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Helpful Digital Transformation Articles for CIOs

Resourcing from digital transformation articles can help you improve in undertaking DX. More than anyone in a company setting, CIOs are the ones who should be most informed.

So here are helpful digital transformation articles- their titles and overview.

Digital Transformation Articles for CIOs

Best Sites to Follow for Digital Transformation Blogs

In this article, listed are the top websites that provide digital transformation content. This includes the leading company that specializes in DX. So leaders can keep up with the latest trends, news, and evolving technologies.

How Software Walkthroughs Help Digital Adoption Challenges

Digital adoption comes with challenges that made up to 70% of digital initiatives fail. So in this post, it introduces the 4 major causes of digital adoption failure. While it also provides a software walkthrough as a possible solution to counter the challenges.

Digital Adoption Basics: All You Need to Know 2021

Digital adoption has become one of the biggest hurdles in succeeding in digital transformation. This article takes you to digital adoption in full detail. For instance, it discusses what digital adoption is about, why it is important, and how to succeed in it.

The Digital Transformation Office

A part of succeeding digital transformation is setting up a dedicated office for it. But what does an ideal and exemplary digital transformation office do and have? This article will cover that for you.

Digital Transformation Online Courses

Taking digital transformation online courses is an interactive, effective, and cost-effective way to learn while at home. More so, this kind of learning fits executives, DX team members, and DX enthusiasts who have a busy schedule. So this article details the best possible options available today. 

Why Do Digital Transformation Training Matters?

Training matters in all aspects of change. But, how about in digital transformation? This article covers how to effectively train employees in adopting new technologies. Perhaps reading this article before doing any training program can help.

The Digital Transformation In Marketing, Sales, and Service

To get a good grasp of DX, it is helpful to learn how it impacts and how it applies in different industries. For instance, this article covers how DX touches the major industries today. Namely, service, marketing, and sales.

Digital Transformation and its Impact: Banking, Retail, and Insurance

The finance industry is getting more revolutionized by digital transformation efforts. So this article will help you take a closer look at it in its various facets. For instance, you will learn how DX affects banking, retail, and insurance.

Digital Adoption in Covid 19

The Covid 19 is bringing a lot of its toll on individuals, but also on organizations. However, many succeed in digital adoption even amidst the surge of the Covid 19 pandemic. So how can your company thrive along? This article will discuss these points in detail.

Digital Transformation Metrics

To know where you are at in DX, it is important to measure, track, and analyze performance. In short, this involves the digital transformation metrics. So this article will cover all you need to know about the topic.

Best Sites to Follow for Digital Transformation Blogs

So here are the best websites that you can opt to follow for digital transformation blogs.

Digital Transformation Blogs to Follow

Starcio Blog

Starcio Blog is by Isaac Sacolick, one of the top 100 social CIO and DX leaders. Isaac is a leader who focuses on the following in his DX strategies:

  • Big data
  • Agile development
  • Data science
  • Digital marketing

Because of his vast and pioneering background in DX, his blog is among the most insightful and helpful.

Plainview Blog

Plainview Blog, on the other hand, is for executives who lead digital transformation initiatives. For example, the focus message of their blogs is to help companies drive real results from change. That is, by boosting the people factor and economic resources.

MuleSoft Blog

MuleSoft Blog is another good resource for different topics about DX. Besides, MuleSoft helps its readers learn the impact of data and applications in driving DX.

For example, MuleSoft Blog covers the following:

  • DX revenues 
  • Latest trends
  • In-depth topics about DX

Smart Insights Blog

Smart Insights mostly focuses on digital marketing strategies, news, and case studies. For example, they cover topics about:

  • Developments in DX
  • Latest tools
  • Helpful advice
  • DX statistics

All of which are important in developing a winning digital transformation strategy.

OpenText Blog

OpenText, on the other hand, is more than just a publication site for digital transformation. Because OpenText is Canada’s largest software company that specializes in enterprise information management. Besides, on their site, they provide helpful content about DX insights and advice.

Progress Blog

For CIOs, Progress Blog is for you. The Progress Software Corporation aims in helping companies create a culture of digitalization. Of which involves the role of customers and employees in succeeding DX. So if you want to learn helpful strategies, especially for CIOs level, Progress Blog is one of the most helpful on the list.

Centric Digital Blog

Centric Digital is a company that also specializes in digital transformation. Their goal is to help business reshape their models and customer experiences. Thus, helping companies thrive in this evolving digital era. So if this sounds like your company’s concern, make sure to check their content.

Happiest Minds Blog

Happiest Minds is another leading digital transformation company. Their goal, like others, is to help companies make the best use of today’s digital technologies. 

Moreover, they regularly provide blog posts about:

  • Big data
  • Mobile
  • Analytics
  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • Cybersecurity 

Informatica Blog

Informatica is a company that offers data management solutions in the cloud and hybrid environment. 

Moreover, their blog focuses on helping leaders and CIOs lead DX effectively. For example, they cover the following:

  • DX tips and strategies
  • Good leadership
  • Developing and implementing processes

Frost & Sullivan Blog

Frost & Sullivan is a major partnership company. They offer advisory services and expert insights about digital transformation, for instance. 

So in their blog, they provide content about DX. More particularly in:

  • News
  • Latest trends
  • Procedures
  • Leadership 

Axway Blog

Axway Blog provides content about healthcare digital transformation. For example, they provide helpful resources about the latest news, trends, insights, shadow IT, and agile integration.

Why Do Digital Transformation Training Matters?

We can all agree that your company’s success depends on its employees. One of the many reasons why digital transformation training is important. Furthermore, we’ll learn more about the importance of digital transformation training further down.

To recap, we must all promote an internal development culture. Continuous learning and the adoption of new technology are also important.

Furthermore, businesses must promote teamwork and invest in the proper personnel.

The following are some of the advantages of digital transformation training.

Helps To Drive A Digital Culture

One of the hurdles in digital transformation, according to the organization, is culture.

To counter this, you must cultivate long-term company culture. A place where all approaches, mindsets, and processes are present.

Transparency and communication at all levels of the organization are critical. Collaboration and development are also necessary.

Offers The Prospect Of Continuous Learning

Change is unavoidable.

Rapid changes in the digital environment are there from time to time. As a result, employees may find it difficult to keep up with the rapid changes.

This is where the importance of training comes into play.

Employees from all departments will improve their abilities. At the same time, learn new ones through training. As a result, they remain current and relevant in a contested environment.

Organizations must also cultivate a culture of information, sharing, and lifelong learning.

The majority of businesses lack the necessary infrastructure to teach their personnel.

As a result, it’s critical to provide employees with platforms that will allow them to further enhance their careers. As a result, you’ll set your organization apart from the competition.

Attracts New Talent

Employees are attracted to digital transformation training. Moreover. They want to work for companies that promote lifelong learning.

They also want a company that will provide them with more than simply a job.

For many prospects, internal culture, learning, and development possibilities are deal-breakers. As a result, make certain you have them.

Millennials prefer organizations that offer learning tools. So, make sure you expand and thrive.

Makes Technology Mainstream

Yes, the number of new technologies and platforms is steadily increasing.

Companies must ensure that their employees are aware of current technological trends. So, they can grow into a dynamic workforce.

Furthermore, incorporating new platforms and processes into your organization yields positive effects.

Assists In Nurturing And Discovering Talent

Training has the ability to provide learning through its dynamism. Develop new approaches for CEOs to assess their staff’s abilities.

Also, look for hidden skills that can help to improve the company’s skill set.

You must foster a culture of lifelong learning. Provide platforms, support, and resources as well.

As a result, you’ll have a great possibility of developing current talent. Also, finding specific talent that you might have overlooked otherwise.

Drives Innovation

Yes, internal training and constant learning can help. To enable a workforce, resulting in cross-departmental and cross-team collaboration.

A customer care staff can provide a significant amount of data to the marketing department. It’s all about messaging, identities, and content creation.

This kind of knowledge can aid a company’s digital marketing efforts.

WalkMe is a digital transformation platform that has rapidly grown to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

You can learn at WalkMe with your digital transformation journey.

Need For Digital Transformation

The need for digital transformation helps you stay relevant in today’s digital environment. In this new environment, technology is not an option but a core business strategy. Here are five reasons why there’s a need for digital transformation in any company.

On-demand Is Something That Everyone Expects

Whether internal or external, today’s consumer wants the same level of service in the workplace as they do in their personal lives. But, for a firm, this can be difficult to do.

Businesses are demanding more agile hybrid IT services and agile networking capabilities. Also, the user experience is a vital component of business transformation.

It comprises the experience of working with the IT team and technologies. Simultaneously, the usability of applications for workers or external clients.

Assisting Employees In Becoming More Productive

Workforce engagement is a big topic these days. Because of the pandemic, we’re dealing with a remote workforce. A distributed workforce that may never return to the office in its entirety.

So, employers seek new methods to boost productivity. Digital transformation is playing a key role in doing that.

Employees want to be more productive in their core duties both inside and outside the office.

Core company departments, like finance and HR, can benefit from digital transformation. For instance, by moving away from manual procedures and automating crucial areas like payroll. Thus, allowing leaders to focus on larger business prospects.

The Need For Security

One of the biggest headaches for many IT executives is figuring out how to put more data at the network’s edge. At the same time, keeping it secure.

It’s becoming more difficult. The need for strict enforcement of access, data compliance, and assault protection.

Unfortunately, even the most strict security procedures are useless. So, progressive firms must create a consistent security plan across all networks, apps, and data. And yes, transforming digitally can help you do that. You can find security firms offering cybersecurity solutions to help you on that matter.

Boost Business Collaborations

Customers’ expectations are rising, and industry competition is severe. As a result, businesses are growing more dependant on one another.

Businesses need to collaborate with suppliers and distributors, subcontractors, and specialist consultants. As a result, it creates a wide range of products and services that customers want.

Managing these partners necessitates document-based communication. But, it’s a time-consuming and inefficient process. So, with technological advancements, this procedure is now faster and efficient.

Using an eSignature system can help you create a more transparent, timely, and accurate workflow. It can help employees be more effective and productive daily by bridging the gap between desktop and mobile technology.

Make Smarter Judgments

Businesses may take advantage of big data. You can put data and analytics at your digital transformation strategy center.

Because of the Internet of Things, businesses now have access to higher volumes of data.

You can use this data for important business insights. Of course,  with the correct combination of analytical tools. Thus, allowing you to make better, faster decisions.

Furthermore, the higher the integration and influence, the deeper analytical tools are embedded in corporate activities.

WalkMe is a digital transformation platform that has rapidly grown to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

You can learn at WalkMe with your digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation Business Model: Comparing GE And Target

Of course, you’re here for a digital transformation business model. Yes, you want to get inspiration from the success of others. But, there is no silver bullet that can ensure the success of the digital transformation.

Here, we’ll look at how General Electric’s (GE) digital transformation differs from Target. You’ll learn which digital transformation business model you should follow. 

GE Digital

General Electric aspired to be the only owner of the industrial internet. But, unfortunately, the American corporation stretched its resources too thin in this quest. So, it leads to a disastrous digital transformation initiative. Why?

GE Digital was established in 2015 as a separate organization. Its goal is to centralize all company’s IT operations. As you know, GE spent billions of dollars on digital efforts. First, of course, to become one of the top ten software firms by 2020. 

GE Digital acted as a separate corporation to manage the company’s digital operations. Yet, the unit’s goals were opposed to the company’s expertise. Moreover, GE was too hasty, switching from massive machinery to cloud-based software solutions. As a result, it backfired, placing GE in a deep economic quagmire.

Yes, GE Digital was unable to invest in long-term plans. Instead, GE focused on short-term objectives. Objectives that did not provide significant value to the firm.

The backlash resulted in a drop in stock prices and financial stability. And, of course, a terrible reputation.

What Went Wrong

What can you learn from the incident?

  • GE had a good intention, but it got lost trying to achieve everything at once. Driving digital transformation without a clear vision is a suicide mission.
  • Digital projects fail due to a lack of balance. A balance between business needs and capabilities. 

Common Reasons For Digital Failure

  • Uncertainty about what digital transformation entails
  • Management’s unwillingness to buy-in
  • Trying to accomplish everything at once
  • There are no tangible criteria to track digital advancement.
  • There isn’t a plan in place to deal with change.


Hundreds of Target shops are providing customers with easy and inspiring shopping experiences. It is all possible with the support of a comprehensive digital strategy. So yes, Target is focusing on improving its consumer personalization capabilities.

Moreover, Target offers its customers the advantages of both e-commerce and physical stores. In return, allowing them to take advantage of both in-store and digital perks from the company.

Furthermore, Target also used offline sites to ramp up its digital operations. Yes, they didn’t replace their existing physical stores with the digital platform.

Also, the retailer’s physical locations are handling roughly 80% of their internet volume.

What They Did Right

  • Rather than succumbing to the sheep effect, Target took a different approach than its competitors. Rather than shutting down the stores, Target renovated them to handle internet traffic.
  • Target’s same-day delivery service was a big hit with customers. In addition, target expanded its digital fulfillment capabilities by partnering with Shipt.

Keys To Success

  • Having the appropriate leaders at the helm of the digital train
  • Upskilling the workforce in preparation for the digital future
  • Creating a continuous communication route
  • Using digital technologies to improve existing methods
  • Proactively managing change

WalkMe is a digital transformation platform that has rapidly grown to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

You can learn at WalkMe with your digital transformation journey.

Today’s Digital Transformation and Innovation

Digital Transformation and Innovation are everywhere. Take a look at your surroundings. From your houses to your workplace, you can see the things which are a product of today’s change.

In this article, you are about to find out what DX and innovations have to offer in today’s era.

Successful DX

Digital transformation is driving business innovations for companies in many industries. Here are some examples of successful digital transformation in business.

Best Buy’s Performance Has Improved Since Going Digital

Best Buy Co., Inc. is a technology retailer that sells various products, services, and solutions. Customers who visit the Company’s stores or use its Websites or mobile applications can buy products and services.

It assists people in getting the most out of their digital gadgets by using digital technologies to enhance delivery times.

Also, there’s a quick change done in the Best Buy company. From snail mail to digital marketing.

As a result, the company’s stock price has increased from $23.70 in 2012 to almost $74.

Target’s Digital Transformation Plan

Another company that improved its web presence was Target.

They brought new technology and improved their social media presence to boost their market share.

Also, they have developed a more successful digital strategy that allows for more customization.

Target’s sales have climbed by roughly $6 billion since going digital.


Nike is one of the most well-known athletic shoe and clothing brands in the world. But, as time went by, they believed they were becoming slow and out-of-date.

So, Nike opened concept stores.

They also expanded membership options and improved the customer experience online and through applications due to the more efficient and effective use of digital consumer data.

Moreover, the company improved its data analytics, changed its e-commerce strategy, improved its digital marketing initiatives, and increased direct-to-customer sales.

In the two years after the change began, Nike’s stock price has risen from $52 to over $88.

Digital Innovation Perks

Digital innovation, to put it, is the use of digital technology to current business problems.

And yes, digital innovation is all around you. Wearable devices, chatbots, IoT, AI, big data, and so on are a few examples of cutting-edge technology.

Also, digital innovation is now at the heart of every business.

So, to do things better, faster, and cheaper, you’ll need to create new methods to engage people and bring new products and services to market.

And by that, initiatives are made possible.

Initiatives in digital innovation can include:

  • Creating a new technology strategy in the context of an existing business
  • Choosing to use new software or platforms and putting them in place.
  • Deciding to go from device to devise processes


It is critical to developing the correct business model that aligns with your company’s digital strategy regarding digital innovation.

Digital innovation is tied to concepts like digital transformation and digitalization. Many organizations know that to be competitive in today’s market, they must adapt, innovate, and incorporate new technology.

So to those businesses that want to evolve and stay competitive, digital innovation is the greatest solution.

WalkMe is a digital transformation platform that has rapidly grown to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

You can learn at WalkMe with your digital transformation journey.

Master In Digital Transformation

Master in Digital Transformation.

You may have this as your purpose. But, you do not understand where to start. Maybe you are a student. Then, you may be thinking to make it a job to be a business partner. 

The problem is, there is a lot of data. So, you do not understand what to consider first. 

In this article, we will understand the basic data in digital change. 

We will learn what is most important to learn in this business. So, you will have an idea of what actions you should take next.

It is shown helpful. It is because many businesspeople decided it. Now, they are successful. 

Meaning and Importance

When we talk about technology, we study the internet. Before, we use it for education data in school. 

Now, digital change is available. Everywhere you go on the web, you will see outcomes for sales. 

They are some of the company owners who changed to digital transformation. Also, you may understand about a piece by someone you watch on Youtube. 

You have this kind of marketing everywhere. Or you may wonder why is that welcome. That is what we will discuss in about following. 

How to Master in Digital Transformation

The most important in this plan is a good idea. Why? It is because you do not have the ability at all times. 

When a problem happens, you will have a solution ready. For example, a lot of businesses finish now because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Those who made it now operate their shops online. So, it is necessary for the system. 

The next step towards it is being familiar with the technology. You do not have to go to school in another field. Rather, getting the basic data of the program will already be a big aid in this. 

Why is it important? It is because you will have to operate it by yourself when there is a need. Also, you will be calm. 

You will also have the confidence that your operators are doing the right job. Besides, the next one is being a good head. Like owning a physical shop, great work has a big lead. 

It means that you do not need to micromanage your business. But, you will help them improve on their own. 

The last thing we will remember about is an excellent company. So, if you want your part to be popular you can work this. 

You may wonder how Youtube sellers sell a product. SO, why? It is because of the pad connection with the label. 

It will have a profit for you and for the person you choose. 

So, if you try these steps, you can go for the digital transformation!


Everything is hard at the origin. But if you gently read it, you will easily become a professional. 

Remember that knowledge is always open. When you remain doing so, you can be strong. 

When it comes to special words, you will be a master in digital transformation. One day, your market will be a big success.

Digital Transformation Strategy

How do you make a digital transformation strategy? And how can you make sure your efforts in doing the journey pay off?

First off, let us understand why owning a good digital transformation or Dx strategy is essential. Then, we will discuss some ideas for improvement.

Read on to understand more.

Digital Transformation Strategy: Why is it Important?

Doing a digital transformation is not all about getting and using the latest tech. Of course, having the best tech is one role of doing digital change.

But that is not the whole plan. Doing a digital innovation means responding to development, demanding change, and make a move.

Businesses need to think and be a start early to show strength in the future. So, this is where a digital transformation strategy appears.

It helps firms answer these questions:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How are we working to get there?

Then, they need to develop these three fields:

  • Consciousness
  • Educated decision-making
  • Fast performance

What are the plans companies can do to be successful in their digital innovation?

Making Digital Transformation Strategy

Get All On-Board

Before doing any moves in digital change, companies need to make sure all are informed of the Dx. Then, everyone from top-down needs to be on keep.

Doing digital change does not only develop an area of the business. But reforms are company-wide. So, without a united team, digital innovation is estimated to waste.

Safe Funding

Once everyone is on board, companies can now see the numbers. How much of their markets are they responsible to set out for their digital transformation?

The business needs to hold in mind that digital transformation is not a one-time job. It is an ongoing plan that can change all areas.

Having funds before doing any steps can help companies position needs first. As a result, they know how much they can use on each field.

Assess New State

The next step is to understand where the firm is at. Yes, it is hard to map out where to go if firms do not know their starting place.

So, this research can assist them:

  • Value company history
  • Know workforce skillset
  • Map out new methods, plans, formation, roles, etc.
  • Find opportunities and obstacles that need answers

Make Goals and Results

After understanding the starting period, firms can then set an aim of where they want to be.

What are the digital ideas? Or what they want their customer or workers to experience. Then, center on long-term purposes.

Understand the Gap

Next is to fill out the gaps within the opening and closing positions. Also, thinks about what fields need a match. Like for consumers, operators’ jobs, etc.

Then they can post out info, support, or anything that they require.

Make a Digital Transformation Roadmap

After understanding all these things, firms can now offer a full roadmap. Also, it adds the maps out the hows of taking out the gap from position A to spot B.

But this map needs to be flexible to any changes. As a result, this can hold up with the company’s development.

Digital Transformation Metrics

What are the topmost digital transformation metrics? Also, how do these search your growth in digital transformation?

Read on to know more about these metrics.

Digital Transformation Metrics

More and more firms use digital transformation. Also, they realize how it promotes a company.

As they use and generate change, they should have metrics that show outcomes. So, IT managers can do the extras of digital transformation in a business.

What are the most essential digital transformation metrics?

So, here are the top twelve digital transformation metrics.


Using digital change is not poor. Yet, it will get you money.

Saving costs, in the long run, can help. Also, your jobs can be automated. 

The time you save can be applied to other jobs. So, you should see your operating expenses.

Cloud Application

Digital transformation allows you to use the cloud. Also, being cloud-native actions your growth is essential.

If you see your business does this often, you are doing fabulous work.

Team Work

Digital transformation makes a people-focused history. Also, it increases, not just digital, but also cultural.

You can say you are safe in your digital transformation use if:

  • your operators are excited to do their work
  • your directors believe in your goals
  • promotes teamwork

Change Standard

Digital transformation is not just growing. Also, it shows good outcomes, like:

  • improved business ideals
  • better grants
  • increase value
  • decrease charges
  • secure sales increase

Your change rate depends on your company’s ROI.

Customer Experience

Another important metric is customer contact. If your buyers can:

  • travel easily
  • know the method
  • do necessary steps

then, you managed digital change successfully.


As mentioned, digital transformation increases richness. Besides, it can help you examine tasks.

A good digital transformation is when you can provide more practice. While implementing new changes, use more education.

Better Marketing

Digital transformation includes retailing. As a result, it enhances how a business sells its services and goods.

Companies that use digital change will use it on ads and comments. So, check if there is a return on this shopping.

Insights and analytics from the digital conversion will and should happen in a greater selling program.


The number one metric is sales. With more buyers and a more helpful workflow, you can get more transactions. How?

Well, digital innovation can enhance your settings and products. So, it must make more deals.


Digital transformation makes valuable richness. So, you can build higher sales per operator.

You can follow this metric. As a result, automation can then develop your production.

Effectiveness of Job

Digital conversion helps you automate tasks. What do they need to do? By the use of robots, AIs, and other technologies.

If you saved minutes of your job, then you became valuable. Moreover, it is a crucial metric that exists your growth and change.

User Lifetime Value

This metric is in connection with your external interest. Also, it is one of the best types that you happily applied digital change.

Why? If you hold your customers after using the change, you can make more businesses.

Internal and External Success

Your internal success arises from your firm. So, you can continue based on:

  • your employee’s richness
  • workflow
  • competence
  • maintenance time