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Digital Transformation Predictions for 2021

Most of us would agree that 2020 was a crazy year. You must consider these digital transformation predictions in creating a strategy. 

COVID-19, economic crisis, political unrest – 2020 taught us that everything can change overnight. Hence, digital transformation is no longer a luxury. Instead, it is now a means for survival. Before embarking on the journey, you must be aware of these digital transformation predictions. 

Change management will be more crucial than ever 

Most employees worldwide are tired of change. 2020 has been full of massive changes. However, don’t fall into the temptation of assuming that your employees are used to and willing to change. In fact, it is crucial to acknowledge that change management is more crucial than ever. Why?

Digital transformations typically result in more operational and organizational changes. These changes will affect your employees one way or another. Hence, you must not ignore the importance of organizational change management. 

Digital transformation strategy will be a differentiator 

There are just tons of technology options available. Of course, you can’t simply choose “nice-to-have” technologies or what seems popular. Remember that every company has unique needs. Hence, you need to tailor your strategy according to your needs and objective. 

Moreover, a good digital strategy considers all factors. That includes the people, process, and technology aspects of change. Do not blindly focus on selecting and implementing a single enterprise technology. The best strategies have a clear roadmap for broader transformation. 

More organizations will implement risk mitigation 

Many companies are noticeably increasing their focus towards taking control of their transformations. This means that organizations will see their technology implementation risks better. 

Forward-thinking organizations don’t solely rely on their technical implementers. Instead, these organizations continually find ways to point out and mitigate risks.

Organizations will be more decisive 

The fallout brought by COVID-19 has made many companies more decisive. This trend will continue for years to come. You must possess decisive leadership and control over your transformation initiatives. 

Before, organizations typically outsource digital transformations. Then, they will let the firm solely deal with the project. Yet, that is not the case anymore. Companies that take the extra effort for quality assurance will excel among others. That is compared to ones that operate with outdated governance models.

Low-Code will help resolve the software backlog 

Technology is a crucial part of any digital transformation. Who will develop the tools that improve the overall experience of a company? The answer is everyone, thanks to low-code platforms.

As the name implies, low-code platforms do not require vast coding experience. Even individuals with no coding experience can play a part in developing such tools. Low-code platforms give users more flexibility to solve problems. Moreover, these tools enable companies to quickly take advantage of situations. Some of those situations are changing customer demands and market conditions. 

Yet, solely relying on low code is not enough. Keep in mind that power must always work hand-in-hand with speed. In some cases, low code makes problems worse. That is by creating even more disconnected applications. 

Prevent this from happening by having powerful low-code platforms. Moreover, they must have the ability to organize data and modern tools like AI. 

Most Influential Digital Transformation Topics in 2021

Keeping up with digital transformation topics can help you stay ahead in the DX game. So what are the most talked-about and influential DX topics this year?

Top 5 Digital Transformation Topics of 2021

1. 5G Becomes the New Normal of Connectivity

Since today’s new normal requires more connections, better connectivity is thus required. This is why 5G takes one of today’s spotlights in DX.


For one reason, business operations are now mostly done in homes and remote workplaces. As a result, this demands more connection power.

Last year, 5G has already been known as a promising new technology. 

With 5G, technology improves by:

  • Better speed and connectivity- that can address the demand of growing bandwidth needs
  • Reliable connection- fitting remote working arrangements
  • Better IoT connections- IoT is being more popular and in-demand. So integrating 5G addresses more of the need. 

Certainly, all of these 5G benefits can increase the digital transformation rate at both individual and corporate levels.

2. Blockchain Develops 

Even last year, blockchain takes the spotlight already. At first, this was first resonated with cryptocurrency. 

Today, the finance industry embraces blockchain. But not only does the finance industry takes blockchain for DX. Take what India recently explored. They have studied blockchain’s capabilities and discovered it can also function in more industries.

So we can rightly expect blockchain technology to be accepted in more industries in the future. Specifically, playing a crucial role in cybersecurity.

3. Cybersecurity is a Top Priority

2020 has been a year of the attack, both in health and in cybersecurity. Since then, companies now see the benefit of prioritizing cybersecurity. Thus, making this topic one of the leading concerns of the CIOs. Not to mention the millions to billions of dollars organizations lost in data breach incidents.

Thus, prioritizing cybersecurity today is a necessity for every business. Especially for industries undertaking digital transformation. Because DX creates more connections in an organization. More so, that employees are sent on remote working arrangements. Which also results in creating more vulnerabilities within premises.

4. Digital Banking is Rising

Banking and finance are some of the leading industries in digital transformation. Of course, these industries are mostly impacted by customers’ demands and technology, also. With the increase of customers wanting both convenience, in-demand, and mobility, digital banking is the best move.

Because of this, the finance industry now introduces the following in its services:

  • Online banking 
  • Digital payments
  • Digital credit application processing
  • Online loan applications

So in the coming years, we can expect this DX trend to spread across every bank available.

5. Customer Data Platforms Storm 

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are rising in customer-centric business platforms. Of course, data is today’s fuel for growth. However, as much as industries have much data, but many were not able to use it to the full. Thus, making these data put to waste.

This is why a customer data platform can help. For example, a CDP can:

  • Collect data from all sources 
  • Organize and tag data
  • Help company use that data to its benefit

Besides, data analytics is a good combo for this. With both empowering data management, this should result in more growth and efficiency. Thus, leading DX in the modern era.

Digital Transformation Strategy

How do you make a digital transformation strategy? And how can you make sure your efforts in doing the journey pay off?

First off, let us understand why owning a good digital transformation or Dx strategy is essential. Then, we will discuss some ideas for improvement.

Read on to understand more.

Digital Transformation Strategy: Why is it Important?

Doing a digital transformation is not all about getting and using the latest tech. Of course, having the best tech is one role of doing digital change.

But that is not the whole plan. Doing a digital innovation means responding to development, demanding change, and make a move.

Businesses need to think and be a start early to show strength in the future. So, this is where a digital transformation strategy appears.

It helps firms answer these questions:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How are we working to get there?

Then, they need to develop these three fields:

  • Consciousness
  • Educated decision-making
  • Fast performance

What are the plans companies can do to be successful in their digital innovation?

Making Digital Transformation Strategy

Get All On-Board

Before doing any moves in digital change, companies need to make sure all are informed of the Dx. Then, everyone from top-down needs to be on keep.

Doing digital change does not only develop an area of the business. But reforms are company-wide. So, without a united team, digital innovation is estimated to waste.

Safe Funding

Once everyone is on board, companies can now see the numbers. How much of their markets are they responsible to set out for their digital transformation?

The business needs to hold in mind that digital transformation is not a one-time job. It is an ongoing plan that can change all areas.

Having funds before doing any steps can help companies position needs first. As a result, they know how much they can use on each field.

Assess New State

The next step is to understand where the firm is at. Yes, it is hard to map out where to go if firms do not know their starting place.

So, this research can assist them:

  • Value company history
  • Know workforce skillset
  • Map out new methods, plans, formation, roles, etc.
  • Find opportunities and obstacles that need answers

Make Goals and Results

After understanding the starting period, firms can then set an aim of where they want to be.

What are the digital ideas? Or what they want their customer or workers to experience. Then, center on long-term purposes.

Understand the Gap

Next is to fill out the gaps within the opening and closing positions. Also, thinks about what fields need a match. Like for consumers, operators’ jobs, etc.

Then they can post out info, support, or anything that they require.

Make a Digital Transformation Roadmap

After understanding all these things, firms can now offer a full roadmap. Also, it adds the maps out the hows of taking out the gap from position A to spot B.

But this map needs to be flexible to any changes. As a result, this can hold up with the company’s development.

Digital Transformation Metrics

What are the topmost digital transformation metrics? Also, how do these search your growth in digital transformation?

Read on to know more about these metrics.

Digital Transformation Metrics

More and more firms use digital transformation. Also, they realize how it promotes a company.

As they use and generate change, they should have metrics that show outcomes. So, IT managers can do the extras of digital transformation in a business.

What are the most essential digital transformation metrics?

So, here are the top twelve digital transformation metrics.


Using digital change is not poor. Yet, it will get you money.

Saving costs, in the long run, can help. Also, your jobs can be automated. 

The time you save can be applied to other jobs. So, you should see your operating expenses.

Cloud Application

Digital transformation allows you to use the cloud. Also, being cloud-native actions your growth is essential.

If you see your business does this often, you are doing fabulous work.

Team Work

Digital transformation makes a people-focused history. Also, it increases, not just digital, but also cultural.

You can say you are safe in your digital transformation use if:

  • your operators are excited to do their work
  • your directors believe in your goals
  • promotes teamwork

Change Standard

Digital transformation is not just growing. Also, it shows good outcomes, like:

  • improved business ideals
  • better grants
  • increase value
  • decrease charges
  • secure sales increase

Your change rate depends on your company’s ROI.

Customer Experience

Another important metric is customer contact. If your buyers can:

  • travel easily
  • know the method
  • do necessary steps

then, you managed digital change successfully.


As mentioned, digital transformation increases richness. Besides, it can help you examine tasks.

A good digital transformation is when you can provide more practice. While implementing new changes, use more education.

Better Marketing

Digital transformation includes retailing. As a result, it enhances how a business sells its services and goods.

Companies that use digital change will use it on ads and comments. So, check if there is a return on this shopping.

Insights and analytics from the digital conversion will and should happen in a greater selling program.


The number one metric is sales. With more buyers and a more helpful workflow, you can get more transactions. How?

Well, digital innovation can enhance your settings and products. So, it must make more deals.


Digital transformation makes valuable richness. So, you can build higher sales per operator.

You can follow this metric. As a result, automation can then develop your production.

Effectiveness of Job

Digital conversion helps you automate tasks. What do they need to do? By the use of robots, AIs, and other technologies.

If you saved minutes of your job, then you became valuable. Moreover, it is a crucial metric that exists your growth and change.

User Lifetime Value

This metric is in connection with your external interest. Also, it is one of the best types that you happily applied digital change.

Why? If you hold your customers after using the change, you can make more businesses.

Internal and External Success

Your internal success arises from your firm. So, you can continue based on:

  • your employee’s richness
  • workflow
  • competence
  • maintenance time

Digital Transformation Infrastructure

Digital transformation infrastructure works as a key role in doing the journey. In fact, it is the determination of digital transformation or Dx.

Why is that the fact? Let us dig deeper into this research.

Digital Transformation Infrastructure

Today, new technologies can change every role of a job because of Dx. As a result of doing the trip, they can become more productive. And of course, more helpful.

The growth of new apps can digitize a lot of plans. Thus, give operators more time to do the more difficult tasks and be more fruitful.

The digital change lets businesses automate and improve their use of data. But, they can only open these perks due to maintenance. 

As said, it is the determination of Dx and is the raising section that lets firms use Dx.

What are its roles, then?

Digital Transformation Infrastructure: Roles

Cloud Migration

One of the most essential things of doing digital transformation is the opportunity of the film. Do you agree?

If firms do not move to some sort of cloud, are they even doing digital change? That is how relevant the use of the cloud plays in Dx.

Why so? Because the cloud can let markets be more flexible. And give them on-demand access to what they need for apps.

Making it great than big servers that are hard to get without using a lot. Meaning, it is less effective.

But the cloud, in reverse, is working. Firms can add or lower their area during working or off periods. Thus, saving a lot on the IT stores.

Cloud businesspeople are making new plans and are doing security updates. Meaning, it reduces the need for firms to do support.

Network Innovation

Now, it is essential for firms to do a network move to get a combined workforce. Also, the physical roles of a system can now be then transferred into the software.

One example is routers and switches. Businesses can now use these in a Software-Define Networking or SDN. Thus, making for a faster rollout of new services.

Side computing can change processing by:

  • being closer to the details set
  • reducing latency for apps like AR, VR, and AI
  • filtering network change
  • aiding IoT


The start of Dx means more devices are becoming connected to a method. Thus, the number of potential sins is getting larger and higher.

The more data produced there is, the more potential wrong can happen. Thus, the role of security is now growing more relevant for new firms.

Meaning, the way they approach safety now needs to be changed. This is due to a force system being harder to keep after Dx.

Security needs to have three main details. It should be:

  • automated
  • combined into systems
  • built-in to any apps

With this kind of protection, companies can make sure their data are secure. Of course, with the help of the best safety specialist.


Digital transformation cannot fly high without the proper support. As we can see, it works a lot of significant roles in the success of the purpose.

Digital Transformation Governance

Did you know there are many positions of digital transformation governance? It will then need to meet the whole firm.

To make sure firms get in their journey, they need to be informed of these. Then, they need to be ready to put this governance in the country.

If you are making your digital transformation, you need to get these. Keep on reading to identify more.

Digital Transformation Governance

Innovation Governance

Today, the race is very tight. So, to keep up with competitors, it is important to make a change. 

If you want to save up with them, change governance is necessary. Also, many stakeholders think that development should be the focus of Dx. 

They are spending more on new techs, new ways of playing, and more. In doing these, they tell they keep being strong. 

If you can, you also need to drive innovation. Then, see if it is an amount that your company can provide.

If the right governance is not put up, this can just become a cost center. So, ensure you order the right one.

Find a real use proof of such new techs. Then, see if what this can mean for you in the coming years.

There are two steps to do this. These are:

  • holding an oversight of the actual conversion process
  • operating an error of the real content of the development

Data Governance

Now, businesses trade with a lot of data. And of course, you link to this. 

There is a strong need to have to get sure of the location data at hand. Why? It is because this data is your plan to make better-informed decision-making. 

These are the ones Dx tools will base their study on. For example, if you do not hold the right input data, AI cannot make good options.

There is a search to keep these data safe. Its position will depend on how safe these data are. Also, outsiders may transfer or edit these relevant data.

You need to place strong data governance. It adds secure privacy, protection, and place. Then, make sure you follow up with agreement needs.

IT Governance

The first thing you require to believe about is IT governance. First, make sure you have the best people with the proper skillset.

Having these works put up the right IT plans. But at the same time, these will not get a lot that will put your firm in debt.

See the risks that come with new techs. Some of these may be about if it is safe, scalable, or whatnot.

On the other side of the money, you need to be able to see the perks of these techs. What can they provide within the business?

You need to make sure all these techs will meet with the business plans. Remember, doing Dx is not only to hold new devices.

Digital Transformation Governance: Value

Digital Transformation governance can help both firms and clients. And it will have an increase in the trade. 

So, these are the different positions of governance when doing Dx. Which of these do you already have?

Digital Transformation Expert

What is a digital transformation expert?

When we say expert, that character is someone who understands the field very well. So, he will also be able to create jobs faster and easier. 

When it comes to digital transformation, it is still new. So, how can one be sure that there is now a professional in this area?

In this article, we will review the plan itself. So, we can be sure that there is now an expert in this area. 

We will learn what are the good things you become a digital transformation expert. Why?

Understanding these things will help if you are planning to develop your business in the online world.

Digital Transformation: Meaning and Value

Digital transformation is a business for marketing what you have online. It will depend on you and your store. 

You can choose either by putting everything online. Also, you can visit a physical shop at the same time. 

It is essential now because the increase is changing at this age. For example, a lot of people now work the internet related to 10 years ago. 

You can take them to order what you sell even at the rest of their homes. 

It is for the increase of the business. So, your products will have a sample for the media. 

Digital Transformation Expert

Someone who is an expert in this area will see the entire image. He already knows the basics. So, he may also have the form in checking the platform’s security. 

He can already hold spaces that he knows can be of good use. It is because he has a lot of data already in the field. 

As growth is growing, it is right when it becomes a digital business. Why? It is because there are a lot of settings in this area. 

How can we become sure that there are experts already in this field? Let us find out below. 

Digital Transformation Growth

This program began to grow in the year 2015. Also, it was a time when social media has a group of users. 

It is most mainly true when it happens to the kids born at this age. So, for the past five years, there were a lot of developments in the space already, 

It is true when it comes to the layout of popular deals from time to time. So, you can have to maintain that there many who are experts in this sector.


There are a lot of digital transformation experts now. It is because the state keeps on increasing every day. 

You can expect that it is becoming better because of the reforms. Also, someone who is an expert knows the entire idea already. 

He can know it at a faster rate because of his works. Since 2015, the digital transformation area has made a variation in the program.

If you are thinking to shift your business online, it will be a good plan. You can have confidence that there will be professionals who will guide you.

Digital Transformation Steps

What are the digital transformation steps?

We know that digital transformation is all about applying technology. And it goes with old problems. 

Digital innovation lets businesses provide an original purpose to their clients. Also, it regularly keeps its plans and tactics. 

Digital technology is associated with every area of the company. It includes service and beyond. 

Many businesses work on matters. Besides, each order or office has its own data or technology that is separate from the base of the business. 

Digital transformation makes it down that way. Also, it shows a more seamless impact over the market in inner and outer. 

In digital change, it does not have a fixed start or endpoint. Thus, it is a time of purpose for a business to daily develop new digital keys for its buyers. 

Technology and the client’s position change every year. So, the company needs to stay looking to the drop. 

Always learn that every area of the business has an important role to play in digital change. 

Most businesses know the value of digital change. But, do not know where to begin. 

Most businesses reach victory by just getting an order to start. And it makes change result. 

Digital transformation does not have to be able. But, it becomes a task of processing into an existing story and work. 

Here are the twelve digital transformation steps:


Support digital answers to understand the customer. And give help and steps that are separate from them.


Digitizing the job means designing seamless unions in the digital and physical markets.

Services and Plans

New products are more effective and given in change ways in digital transformation.

Data Security, Privacy, and Ethics

The majority of buyers think their data is open to a records breach. So, data protection should be an example of thought.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Digital path to logistics and the property chain increases power.

Inner Client Experience

Providing the consumer technology responds hugely lets workers give an amazing in business.


Centering on data supports secure digital answers into all fields of the market. Also, the larger the group, the more difficult the way to data.

A soft data system is needed for a great digital change.

Technology Options

Directors need to act unitedly to help their many areas. And they serve the overall purposes of the market. 

Transformational Direction

A strong manager can help operators feel secure when times of growth. And transformational plan requires to make people feel led to move.

Change Control

Many digital changes fail because operators do not help them. Also, people are in order to stay the same and normally try to improve. 

The most powerful change work works are arranged with the new. And it adds useful sales plans. 

Organizational Structure

Digital transformation needs a free choice. Also, it adds to embraces correct. 

The range of inner events. And get leaders on board with the new digital plan. 

Client Focus

The first time leaves the firm from being product-focused to being customer-focused. Also, the deals are done for a digital change. 

The business knows its customers. Besides, it has a clear knowledge of their wants and demands. 

How to Set the Right Digital Transformation Goals

Digital transformation (DT) offers a lot of benefits. The first and most important step is to clearly define your digital transformation goals. 

The term “digital transformation” might be relatively new. However, its meaning isn’t really new at all. For instance, the iconic video game company Nintendo started as a playing card company. Meanwhile, Amazon started as an online bookseller. Apple almost hit rock bottom in the 90s but reversed its course by making a more intuitive smartphone. 

Those are just a few examples proving that business reinvention must never stop to succeed. When done right, DT can dramatically improve how business functions and serves its customers. On the other hand, failure to adapt DT could knock your business out of the competition. 

Common Digital Transformation Goals 

Implementing all emerging digital technologies is not a smart thing to do. As mentioned, the first thing you must do before embarking on the journey is to clearly identify your digital transformation goals. 

Of course, the goals may differ from one company to another as everyone has unique goals. However, it is best to include at least one of the digital transformation goals listed below.

Optimize processes and operations

This is often the main goal of companies when undergoing DT. A Harvard study revealed that around 60% of companies have switched to cloud-based apps to further improve their operations. 

Process optimization typically includes reconfiguration of outdated procedures and ongoing cost-reduction efforts.

Gain a competitive advantage

A generation ago, it’s hard to imagine that Google and Facebook would be tech giants. Yet, they took the leap of faith and adhered to digital-first business models. Moreover, they leveraged data to bring disruption to the advertising industry. 

Indeed, digital transformation and non-stop innovation are crucial. That is in standing out from the competition. 

Increase top-line growth

Meanwhile, most small and Fortune 500 companies implement DT to increase revenue. Technology can streamline customer interactions and transform how customers acquire services. 

For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic has enabled many clinics to utilize videoconferencing apps for telemedicine services. Meanwhile, many insurance companies are now using mobile apps to submit claims. This allows clinics to “see” more patients and submit more claims. 

Improve the customer experience

Companies may use technology to improve how customers interact. Also, to implement internal tools that result in less time processing paperwork. It may also tackle other repetitive tasks. This allows employees to focus on higher-value tasks such as offering hands-on assistance.

Starting points for transformational goal-setting

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for setting digital transformation goals. Yet, here are three possible starting points for your goals:

  • Connected technologies. Platforms like the cloud or the Internet of Things can make data more accessible and transparent. 
  • Autonomous technologies
  • Programmable technologies

Of course, you don’t have to limit your goals to these starting points. Moreover, you’ll need buy-in from these stakeholders:

  • Senior management. Their strong influence will greatly contribute to promoting DT. Moreover, they will provide the necessary funding.
  • IT department. This team integrates key technologies.
  • Finance team – to help eliminate fraud
  • Talent and human resources – to attract and retain talent
  • Marketing department – reassuring others of the need for transformation
  • Frontline employees – without this team’s endorsement, your process is bound to fail 

Digital Transformation Roles

What are the digital transformation roles?

Everyone has a character in a market. They play a role both in today’s and the expected growth of the company.

So, what does a good business? Let us find out. 

In this study, we will understand more about the most helpful people we need. If you want to become a great team, we will figure it out. 

At the same time, you are informed if you want to be the role of the business. 

So you will know what skills you need to get. Or, what activity you want to use.

So, let us rise with the first use.

Digital Transformation Roles

The first character you need to have is the one who can handle the entire business

He will not only need the jobs. He must also have the best style to be a manager.  

If he is great, everything will happen. It will mean success for everyone.

Technical Professional

He is expected to be the technical artist in the club.

Like what was said in his office, he will understand data technology.

It will hold the company to have a combination and up to date with any progress in the market. 

As a result, they will not be given out whenever there are changes.

Also, he will be the one to shield the operation from harm. 

Some of the cases of crimes are cybercrimes and data security.

He will know these outer and private works. So, it will keep their system safe.

Marketing Expert

When it happens to digital transformation, we do not only talk about technical stuff. 

We also have to think about the business itself. When you choose the best marketing expert, it will be an increase. 

He or she will be the to understand what ideas are helpful for the area of business.

As a result, they will make their point to customers. Making them buy their things.

At the same time, he or she will think of ways if there are changes.

Making them know that the changes they did can be useful for them. Like when groups sell mobile banking.

Customer Services Specialist

If you have the best jobs and selling system, they are already good.

But if no one is using care of the buyers, it will be wasted. 

So, it is vital to hire someone who is a specialist in the field. That is through providing them a high-quality connection with them.

WalkMe guides on how to do these jobs. They will not have to feel confused about their services.

At the same time, WalkMe gives an update that will assist you in producing quickly.

Whenever there are variations, you will have faith that you can get an update.


Every role is great. Without one, it will be hard to look to the success of the company

As long as everyone is working in unity, it will not have problems. 

Or if it has, it will be simple for everyone to do it. So, it will ever improve.