needs.

For example, more and more consumers adopt IoT technologies. Smart speakers and personal assistants are some of their usages.

Another habit for companies now is to invest in cybersecurity. As if the pandemic is not enough, cybercriminals are also working very hard now.

The changes in workplaces resulted in a wider threat landscape. So, companies should make efforts in securing their resources.


Know which solutions are most relevant and deliver the most advantages. Apply these to your business or portfolio. Because that’s the first step in achieving a cultural shift using technology.

Learn the unique ways you may outsize outcomes with digital technologies today.