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Digital Transformation Strategies

Today, there are various digital transformation strategies that companies can implement to reach success. What, then, are these strategies? If you want to know them, then read on.

Digital Transformation Strategies

Focus on Being Customer-centric

One of the best strategies for a digital transformation project is to focus on your customer. Your customer is a person who will be using your product or services after you have implemented your project. The customer should be able to access your website easily and purchase from it.

Though, it is not just about selling but also about the customer being able to provide feedback and suggestions for the company’s improvement. This strategy is important in digital transformation projects because the more the customers are happy with your product, the more successful the company will be.

Develop Mobile Platforms

Mobile platforms are one of the most important things related to digital transformation. Smartphones and tablets are some of the most common devices nowadays that are used when browsing websites and doing online transactions. For a business to be successful, it has to have a mobile application that can be accessed from these devices.

So, in this way, a company can reach its customers anywhere, anytime, even if they do not have internet access on their devices. A mobile application should be developed first before developing other strategies. Because it is one of the major factors why people go online nowadays.

Build an Efficient Website

Another important thing that should be developed when undertaking a digital transformation project is an efficient website. A website should be designed in such a way that it can effectively market your products and services to potential customers. This is through content writing, images, and graphics.

Further, it is also crucial that you hire professional web designers if you do not know how to develop a website yourself. Because this is one of the key factors that will give your company an advantage over others on the Internet market.

When building a website, you should also make sure that it is easy for people to navigate through it so that they can easily find what they are looking for when visiting your website. Developing an efficient website is vital in transformation projects. This is mainly because this is where potential clients and customers will find information about your products and services.

Expertise in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing remains one of the most powerful ways of marketing products and services nowadays. Because many people use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for both personal and professional purposes. 

So, there are several advantages of using social media marketing. Such as reaching out to millions of people around the world in just minutes or even seconds. Or reaching individuals directly through their profiles or pages on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

Follow These Digital Transformation Strategies

To conclude, you will need to follow these digital transformation strategies if you want to be successful in your digital transformation project. Because these strategies could give your company a competitive advantage over other companies in the digital business world.

Customer Experience And Digital Transformation

In this article, we will discuss what are the customer experience and digital transformation in the company. Read on to learn more.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the feeling that the clients have with your business. It includes what they feel, see, hear or sense. So, it means how much they are with your company and how true they are to you. 

There are many clients who always buy from one particular brand. Also, it would never change their name option even if the other brand is more useful for them. 

Why? It is because they feel happy with that unique brand and they have good feedback about it. Also, it makes them get that exact brand again and again.

Some businesses take care of their clients and give them a good experience. So, the buyers will come again to order from that company. 

But some firms have no business with their clients. Also, they don’t care about their clients at all.

Firms need to tap into digital transformation. Why? Because they need to develop their customer experience and they also need to keep up with the evolving technology.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of gaining a new business model, create new income rivers, and grow from product-centric. It is a customer-centric company.

Digital transformation is a range rather than a goal. It needs a multi-track record that should include different plans.

Digital transformation is not only about using technology or improving customer experience. Also, it is about growing as an order.

The digital transformation will help you to be more fruitful and efficient. New companies need to spend on technology. 

By this, they can live playing in the business. If you want to remain competitive, then you need to put up with the newest technology.

If you want to remain competitive, then you need to keep up with the latest technology. Most of the customers are using online mediums. 

If your company is not having a website or an online retailing plan, then your business will be at a loss. Why? 

Because your rivals will take your clients away from you. You need to have an online behavior for all your clients.

Customer Experience and Digital Transformation

Customer experience and digital transformation are two important features of a business plan for any company.

Providing a seamless customer experience across all channels is one of the most vital looks of a business plan for any company. Also, digital change can not only help to develop the customer experience. 

It is to give an excuse to make the business more active, competitive, and profitable. The way you deal with your consumers can make or break your company. 

Consumer knowledge and digital transformation are two important aspects of business strategy which should be paid care to. If you want to stay rival, then you need to use the newest technology and enhance customer contact.


It is important to have a digital transformation. Also, improving the customer experience for any company.

By doing these two looks, it can increase the value of your business. As a result, your company has this growth in the industry. 

Digital Transformation Solutions

What are the digital transformation solutions for businesses today? 

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of digital change. Also, we will discuss some solutions for the company.

Digital Transformation Meaning

The idea of digital transformation is not new. Also, it has been around for several years. But it is only now that the technology is mature enough to discuss this idea. 

What does digital transformation mean?

Digital transformation means improving the way. Also, developing companies and people interact with each other. It is by integrating advanced technologies.

Digital change can improve their business methods. Also, the way people and businesses communicate with consumers online.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital change solutions can be seen in many efforts. It includes retail, telecommunications, e-commerce, and more.

“Digital transformation solutions” are a combination of solutions. Besides, it can have the potential to change an organization’s skills. 

The organization would be better able to play in the digital age. So, digital change solutions try to take the best works from the past and combine them with new technologies. As a result, it can drive down prices, better sets, and increase ability.

The digital transformation answers are made of the following three steps:

  • In this step, need to that your company decides your modern orders and knows their powers and flaws. Also, your business sets clear goals such as growing wealth and reducing prices.
  • At this step, your company should know areas that can be developed using technology. The areas which were known should be connected to the business.
  • The third step is the actual implementation of the change plan. It is important that your business set up a free plan for achieving the plan. Also, how much will it take, how long will it take, who will be in command of the implementation, and more. Also, your business plan a constant development plan to assure that it never falls behind in using technology.

Benefit for Businesses

Businesses can help with digital transformation solutions by improving energy and reducing prices. Many companies will enjoy creating new income streams. It adds growing into new sales. 

For example, retailers are turning their stores into warehouses. Also, it is by using excellent technology to increase efficiency. 

Digital change can be an opening for businesses. Why? Because digital conversion technologies are making a change in every industry and business area. 

Digital transformation can be a rival advantage. Why? Because the technology is growing so fast and it is always changing. 


Digital transformation is a trend. It is an ongoing and constant process. It is many processes that need plan and forethought. The digital change offer includes the entire organization

In this rule, teams need to choose which areas of their business they want to change and determine what they want to do. Buyers expect firms to be more active and alert. 

Technology is critical in this change process. Why? Because it is the driving power behind the digital change. Technology will help your business achieve the conversion plan carefully and efficiently. 

Digital Transformation Offerings

What are the digital transformation offerings for the business? Also, what are the benefits of the company?

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Offerings

Many companies offer digital transformation services. One common service is a focus on big data, analytics, and business data.

Another common service is business process control, mobile, and cloud solutions.

Making things easier for workers to use their own devices. Also, companies are more active in their careers. Helping clients stay on top of things and be more useful in their works.

Digital Transformation Offerings Examples

  • Example #1. Businesses are changing their trades. Why? Because they know that digital ways are changing. Today, more people than ever before are watching for new trends to manage their growth. This new way of thinking is driving firms to change the way they do sales. Many firms are not aware that this change is occurring. But some businesses are aware and have chosen to cover it. So, others have chosen to ignore it and hide after the past.
  • Example #2. Digital transformation offers businesses a way to increase profits, improve customer knowledge, boost creativity, and improve ability. It is a shift in business models to meet the needs of the customers. Also, it is a change in a business plan to give buyers what they want. Businesses are moving ahead with digital transformation. It is because they are realizing that they have an excuse to grow their competitive position. 
  • Example #3. Digital transformation is making a new way for businesses to succeed. It is building a more united world that enables people to communicate and do business with peace. Digital transformation is one of the most important trade issues for today’s work. 


The digital change offerings can have a good to the company and team. Below are some of the advantages the business can assume when they implement digital change presents into their business.

  • Customer Experience. The business can choose to center on customer experience, which will enhance the customer’s experience.
  • Mobile. The business can choose to focus on mobile, which will improve ease of use, making it easier for employees to do their jobs and customers to do business with them.
  • Data. The business can choose to focus on big data, analytics, and business intelligence, which will give the company deeper insight into its customers. The insight comes from the data that collects and analyze in real-time and through analyzing historical data. It is to gain a better understanding of customers’ needs and wants.
  • Solutions. The business can choose to focus on cloud solutions, which can be used for easy data storage and easy access to the data.


Digital transformation is a change in the way companies operate and is changing the way companies do business. It is one of the most important business problems for today’s work.

Companies need to use digital transformation to have strong businesses. Also, digital transformation is a change in the business model to meet the needs of the customers. As a result, it can change business plans to give users what they want.

Digital Transformation Services

What are the digital transformation services in the industry? Also, what are the actions that can help the company?

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Services

Digital transformation services are to help businesses find new ways of doing trade. It is by combining social and digital technologies. So, the firms that are looking for digital transformation help are making a smart option.

Digital change settings can be a great way for firms to stay ahead of the game. Besides, the best part is, they don’t have to do it alone.

Digital change services can be done in many various ways. It adds many different kinds of providers in the business industry.

Digital transformation services are a great way to stay ahead of the competition. So, they do not have to be fancy or hard to get.

Not every company requires a digital transformation service. Why? Many other organizations can help with more essential digital needs. 

Digital Change in Business World

Digital transformation services are growing more and more popular in the business world. Besides, it uses to make big changes in the way a firm does business. It adds a smart choice for any business looking to develop.

Many companies are finding that digital transformation sets are something they should invest in. Why? Since these services will help their company grow and expand in the industry. 

Digital transformation services are designed to help companies get their ideas out there, into the market. As a result, it is ready for sale in the market. 

These services help businesses get their opinions out into the public area. It is where they can be seen and bought.

Digital Transformation Services Purpose

Digital transformation settings are a great way to help a company grow and expand. Besides, digital change services are rising as a need for firms that want to stay rival in the business.

Digital change services design to make it simple for firms to get new buyers. As a result, it can increase their range in the store and the state of it.

Digital Change Services Provider

Ideally, you should use a digital change services provider from the trade that you are in. Also, if you’re in retail, you should always hire digital change services providers from the local industry. 

If you’re in banking, then you should always hire digital transformation settings providers from the banking industry, etc. So, if you’re hiring a digital change services provider from a different industry, then there are chances that he would take your business. It is a chance to get some quick deer. 

You should always be cautious about this. Why? Because there have different ways of digital change. 


Digital transformation services are a great way to help your business grow. Also, digital change services can help you get your company saw online and make it a trend.

Digital change settings are a great help to firms that want to get first of the race. As a result, it can improve the status of the business.

What Went Wrong With GE Digital Transformation

GE was on the verge of dominating the industrial internet. Suddenly, it doesn’t. What happened to the GE digital transformation? 

The ambitions that entail GE digital transformation is no secret to us for years. However, there is so much negative news that surrounds GE and its grand vision these days. In other words, GE digital transformation (DT) is considered a failure. What went wrong? Before discussing that, let’s first have a little background. 

Behind the curtain 

GE’s DT initiatives began way back in 2013. GE began developing Predix, the company’s supposed-to-be software platform for the industrial internet. A year later, the company announced that it was generating more than $1 billion in revenue from productivity solutions. In 2015, GE announced the creation of GE Digital, the company’s new business unit. 

Afterward, a year later, GE reportedly had more than 1,500 employees in its office in San Ramon, California. Publicly, things were really going great for GE Digital. However, the picture was less rosy internally. Listed below are two of the many factors why. 

  1. In practice, GE Software was an internal development shop. The company has numerous business units, including Aviation, Transportation, Power, and others. However, these business units all had IT development needs. Hence, GE used the resources from GE software to implement “innovation”.

It was more like digital enablement. Moreover, GE Software’s revenue came from billing other GE business units, not external customers. 

  1. GE Digital started selling services to other industrial companies. GE was offering to help them on their own DT journeys. Thus, the company also became a consulting firm. According to reports, GE had mixed returns on these efforts. 

Indeed, GE achieved some significant improvements thanks to GE Software and GE Digital. However, there were no game-changing, multibillion-dollar innovations. The company only achieved gradual improvements and made them slightly more competitive. 

What Went Wrong 

DT isn’t just adding technology to the existing model. It is about rethinking your current business model to adapt to the digital era. However, most companies fail to do so as it is extremely difficult. Furthermore, implementing the entire DT process in-house will surely lead to failure. 

For GE Digital to have succeeded, it needed to be separate from GE. Making GE Digital its own business unit was a smart move. However, it also took the roles and responsibilities of GE software. You don’t need thousands of people to be successful in your DT initiatives. All you need is a small group of people with an innovative mindset. 

Finally, you need to start small. Most companies attempt to accomplish the entire process at once. However, attempting to do so is a recipe for disaster. GE tried to transform each and every one of its business units and look at what happened. 

Start the process with one industry and one business unit. Then, use the momentum you’ll achieve from the success of that project and spread it to other divisions. 

It is not yet too late for GE digital transformation. There’s no reason it can’t be successful. However, the company needs to structure its digital business correctly. 

Digital Transformation Explained in 500 Words

The term “digital transformation” has been taking businesses by storm. What does that term mean? This article has the term digital transformation explained. 

What is digital transformation? 

Digital transformation (DT) is the practice of integrating digital technologies to create new – or modify existing – business processes. In other words, it reimagines business in the digital age. Its main purpose is to adapt to changing business and market requirements. 

DT goes beyond the limits of traditional roles like sales, marketing, and customer service. Instead, DT has customers as the centerpiece from the beginning up to the end. Thus, it changes how businesses engage with customers. 

Moreover, DT makes your organization future-proof. Doing business in the 21st century with sticky notes and handwritten ledgers won’t really take you a long way. However, many people interchange digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation. Is there really a difference between those three? Yes. 


In simple words, digitization is the move from analog to digital. Not so long ago, businesses kept records on paper, like ledgers or typewritten documents. Gathering or sharing information meant dealing with physical documents, including binders, faxes, and xeroxes. 

Then, computers entered the business and quickly became popular. Most businesses began converting all of those ink-on-paper records to digital computer files. Digitization has made finding and sharing information much easier. 


The use of digitized information to make work simpler and more efficient is called digitalization. Take note that this is not changing how you do business or creating new types of business. Instead, it is about keeping the same business processes but making them faster and better. 

To illustrate, digitalization has changed customer service forever. Employees can now easily and quickly retrieve customer records via computer. Gone are the days where records are trapped in a file cabinet somewhere in a dusty archive. However, the basic method of customer service didn’t change. But as mentioned, the entire process is now much more efficient. All you need is a few keystrokes on a computer screen.

Digital transformation 

Digitization and digitalization paved the way for digital transformation. DT changes how businesses get things done, not just doing the old things faster. Moreover, it involves taking a step back and revisiting everything you do – from internal processes to customer interactions both online and in person. 

With DT, businesses of all sorts can disrupt any industry. Now we have digital transformation explained, let’s take a great example. Netflix is a great example of leveraging technology. The company started as a mail order service and disrupted the physical video rental business. 

A few years later, digital innovations popularized streaming video services. Netflix once again adapted and began offering a growing library of on-demand content at ultracompetitive prices. Furthermore, the company extracted insights from data to make better decisions. What can we learn from Netflix? Take advantage of available technologies to make better business decisions. 

Digital transformation is no longer a luxury – it is now a necessity. The COVID-19 pandemic has made that need even deeper. You only have two options – transform or go out of business. This article has digital transformation explained so bookmark this page now so you can easily access this guide!

Digital Transformation Case Studies

Are you having doubts about transforming? Are you struggling in developing a strategy? Let these digital transformation case studies help you. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made digital transformation (DT) a means for survival for companies. We’re now living in an “automation first” era. Businesses and employees now use software robots to increase efficiency, free employees from mundane tasks and generate better revenue. Who knows – maybe every human will each have a software robot of their own. 

Implementing DT requires a change in mindset and culture. Moreover, it is a complex journey that requires careful planning. Hence, the best way to develop a DT strategy is to learn by example. This article features digital transformation case studies that highlight the benefits of transforming and the consequences of failing to do so. 


The company began as a paper mill in the late 1800s. In 1967, Nokia merged several jointly owned businesses to form the Nokia Corporation. The company launched the world’s first international cellular system in the early 1980s. Nokia released some of the first mobile phones. However, those phones were heavy which made mobility a little uncertain. 

Things were really going well for Nokia. By the late 1990s, they were the world’s top cell phone provider. Furthermore, Nokia achieved paramount success due to its investment in research and development (R&D). 

Moreover, they were even the first to develop a touch-screen, internet-enabled phone. In 2007, Nokia hoarded over half of all the profits in the mobile phone industry.

However, Nokia dominated not because of their smartphones. Nokia let other phones like Apple and Google surpass them. Users wanted phones with better software and improved user experience. Nokia was not able to provide that as they believe their hardware would keep users loyal. 

This shows that your success today does not guarantee your success tomorrow. You must be willing to depart from success and unafraid to take risks if it would mean innovating. Failure to do so will lead to failure, even for the biggest companies. 


Unilever is one of the biggest companies in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. However, the industry has been experiencing a steady decline since 2013. Unilever acknowledged this change and started pulling away from its declining food business. After 2010, the company moved toward health and beauty. 

Traditionally, companies buy customer data from market-research firms. However, Unilever broke the norm and built its own database. They gathered anonymized information from different sources like store loyalty cards, customer registrations, and third-party sites. As result, Unilever got over 900 million individual customer records. 

Hence, the company now has a massive amount of data to back up its DT and product development strategies. This has enabled Unilever to spend less and sell more. 

What can we learn from Unilever? Disruption won’t end. Thus, your willingness must not stop, too. Moreover, Unilever focused on efficiency and implemented new technologies. You must also be prepared to adapt continually.

These digital transformation case studies taught us that innovation will either make or break your company. 

Helpful Digital Transformation Articles for CIOs

Resourcing from digital transformation articles can help you improve in undertaking DX. More than anyone in a company setting, CIOs are the ones who should be most informed.

So here are helpful digital transformation articles- their titles and overview.

Digital Transformation Articles for CIOs

Best Sites to Follow for Digital Transformation Blogs

In this article, listed are the top websites that provide digital transformation content. This includes the leading company that specializes in DX. So leaders can keep up with the latest trends, news, and evolving technologies.

How Software Walkthroughs Help Digital Adoption Challenges

Digital adoption comes with challenges that made up to 70% of digital initiatives fail. So in this post, it introduces the 4 major causes of digital adoption failure. While it also provides a software walkthrough as a possible solution to counter the challenges.

Digital Adoption Basics: All You Need to Know 2021

Digital adoption has become one of the biggest hurdles in succeeding in digital transformation. This article takes you to digital adoption in full detail. For instance, it discusses what digital adoption is about, why it is important, and how to succeed in it.

The Digital Transformation Office

A part of succeeding digital transformation is setting up a dedicated office for it. But what does an ideal and exemplary digital transformation office do and have? This article will cover that for you.

Digital Transformation Online Courses

Taking digital transformation online courses is an interactive, effective, and cost-effective way to learn while at home. More so, this kind of learning fits executives, DX team members, and DX enthusiasts who have a busy schedule. So this article details the best possible options available today. 

Why Do Digital Transformation Training Matters?

Training matters in all aspects of change. But, how about in digital transformation? This article covers how to effectively train employees in adopting new technologies. Perhaps reading this article before doing any training program can help.

The Digital Transformation In Marketing, Sales, and Service

To get a good grasp of DX, it is helpful to learn how it impacts and how it applies in different industries. For instance, this article covers how DX touches the major industries today. Namely, service, marketing, and sales.

Digital Transformation and its Impact: Banking, Retail, and Insurance

The finance industry is getting more revolutionized by digital transformation efforts. So this article will help you take a closer look at it in its various facets. For instance, you will learn how DX affects banking, retail, and insurance.

Digital Adoption in Covid 19

The Covid 19 is bringing a lot of its toll on individuals, but also on organizations. However, many succeed in digital adoption even amidst the surge of the Covid 19 pandemic. So how can your company thrive along? This article will discuss these points in detail.

Digital Transformation Metrics

To know where you are at in DX, it is important to measure, track, and analyze performance. In short, this involves the digital transformation metrics. So this article will cover all you need to know about the topic.

Best Sites to Follow for Digital Transformation Blogs

So here are the best websites that you can opt to follow for digital transformation blogs.

Digital Transformation Blogs to Follow

Starcio Blog

Starcio Blog is by Isaac Sacolick, one of the top 100 social CIO and DX leaders. Isaac is a leader who focuses on the following in his DX strategies:

  • Big data
  • Agile development
  • Data science
  • Digital marketing

Because of his vast and pioneering background in DX, his blog is among the most insightful and helpful.

Plainview Blog

Plainview Blog, on the other hand, is for executives who lead digital transformation initiatives. For example, the focus message of their blogs is to help companies drive real results from change. That is, by boosting the people factor and economic resources.

MuleSoft Blog

MuleSoft Blog is another good resource for different topics about DX. Besides, MuleSoft helps its readers learn the impact of data and applications in driving DX.

For example, MuleSoft Blog covers the following:

  • DX revenues 
  • Latest trends
  • In-depth topics about DX

Smart Insights Blog

Smart Insights mostly focuses on digital marketing strategies, news, and case studies. For example, they cover topics about:

  • Developments in DX
  • Latest tools
  • Helpful advice
  • DX statistics

All of which are important in developing a winning digital transformation strategy.

OpenText Blog

OpenText, on the other hand, is more than just a publication site for digital transformation. Because OpenText is Canada’s largest software company that specializes in enterprise information management. Besides, on their site, they provide helpful content about DX insights and advice.

Progress Blog

For CIOs, Progress Blog is for you. The Progress Software Corporation aims in helping companies create a culture of digitalization. Of which involves the role of customers and employees in succeeding DX. So if you want to learn helpful strategies, especially for CIOs level, Progress Blog is one of the most helpful on the list.

Centric Digital Blog

Centric Digital is a company that also specializes in digital transformation. Their goal is to help business reshape their models and customer experiences. Thus, helping companies thrive in this evolving digital era. So if this sounds like your company’s concern, make sure to check their content.

Happiest Minds Blog

Happiest Minds is another leading digital transformation company. Their goal, like others, is to help companies make the best use of today’s digital technologies. 

Moreover, they regularly provide blog posts about:

  • Big data
  • Mobile
  • Analytics
  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • Cybersecurity 

Informatica Blog

Informatica is a company that offers data management solutions in the cloud and hybrid environment. 

Moreover, their blog focuses on helping leaders and CIOs lead DX effectively. For example, they cover the following:

  • DX tips and strategies
  • Good leadership
  • Developing and implementing processes

Frost & Sullivan Blog

Frost & Sullivan is a major partnership company. They offer advisory services and expert insights about digital transformation, for instance. 

So in their blog, they provide content about DX. More particularly in:

  • News
  • Latest trends
  • Procedures
  • Leadership 

Axway Blog

Axway Blog provides content about healthcare digital transformation. For example, they provide helpful resources about the latest news, trends, insights, shadow IT, and agile integration.