Head Of Digital Transformation

What is the role of the head of digital transformation doing?

In this article, we will discuss the definition of digital transformation. Also, the work of the head in the business.

Digital Transformation Definition

Digital transformation is described as a change in the way a business or industry operates and is run. Besides, the shift moves the way a company’s results are made, sold, and read.

The goal of digital transformation is to give better client service. In addition, to give answers that are more powerful and capable. Also, to give higher client pleasure.

It can achieve by the use of excellent technology. Digital transformation requires the use of technology in all looks of a business or trade. 

It includes the use of automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital change improves customer experience and content. For example, the sale of goods and services is made easier and faster. Also, the control of these goods and sets is easier and faster.

The Role of the Head of Digital Transformation

The role of the head of digital transformation is to change the business. In this way, it grows more effective and useful.

The role of the leader of digital change is to improve the company’s strategy and image. Also, it sets the way for the use of technology in business or trade. For example, by using automation, artificial intelligence, and IoT.

The head of digital transformation must assure that the company has a clear idea and plan for digital transformation. It is to improve customer knowledge and comfort. Also, to improve customer loyalty.

The head of digital transformation must assure that his staff knows what digital change means for them and their business. 

It is so they can do their work more efficiently. For example, by using technology in their daily practice

Using Technology

Using technology in the business can lead to higher productivity and effectiveness. For example, the use of automation in the creation of goods and services. Also, the use of artificial intelligence in decision-making.

Technology can explain the job of the staff. For example, by using artificial intelligence in customer service. It can allow staff to perform their work quicker and more carefully.

Technology can enable the use of other tools. For example, artificial intelligence in the production of goods and services. 

It can improve performance and effectiveness. Also, artificial intelligence can be used to give more helpful customer service.


The role of technology and digital transformation can be hard. Therefore, the head of digital change must have a clear idea and strategy for the business. As a result, it will help the business to be more efficient and useful.

Digital transformation with technology can be a great way for the business and clients. The development will be the idea to be on the trend nowadays.

As we know, the market is very aggressive. To be able to last, firms need to change the way they work. Digital transformation with technology is one of the ways to do it. 

With digital transformation, a business can do many things. For example, to enhance customer experience and comfort. Also, to make the product delivery faster and easier. 

Driving Digital Transformation

Driving digital transformation has a lot of parts in the business. So, making sure the journey goes and ends well is necessary. 

Businesses need to make sure of this. Why?

The business has a very high crash rate when doing digital transformation. Also, you do not want to proceed.

What do we need to do? First, you need to see out for the Dx workers. What are these?

What is Driving Digital Transformation?

Openness and Action

First on the list is openness and action. When the idea is unclear, many will not get on the grip of the change they need to do.

Businesses need to have a clear plan first. Then, let all know about this and let them know why taking digital transformation is essential.

What the market needs to have are the right and clear metrics. When these all are clear to the business, the game will not happen. As a result, you will be more helpful to change. 

Digital Culture

The second operator is still about people. Businesses need to make sure they maintain a digital culture. So, one that is free to education and growth.

Why is this necessary? Doing digital change means using a lot of modern digital technologies. Also, when firm history is not open to new knowledge, these will be useless.

If the business takes the stress that occurs with getting new techs. Moreover, at the same time deliver an improvement, they will make a strong digital culture.

Digital culture is not only good for the firm but also for the workers. 

Digital Portfolio

Nowadays, buyers look for how legit a market is on social media or on the company’s website. So, it is now essential to have an effective digital form.

If they need one, they risk customers believing they are not real. Also, they would not put their support in them.

To stay fit, it is not sufficient to have some sort of digital presence. The business needs to have a robust digital group that tells what they are and what it can do.

Providing to mobile users is a wise idea is necessary. Thus, this is a strong driver of digital change.

Digital Backbone

One of the very essential drivers for Dx is of course the digital backbone. It means all the:

  • base
  • forms
  • plans

Businesses need to make sure they use the best tech. Why? Keeping the most current or the most high-end tech is not enough.

What is the value of it if it is not what they require? So, managers need to think well about the needs of the market. Then, see what demands innovation.


These four noted above are what drives digital transformation in the business. So, when businesses get to know and make sure of these, their aim is set to see the knowledge of flow. 

A business will grow and expand well in the trade. As a result, the business will improve at the same time, the operators will work well. 

What do you think of the program above?

Successful Digital Transformation Examples

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the need for innovation even deeper. Be inspired by these successful digital transformation success stories. 

Many businesses have taken a hit from the pandemic. However, some of them used this highly uncomfortable situation to improve their business models. They combined digital technology and people in new ways that helped them survive the crisis. In fact, their strategies have made them even stronger. 

The COVID-19 pandemic proved that we are living in a world full of uncertainties. However, there are tools to help us answer these changes, or even embrace them. One of those tools is digital transformation (DT). 

DT comes with tons of benefits. For instance, it makes your company future-proof. It streamlines your business operations, resulting in better customer service. To summarize, DT makes you resist a business crisis. After all, this is what we currently need. 

Yet, DT requires careful planning. Studying successful digital transformation examples will help you formulate a strategy. Listed below are some of the successful digital transformation stories. 

King Arthur Flour

As the name implies, King Arthur Flour is a flour producer in the United States. In fact, they are the oldest of such a kind in the United States. Their nature of business might seem incredibly traditional. However, they can still benefit from DT of some kind. 

King Arthur Flour is one of the companies that took a huge hit from the pandemic. The company’s brick-and-mortar shops responsible for delivery and sales got shot down. King Arthur Flour solved this by creating new demand online. 

They created and published engaging content involving people in home-baking activities. This strategy has made many people want to take part and buy flour from King Arthur. The company has experienced an annual sales increase of 200%. 

Huanxi Media Group

Cinemas have been a core part of the entertainment. We enjoy watching movies in cinemas with sodas, snacks, and the smell of popcorn. However, this custom is impossible to be performed safely during a pandemic. 

Yet, Chinese media company Huanxi figured out a solution to these restrictions. For instance, the movie premiere of ‘Lost in Russia’ was supposed to take place during the Chinese New Year festivities. 

Huanxi adapted to change by partnering with Bytedance (TikTok’s owner). Together, the two companies organized a live-streamed premiere. In just two days, this move generated an income of over $600m. 

Ping An Bank

Ping An Bank is a Chinese bank located in Shenzhen. This bank was no different from the businesses on this list – it had problems delivering delightful customer service amidst the pandemic. Fortunately, Ping An Bank had built technological advantages before the outbreak. 

The bank developed fully online access and contactless services to ensure that customers would seamlessly receive services. As a result, Ping An Bank’s number of customers increased by almost 12% during the first half of 2020. Moreover, even small and medium businesses now benefit from Ping An Bank’s financial management solutions. 

These are just some of the successful digital transformation initiatives during the pandemic. They all adjusted to recent environmental changes. More importantly, they aimed to deliver greater value to end-users.

Factories Must Embrace Digital Transformation

Here’s a fact: manufacturing organizations must embrace digital transformation. Otherwise, you risk losing your competitive advantage. 

We’re no longer in the world of stable, predictable markets. The business world is increasingly dynamic and unpredictable. Customers’ demands constantly change. For instance, they demand a modern experience and expect companies to attend to their demands 24/7. Moreover, online trends rapidly influence the buying habits of customers.

These factors present huge challenges for manufacturers. Some examples of such challenges are social responsibility and sustainability. Manufacturers must stay ahead of these issues to maintain a great reputation and revenue. 

One thing is for sure – all companies must embrace digital transformation. Listed below are the reasons why. If you’re a digital transformation denier, these reasons might make you reconsider. 

Reason 1: Do More With Less

We simply need to do more with less these days. Disruption has challenged businesses to reduce costs and remain agile. 

For instance, let’s assume that the demand for your products drops or completely dries up. This greatly pressures your business to cut costs, particularly operational costs. 

Meanwhile, let’s say that the demand for your products skyrockets overnight. This still requires you to do more with less due to supply chain limits or disruptions. You might have to shift suppliers quickly to get the raw materials you need to produce the product. 

Or maybe their demand for your products has seen a modest impact. However, you still need to reduce waste and resource consumption. You need to make your operations more efficient to have competitive pricing. 

Whatever your situation is, you must do more with less without compromising the safety and quality of your products. 

Reason 2: Be More Agile and Responsive

The trends in demand and supply are uncertain. We’re witnessing big spikes, upticks, and downticks in demand. There is no rule book on-demand forecasting and supply chain planning. We simply don’t know what the demand or supply chain logistics will look like tomorrow. 

As result, companies must make decisions very quickly on how to cope with that uncertainty. The key to solving this challenge is to become more agile and responsive. 

Reason 3: Quality Never Rests

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in some sort. Markets are unpredictable. However, quality never rests. Producing sub-par goods won’t do you any good. Consumers will not buy them and if they do, they won’t buy them again. Moreover, shipping unsafe goods will surely make authorities knock on your door. 

Thus, quality is still a top priority regardless of the massive challenges in the industry. Regulators nor consumers won’t accept a substandard program no matter what the situation is. 

Reason 4: Tribal Knowledge is a High-Risk Strategy

Tribal knowledge is all the knowledge gained on the plant floor, from decades of manufacturing your products. Your operators know the “personalities” of the machinery. Supervisors can run operations with their eyes closed. Experience executives lock the strategy in their heads. 

However, a disruption literally knocks out all of that knowledge out the door. For instance, tribal knowledge will go in vain if your workers miss work. The fact that tribal knowledge is just in people’s heads is a massive risk. 

Eliminate this risk by leveraging the power of data analytics and business intelligence. Moreover, develop a set of procedures and workflows for everyone to follow – and document them. 

Solving the Digital Transformation Skills Gap

Having employees with the right digital transformation skills is a key factor to success. However, there is a massive shortage of such skills. As a business leader, how can you solve the digital transformation skills gap in your company? 

The World Economic Forum projects that at least 133 million digital-related roles may emerge globally by 2022. Moreover, there will be a strong demand for technical skills like programming and app development. 

Furthermore, the demand for soft skills will rise sharply, too. Some examples of such skills are problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

A short-term solution to filling the skills gap is to pay a premium to acquired talent with skills in demand. However, it will only take a few years before those new skills become obsolete. 

New roles continue to emerge and skills requirements constantly change. Yet, the existing pool of skilled workers can’t keep up with the ever-growing demand. 

What options do you have to bridge the widening digital transformation skills gap?

There is no better time than now 

Now is the best time for companies to invest more in reskilling their workforce. Studies show that the majority of employees (54%) will require huge reskilling by 2022. 

Around 37% of workers in Europe don’t have even basic digital skills. That is quite alarming considering that companies also need specialized skills. That is to succeed in digital transformation

It is a must to take new approaches to internal skills development. Moreover, consider looking into previously untapped talent pools. We’ll go into detail about those approaches below. 

Harness technology to enable lifelong learning

Hiring new people isn’t really always the better option. Unlock the potential of your current employees by reskilling and upskilling them. 

Online learning platforms such as Coursera and Udemy offer courses in in-demand areas like AI and data science. Such platforms help businesses stay ahead of disruption. 

Moreover, companies that succeed in workforce transformation enjoy higher levels of efficiency. Also, they gain a wider audience and competitive advantage. 

Swim outside your usual talent pools

As mentioned, you must also explore outside of traditional talent pools. You’ll find high potential and underutilized talent from people in diverse backgrounds, such as:

  • Those without a college education
  • Minority groups
  • Young people

Studies have proven the benefits of workforce diversity. For instance, a McKinsey report shows that companies with workforce diversity have higher chances of gaining financial returns. That is compared to their national industry medians. 

Furthermore, you need to consider how you provide training. For instance, apprenticeships offer practical on-the-job training. Meanwhile, entry-level employees that don’t have college diploma can benefit. too. That is from in-house training programs. 

Moreover, partnerships with external workforce development agencies also bring great results. 

Be employee-friendly

Businesses must aim to become an ‘employer of choice’ to boost their chances of attracting and retaining talent. This does not end with offering competitive salaries and other perks. 

Particularly, millennial employees want to work for a company that appreciates hard work. More importantly, talented individuals want to work for a company that aligns with their values. 

Digital Transformation Analytics

What is digital transformation analytics? And what is its relationship to digital innovation?

Read on to examine more about the subject.

Digital Transformation Analytics

Digital transformation becomes a business. It gives them to grow innovative. Also, DX serves them to work with others.

Moreover, even big stars such as Google and Facebook work digital technologies. Google does artificial intelligence. On the other hand, Facebook provides money to businesses.

Additionally, smaller companies use a digital transfer, too. They can do it without breaking the bank.

For example, coffee stores can stay working. They place guest Wi-Fi links.

As a result, clients like to attend the coffee shop. Also, it can make data analytics. And even get out what a user asks.

So, coffee shops will be able to understand buyer acts. Like knowing how long a user visits.

This insight helps owners get the best choices. 

About making new assets or giving new services. And that is just one idea of digital transformation analytics.

Let’s fall extra strongly into the state.

The Effect of Digital Transformation Analytics

The most essential role of digital change is data. It will help companies make smart options. Just like our coffee store example.

But, those data have to be ordered and left. Also, large digital transformation analytics is more true.

Gone are the days where we use natural devices. Like logbooks and real leaves to collect data.

Now, we have digital technologies. It reports:

  • Spreadsheets
  • R programming style
  • Python programming language
  • Apache Spark
  • IBM SPSS Modeler

Moreover, here are the three primary perks of digital transformation analytics.

Put You on Track with the Supply Chain Plan

Digital transformation analytics helps companies follow stock levels. And not just that. This data can be seen in real-time.

Moreover, there are digital devices that solve problems. 

Especially about not complete building rounds and high average speeds.

Thus, firms can keep if they are underproduced or overproduce. It also serves them to decrease the costs of jobs.

Develop Your Sales and Use

Any marketer would want to secure a sale. A shorter trade age helps them build the whole of deals.

But sometimes, some businesses take some time to finish. But it can be worthy of more cash. Now, here’s where digital transformation analytics reports.

There are digital devices that help boost your sales and use them at once. This device is called the CRMS. Or Customer Relationship Management Systems.

This device will help former data. Also, it shows each level of the contact form.

Then, it will help jobs sides know whether the art leads to allowed sales. Thus, they can prioritize those who are supposed to get from them.

Foretell the Act of Your Buyer

One example is the credit card issuer American Express. They do data devices and computer data. It explores the show records of a user.

Also, it even knows client support. AmEx can figure out 24% of works that are likely to be met within four years. 

This data analytics helps them to make more helpful shopping choices. And the benefits they make will develop how they hold a buyer.

The Digital Transformation People

The digital transformation people. 

Even if we are using technology soon, it still plays a large part in business sales. 

It is because they are the ones who operate behind the software. At the same time, they make sure that it is going well. 

If the software fails, it will still be of no value. 

In this article, we will know what roles they play. At the same time, we will know how great they are. 

As a result, we will have more love for what they do. We will understand how nice their prices are. 

So, let us begin. 

The Digital Transformation People

When it comes to this business, the workforce is still great.

Even though you can do everything in one meeting. The workloads can be so important that you do not have the full time to make it all. 

So, help is embraced. Having this in mind, this is where maintenance comes in. 


Information technology professionals are the ones who can tell more in this market. 

They are also skilled and made to solve problems with regard to this area. It will help you to bypass likely cybercrimes.

It may cause data sins if they do not hold it. 

Also, it might improve the state of the business. 

Clients will not trust them anymore. So, their part in maintaining safety is vital. 

They will show that the company’s data and other data continue familiar. So whatever ideas they may think of in the tomorrow, it will improve just for them. 


If you do not have sales or no one is using the software, your business may fail. 

But some experts can help you when you want to have the best plan when it comes to your company. 

As a result, you will know how to use your centers. You will not be open in the market. 

So, it will help you use carefully on this matter. Without the professionals behind this, you will not be ready to understand and become aware of the traps. 

That is why choosing one is great. 


You cannot expect the company to be the same all the time. The aims will increase according to the time. 

To keep up with the business, you need someone to create and choose which things you like in the market. 

In this way, it will have the plan to become soft. 

At the same time, you may add points for customer service. This will assure that buyers can have a set of ways. 

Doing these people will also make your firm sole from other plans. Moreover, you will also ensure that the point of service is still the same. 


It is important to have the business at its most excellent display. It can only be likely by one point.

This is by hiring the best people for the business. So, you can have someone to help you with your course. 

Knowing that you have the same goal in the market, will help you improve your center.

PwC Digital Transformation

How is the PwC digital transformation understanding like these days? And what efforts are they creating to make their visit a benefit?

PwC is focusing on three areas in doing its digital transformation or Dx. Its business, clients, and operations.

So, how are their efforts returning off today? Read on to identify more details.

PwC Digital Transformation

The firm is making a lot of great Dx acts without ignoring its works. And this is a very useful guide for those who require to do a Dx.

Why so? Because PwC is taking a position of perks in upskilling their jobs. They are now getting larger and are promptly tech and analytics savvy.

Then, they are automating regular works with the help of AI and analytics. Also, watching for many other ideas to apply these in opinions and their other duties.

So, what are the other tasks they are performing in their Dx?

PwC Digital Transformation Exercises


As said, PwC did not view their jobs when making a Dx. So, their main focus is to upskill these techniques that are related to the company’s value.

Thus, they gave a big total of $3 billion in its upskilling tasks. As for the tools wanted, education, and techs.

Also, the most important part of this job is to upskill a result of 55,000 operators. With the center on:

  • digital information
  • knowledge data
  • analytics
  • visualization

What was the result? PwC saw great records in:

  • Support rate. It grew more important for those who went within their digital accelerator trade. It due to the company telling them they are active and they are using on them.
  • Productivity. Automating systems and AI saved a lot of their employee’s life. Thus, providing them more time to use in more vital fields.
  • Growth. Automation does not imply fewer jobs. It only means more chance for increase as their operators’ skillset improvements.

Digital Assistants

With the help of a third person, PwC made an internal digital partner called Astro.

The purpose of this is to improve their operators with back-office jobs. And also support them with the company’s over 1,600 steps.

Then, workers can contact Astro via speech, text, or touch. Helping workers in:

  • checking email
  • checking time
  • finding worker ID
  • checking worker bonuses
  • other places

But that is not all. Astro provides them smart advice on metrics, coaching, and more. Thus, making PwC operators’ works a lot full comfortable and holds them a lot of time.


As said, PwC is getting full use of automation to back up ideas. And they do robotic process automation to:

  • scan letters
  • notice data
  • get opinions

Then, they do use centralized workflow engines. This is to make their job tips from the review method, preparation, to serving.

Also, PwC has a project that they collect Cash.ai. This shows out for their crowd to improve cash flow. Then, get any problems first.


So what can we learn from PwC?

Never overlook the moment of workers. Lifting up their workload means more real power. Meaning, more satisfied customers. Do you agree?

Digital Transformation In Action

Digital transformation in action. 

No wonder you will agree that technology is increasing as years go by. It also develops.

There will be more growth to come. As for business partners, it is a good thing to develop and progress. 

At the same time, it is good for the buyers. Because they will hold a fast and smooth operation. 

So in this study, we will know more about why we can say so. We will know about digital transformation in action.

It will help us see how it changed the shop sales so much. At the same time, it will give us a peek at its changes.

Digital Transformation in Action

Even though we see this show to be related to the business, some still deny it. 

At the same time, many companies are not able yet. But, how did they work to put up with the plan? Is it worth it?

How it Helps the Economy

During this time of the pandemic, it is not a good year for the shopping world. Why?

It is because things are small. They want to keep the market going. But at the same time, power is great. 

With the help of digital transformation, many organizers turned to the floor. When they heard it, they saw many benefits. 

One of the main purposes why is that they were ready to save the market itself. It made their shop soft next to the potential closing. 

It might be hard to break at first. But, they saw it as the best decision

Achieving Digital Transformation

They have their main store too. When we say online businesses, it will also mean that there are likely crimes online. 

It covers cybersecurity and information security. 

But since it was asked to go, they made a key for it. How?

They always replace the field of safety. Since hackers are good at creating about it, they need to go for a solution. 

As a result, they will not get a slot to take anyone’s state. 

At the same time, it serves them with ways to showing them about their privacy. 

Customer Action

They are the central concern. Since they will be the people to buy and use the help. 

So, they will be able to have more ideas on how it works. 

Majority of the users that digital transformation in action is a good way to keep their shopping. 

All of us are affected by our new design. So doing the same ideas in a small project is still a good way. 

At the same time, it will be more effective and easy related to going out. 

They will also feel like making the part in the comfort of their homes. Also, having a cashless store


Digital transformation in action is a great help. It will always follow. 

So as long as we are catching up with the update, we will not meet left behind it. 

It will result in progress and development for the market and the customers.

Enterprise Digital Transformation

More and more firms change to enterprise digital transformation. It helps develop programs. Thus, they can be at the head of their field.

How does digital transformation develop enterprises? Also, how can you use it?

Read on to study more about enterprise digital transformation.

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Enterprise digital transformation is working digital devices for a project. Currently, there are many digital technologies open. It includes:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Computing

These technologies change work methods. Also, it very improves buyer service.

Using enterprise digital transformation is not clear. It can also be time-consuming. And it is not cheap!

But, the perks outnumber the jobs. We will explain its practices.

Benefits of Enterprise Digital Transformation

The top seven benefits of working DX in enterprises are:

Improved Sales

If your customers reply, it can add to your purchases. Digital change can help you reduce managing. 

It will also develop skills. Thus, more people will hold you than others.

Great Customer Service

The five goods we talk about will result in high client service. Being helpful, fruitful, and experienced will add deserving to your services. And if you give good help, your buyers will back to you.

Correct Choices

Your data will get your decision-making. These analytics will change how you will plan your new ideas.

Exact Data Analytics

Customer analytics from AI and ML will help you a lot. By knowing what your customer wants and needs, you can help them fit. 

It will also help you understand their purpose.

People-centered Culture

Having technologies that do any work. It means your operators can focus on learning. 

Thus, it will make them work properly. It can also boost confidence and cooperation.

Great Productivity

Using DX technologies will decrease manual jobs. For example, you can use robotics to do regular works. 

Thus, your workers can center on other work. Automation can also help you reduce mistakes.


Automation tools do the overall method quicker. Also, AI and ML enable fast data methods. It can also help you in monitoring insights.

How to Make a Successful Enterprise Digital Transformation

There is a digital enterprise digital transformation roadmap.

Defining Your Goal

First, you should check your marketplace. Begin with small then big ideas. These small measures will add worth to your digital transformation plan.

Use and Maintain

After you keep your support, use, and examine your system. Then, ask for feedback. With that, you can meet your expectations of the results.

If necessary, you can join changes. Then, hold these technologies.

Moreover, you can also increase the talents of your operators. Thus, they can help you grow your business.

Develop Your Technologies

After beginning your first order, you will see answers. More likely, they will be very ones from your buyers.

In addition, you can develop these devices in time. Also, you can add extra services

Plus, become everyone’s job. It will help you be more helpful. So, you can contact more purposes in the business.