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Digital Transformation Webinar

What is in a digital transformation webinar?

We are in a different spot right now. We are holding the coronavirus pandemic. 

But, the business is still going on. At the same time, we stay thinking despite the state.

That is why very than a real class, we now have the webinar.

In this study, we will know more new about how this happens. 

We will also know what we can assume from understanding more about the plan. 

As a result, you will know what you are going into once you take to enter. 

It will give you the best investment in understanding such teaching.

Digital Transformation Webinar

This is an online program that you can see more things that you need in the market you are in. 

This is a way you can understand the help of your home. So, you will ensure that you are protected from any pain.

What can we predict in a digital transformation webinar?

Contact with Clients

Our clients are great. They have the power to produce revies to our service. 

They also get to decide whether they will go back to us or not. So we must ensure the best positions.

So in a webinar, we can learn how we can have a strong bond with people.

This can use by our business allies and clients. So, we can earn their trust and company along with the door.

At the same time, we will remember how to change for them. Hence understanding where to make our target users.

Understand the Danger

Webinars also reveal the risk that you might take in if you are not told.

Once you know these risks, it will make you for things that you must take. 

As a result, you will have protection against the roles that can stop you from growing.

Hence, making you more conscious of the items you must keep in mind on the issue. 

Some of them you may know lastly. But as long as you know the necessary data about the risk, it will keep you.

Thus, you will win over the show that your company might encounter.

Managing Change

When we talk about technology, nothing is permanent.

What might seem important before may not be the problem proper now. So, you will be left back if you are not cool.

Through the help of a digital transformation webinar, it will help you how to improve.

At the same time, you will become soft during these changes.

WalkMe will also help you with the things that they deliver.

Why? That is because WalkMe has professionals who can help you with digital transformation problems.

Hence making you get more jobs. Later on, you do not have to fight in getting all these.

You will have more information about the company.


Digital transformation webinars are great right now. 

Instead of just relaxing in bed. You can do something during this time of the pandemic. 

So, it will help you to develop. During this time when it is tough to go out.

Top 5 Digital Transformation Technologies for 2021

What are the top five digital transformation technologies for 2021? Let’s find out!

Digital Transformation 2021

2020 was overwhelming for all of us. As if the virus threat is not enough, businesses also face a crisis.

So, it accelerated the need for shifting to digital ways. Or else, survival is elusive to them.

Companies that apply digital transformation now will thrive. At the same time, they grow faster than their competitors.

True, every industry needs different strategies. So, these processes will look different in each specific case.

Each solution is also decided by customer behavior and preferences. And as we know, people’s demands are also ever-changing.

All of this plus the need for a culture change. So, companies can optimize operational efficiency and increase work productivity.

Below are the promising digital transformation technologies that are worth paying attention to.

Top 7 Digital Transformation Technologies for 2021

Big Data and Real-Time Analytics

As always, data plays a big role in digital transformation. Experts even say that it is the heart of DX.

Companies that shift to digital allows their data to grow. For one, they can collect more insights.

They can also understand their customers’ needs. So, they can make better management decisions.

Cloud Technology

Another technology on the rise now in the cloud. Because of social distancing protocols, companies had to adapt a work-from-home setup.

But, this poses a concern on how employees work together. With the help of the cloud, they can still collaborate with each other.

So, employees can use company resources whenever and wherever they are. Of course, it also saves them time and effort from going to and from offices.

At the same time, it reduce hardware and infrastructure costs. All the while maintaining the security of information. 

AI and Machine Learning In Digital Transformation

AI has been at the forefront of DX for many years now. Yet, it’s still the main technology in the following years.

After all, AI is a perfect tool for most industries. They can now make complex tasks automated. 

Together with ML, AI can give analytics at a very accessible level. So, we can see soon how it improves in the following industries:

Augmented Reality

Even the eCommerce sector is not exempted from the digital transformation trend. Now, they understand how AR can help them improve their services.

In fact, many industries now use AR, such as:

  • automotive
  • medical
  • marketing segments

AR also enables industries to connect physical and digital worlds. For example, online stores can show how a product looks like in person.

Internet of Things

The IoT is also one technology that has been on the rise. In 2021, we can see more devices connected to the Internet.

Today, more and more things around us have sensors. Then, they exchange data to give the best experience to users.

Here, the healthcare sector is an active user of IoT. For example, they encourage using wearables for patients. So, they can connect with doctors whenever they need urgent help.

WalkMe, a digital adoption platform, helps businesses adopt new products and services. They can also help employees boost productivity.

At the same time, make things easier for employees and their consumers. Visit WalkMe to know more about their solutions.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: 2021 Update

COVID-19 became a turning point for most of us. It also played disruption in the digital transformation in healthcare.

Now, what is it all about? How are things going on now? Also, what are the emerging challenges in 2021?

Read on to learn more.

What Is Digital Transformation in Healthcare All About?

Digital transformation means adopting technologies. And the purpose of doing so is to change the organization for the better. But, it seems to not provide what it means in healthcare. 

Yet, this should be a big deal. By 2025, the industry is expected to spend about $210 billion in DX. We also see the perks of applying tech. But, what is digital transformation in healthcare all about?

Here are some examples of what DX means in healthcare:

  • Applying new technologies to make healthcare affordable and accessible.
  • Using new advancements as an investment.
  • Making health records digitalized.
  • Collecting data from health-related devices.
  • Securing health records and data.

For every hospital, healthcare system, country, and even individual, digital transformation in healthcare have a different meaning.

Still, it’s worth to talk a look at what happened in 2020 before discussing the challenges in 2021.

How Has Digital Transformation Influenced Healthcare in 2020?

We all agree that was out of the ordinary. The COVID-19 pandemic strikes us all.

In healthcare, it introduced the following transformational changes since March 2020.

Telemedicine/Virtual Care

In the BC (Before-COVID) era, patients are hesitant to try telemedicine. But at the beginning of 2020, we saw the benefits of it.

For one, it reduces contact between patients and healthcare workers. So, we can get appointments with the doctor while staying at home.


For many years, patients had to pay a visit to doctors. Doctors also had to hand-copy all the medical records.

But, 2020 promoted using of patient portals. Now, patients can do a lot of things easily while being safe, such as:

  • renewing of prescriptions
  • general questions
  • check-ups
  • booking an appointment
  • on-call doctors using live chat and video calls

Predictive Analytics

COVID-19 also taught us to be prepared. And that influenced how hospitals view incoming patients.

With the help of analytics, they can predict the potential threat of the virus. For example, the US uses the following tools:

  • temperature and humidity data to predict COVID-19 surges
  • GPS data for tracking potential cross-infection
  • risk calculator to project the testing results

Digital Transformation in Healthcare Challenges of 2021

Still, healthcare needs to improve the digital experience of patients. They also need to provide greater support online.

But, those are just extensions from last year’s challenges. Here are some of the challenges this year.

Data Security

The challenge for making patient records safe is still present. But, blockchain can help solve the problem.

For example, security firms can manage data security for a private healthcare institution. So, they can prevent any breaches.

On-Demand Healthcare

Patients now care about mobility. After all, mobile devices have increased for the past five years.

So, it influenced how patients what to get everything here and now. The lifestyle and new risks also affect these changes. That’s why on-demand and telemedicine will stay even after the COVID-19 pandemic.