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Digital Transformation In Companies

There are countless moves for digital transformation in companies we have seen recently. In many industries, digital transformation is fueling corporate innovation. It entails far more than simply upgrading their technology and processes. Here, we’ll look at how digital transformation in companies today is shaping.


Microsoft is long known for Windows, Office Suite, and other top products. But, Microsoft’s stock prices have been lagging.  That is because of the growing competition from Apple, Amazon, and other corporations.

So, the firm chose to reconsider its strategy. Its solution was to launch a more forward-thinking cloud networking system business.

It shifted its focus away from traditional software. Instead, toward a cloud solution that is more flexible for personal and business use.

Microsoft also began forming profitable relationships with other technology and software companies.


Many businesses have benefited from Honeywell’s help in enhancing their digital capabilities. Honeywell, on the other hand, realized not long ago that it, too, needed to start transforming.

So, Honeywell decreased its industrial end markets from eight to six as part of a focus on quality over quantity. They started looking for the best approach to use their digital solutions as well.

The corporation began a digital transformation by adopting new technologies. For instance, data-centric, internet-connected goods and gadgets.


Nike is one of the world’s leading athletic shoe and apparel businesses. But still, believed they were becoming sluggish and outmoded.

Nike’s top brass didn’t waste any time. It underwent a digital makeover of its thinking, supply chain, and brand. Thus, allowing it to better engage with its consumer base.

Moreover, the company:

  • improved its data analytics
  • changed its e-commerce strategy
  • improved its digital marketing initiatives
  • increased direct-to-customer sales

Furthermore, Nike is using digital consumer data more efficiently and effectively. As a result, it can develop more concept stores and expand membership options. Also, improve the customer experience online and through apps.


Hasbro, a toy and game manufacturing and marketing firm noticed that its market share was dwindling. So, they devised new digital and data techniques to boost sales.

In their efforts, they began collecting and analyzing client data more effectively. The purpose is to generate more effective targeted marketing efforts.

Moreover, they made a big effort on social media, targeting parents who buy toys and games. Then, the digital data they obtained allowed the organization to gain a deeper understanding of its clients. Also, be more proactive in engaging with them.

Home Depot

Despite its success, it chose to pursue a more comprehensive digital transformation approach.

Their mission was to improve the online buying experience for customers. How? Well, by providing high-quality products and resources through a streamlined procedure.

Home Depot aims to spend money to improve both in-store and online shopping.


Another corporation that improved its web presence was Target.

They grew their market share by:

  • introducing new technologies in their stores
  • introducing online ordering,
  • increasing their social media, web presence, and online sales

Customers can now discover new products and have faster access to established brands. And of course, buy them online through social media. It’s now possible thanks to their new, remodeled store design and a larger focus on direct-to-customer sales. They have developed a more successful digital strategy that allows for more customization.

WalkMe is a digital transformation platform that has rapidly grown to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning.

You can learn at WalkMe with your digital transformation journey.

Microsoft Digital Transformation: The I.D.E.A Framework

Microsoft digital transformation has worked with thousands along their digital transformation journey. As a result of these, Microsoft has learned valuable insights themselves. And they call these the I.D.E.A. Framework. 

Why Bother For Digital Transformation?

According to Microsoft, businesses are on the digital transformation fever. For example, up to 85% of leaders believe in the need to embrace digital transformation. Why? Or else they will be ‘irrelevant’ to their market.

In addition, more than 90% of them believe in the wonders digital transformation can bring into a business. For instance, to spark innovation and better efficiencies.

However, most of these leaders do not know where to start. With the bombard of information and booming digital transformation market. They can’t seem to complete the puzzles for their own company.

This is how the Microsoft team summed the best practices of digital transformation. That is the I.D.E.A. Digital Transformation Framework. Let’s see each one of them in detail.

Microsoft Digital Transformation: I.D.E.A

  • I stands for Inspire
  • D stands for Design
  • E stands for Empower
  • A stands for Achieve

How can these successful ‘ideas’ shape your digital transformation into a success?


First things first, spark the interest. One best possible way is through inspiring. How can you do so? Where should you begin?

Inspiration should begin on top. That is, through the executives. For example, you can ‘inspire’ your stakeholders through Envisioning Workshops.

During this workshop, outline the following:
  • Develop and align business strategies for success, through digital transformation
  • Inform about the current market threats and opportunities
  • State the possibilities of embracing digital transformation
  • Also, highlight customer journey as the peak of change


The design stage is still in the feasibility study phase. In this phase, you design the whole transformation process. Where should you implement change? How much should you invest in it?

To do so, Microsoft advises first to conduct a business assessment. After the assessment, you should be able to develop digital design. That is, from your budgeting to the areas in which you opt for change. Not to mention the estimation of financial RIO. Make sure your design is feasible and productive.


Empowerment should begin from the top. Then into the employees. Make sure to prepare the whole company for the change.

For example, you can build a solution demo, as Microsoft puts it. Solution demos are designed to attract more hearts for the change of digital transformation. 

This is important. Because the change should make way for great impacts. Not only with the business, but with the employees too. This way it will also open new gateways for valuable feedback.


Now you’re on the last phase, achieve. From designing the vision and inspiring and empowering the organization. It’s now time to proceed with the action.

Do so strategically. So make sure to have an executable plan. Document the strategy and ensure project completion.

Furthermore, an in-depth discussion of this is highlighted in Microsoft’s Digital Transformation Playbook: Elements to a Successful Strategy.