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Head Of Digital Transformation

What is the role of the head of digital transformation doing?

In this article, we will discuss the definition of digital transformation. Also, the work of the head in the business.

Digital Transformation Definition

Digital transformation is described as a change in the way a business or industry operates and is run. Besides, the shift moves the way a company’s results are made, sold, and read.

The goal of digital transformation is to give better client service. In addition, to give answers that are more powerful and capable. Also, to give higher client pleasure.

It can achieve by the use of excellent technology. Digital transformation requires the use of technology in all looks of a business or trade. 

It includes the use of automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital change improves customer experience and content. For example, the sale of goods and services is made easier and faster. Also, the control of these goods and sets is easier and faster.

The Role of the Head of Digital Transformation

The role of the head of digital transformation is to change the business. In this way, it grows more effective and useful.

The role of the leader of digital change is to improve the company’s strategy and image. Also, it sets the way for the use of technology in business or trade. For example, by using automation, artificial intelligence, and IoT.

The head of digital transformation must assure that the company has a clear idea and plan for digital transformation. It is to improve customer knowledge and comfort. Also, to improve customer loyalty.

The head of digital transformation must assure that his staff knows what digital change means for them and their business. 

It is so they can do their work more efficiently. For example, by using technology in their daily practice

Using Technology

Using technology in the business can lead to higher productivity and effectiveness. For example, the use of automation in the creation of goods and services. Also, the use of artificial intelligence in decision-making.

Technology can explain the job of the staff. For example, by using artificial intelligence in customer service. It can allow staff to perform their work quicker and more carefully.

Technology can enable the use of other tools. For example, artificial intelligence in the production of goods and services. 

It can improve performance and effectiveness. Also, artificial intelligence can be used to give more helpful customer service.


The role of technology and digital transformation can be hard. Therefore, the head of digital change must have a clear idea and strategy for the business. As a result, it will help the business to be more efficient and useful.

Digital transformation with technology can be a great way for the business and clients. The development will be the idea to be on the trend nowadays.

As we know, the market is very aggressive. To be able to last, firms need to change the way they work. Digital transformation with technology is one of the ways to do it. 

With digital transformation, a business can do many things. For example, to enhance customer experience and comfort. Also, to make the product delivery faster and easier. 

Digital Transformation Offerings

What are the digital transformation offerings for the business? Also, what are the benefits of the company?

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Offerings

Many companies offer digital transformation services. One common service is a focus on big data, analytics, and business data.

Another common service is business process control, mobile, and cloud solutions.

Making things easier for workers to use their own devices. Also, companies are more active in their careers. Helping clients stay on top of things and be more useful in their works.

Digital Transformation Offerings Examples

  • Example #1. Businesses are changing their trades. Why? Because they know that digital ways are changing. Today, more people than ever before are watching for new trends to manage their growth. This new way of thinking is driving firms to change the way they do sales. Many firms are not aware that this change is occurring. But some businesses are aware and have chosen to cover it. So, others have chosen to ignore it and hide after the past.
  • Example #2. Digital transformation offers businesses a way to increase profits, improve customer knowledge, boost creativity, and improve ability. It is a shift in business models to meet the needs of the customers. Also, it is a change in a business plan to give buyers what they want. Businesses are moving ahead with digital transformation. It is because they are realizing that they have an excuse to grow their competitive position. 
  • Example #3. Digital transformation is making a new way for businesses to succeed. It is building a more united world that enables people to communicate and do business with peace. Digital transformation is one of the most important trade issues for today’s work. 


The digital change offerings can have a good to the company and team. Below are some of the advantages the business can assume when they implement digital change presents into their business.

  • Customer Experience. The business can choose to center on customer experience, which will enhance the customer’s experience.
  • Mobile. The business can choose to focus on mobile, which will improve ease of use, making it easier for employees to do their jobs and customers to do business with them.
  • Data. The business can choose to focus on big data, analytics, and business intelligence, which will give the company deeper insight into its customers. The insight comes from the data that collects and analyze in real-time and through analyzing historical data. It is to gain a better understanding of customers’ needs and wants.
  • Solutions. The business can choose to focus on cloud solutions, which can be used for easy data storage and easy access to the data.


Digital transformation is a change in the way companies operate and is changing the way companies do business. It is one of the most important business problems for today’s work.

Companies need to use digital transformation to have strong businesses. Also, digital transformation is a change in the business model to meet the needs of the customers. As a result, it can change business plans to give users what they want.

Master In Digital Transformation

Master in Digital Transformation.

You may have this as your purpose. But, you do not understand where to start. Maybe you are a student. Then, you may be thinking to make it a job to be a business partner. 

The problem is, there is a lot of data. So, you do not understand what to consider first. 

In this article, we will understand the basic data in digital change. 

We will learn what is most important to learn in this business. So, you will have an idea of what actions you should take next.

It is shown helpful. It is because many businesspeople decided it. Now, they are successful. 

Meaning and Importance

When we talk about technology, we study the internet. Before, we use it for education data in school. 

Now, digital change is available. Everywhere you go on the web, you will see outcomes for sales. 

They are some of the company owners who changed to digital transformation. Also, you may understand about a piece by someone you watch on Youtube. 

You have this kind of marketing everywhere. Or you may wonder why is that welcome. That is what we will discuss in about following. 

How to Master in Digital Transformation

The most important in this plan is a good idea. Why? It is because you do not have the ability at all times. 

When a problem happens, you will have a solution ready. For example, a lot of businesses finish now because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Those who made it now operate their shops online. So, it is necessary for the system. 

The next step towards it is being familiar with the technology. You do not have to go to school in another field. Rather, getting the basic data of the program will already be a big aid in this. 

Why is it important? It is because you will have to operate it by yourself when there is a need. Also, you will be calm. 

You will also have the confidence that your operators are doing the right job. Besides, the next one is being a good head. Like owning a physical shop, great work has a big lead. 

It means that you do not need to micromanage your business. But, you will help them improve on their own. 

The last thing we will remember about is an excellent company. So, if you want your part to be popular you can work this. 

You may wonder how Youtube sellers sell a product. SO, why? It is because of the pad connection with the label. 

It will have a profit for you and for the person you choose. 

So, if you try these steps, you can go for the digital transformation!


Everything is hard at the origin. But if you gently read it, you will easily become a professional. 

Remember that knowledge is always open. When you remain doing so, you can be strong. 

When it comes to special words, you will be a master in digital transformation. One day, your market will be a big success.

Digital Transformation Roles

What are the digital transformation roles?

Everyone has a character in a market. They play a role both in today’s and the expected growth of the company.

So, what does a good business? Let us find out. 

In this study, we will understand more about the most helpful people we need. If you want to become a great team, we will figure it out. 

At the same time, you are informed if you want to be the role of the business. 

So you will know what skills you need to get. Or, what activity you want to use.

So, let us rise with the first use.

Digital Transformation Roles

The first character you need to have is the one who can handle the entire business

He will not only need the jobs. He must also have the best style to be a manager.  

If he is great, everything will happen. It will mean success for everyone.

Technical Professional

He is expected to be the technical artist in the club.

Like what was said in his office, he will understand data technology.

It will hold the company to have a combination and up to date with any progress in the market. 

As a result, they will not be given out whenever there are changes.

Also, he will be the one to shield the operation from harm. 

Some of the cases of crimes are cybercrimes and data security.

He will know these outer and private works. So, it will keep their system safe.

Marketing Expert

When it happens to digital transformation, we do not only talk about technical stuff. 

We also have to think about the business itself. When you choose the best marketing expert, it will be an increase. 

He or she will be the to understand what ideas are helpful for the area of business.

As a result, they will make their point to customers. Making them buy their things.

At the same time, he or she will think of ways if there are changes.

Making them know that the changes they did can be useful for them. Like when groups sell mobile banking.

Customer Services Specialist

If you have the best jobs and selling system, they are already good.

But if no one is using care of the buyers, it will be wasted. 

So, it is vital to hire someone who is a specialist in the field. That is through providing them a high-quality connection with them.

WalkMe guides on how to do these jobs. They will not have to feel confused about their services.

At the same time, WalkMe gives an update that will assist you in producing quickly.

Whenever there are variations, you will have faith that you can get an update.


Every role is great. Without one, it will be hard to look to the success of the company

As long as everyone is working in unity, it will not have problems. 

Or if it has, it will be simple for everyone to do it. So, it will ever improve.

Digital Transformation Analyst

When it comes to operating a company, a digital transformation analyst does DX strong. It helps in so many details of a market.

So, what is the use of a digital transformation analyst? And how can they make successful DX projects? 

Let us find out in this article.

Digital Transformation: Overview

We do connect digital transformation with precise technologies. Such as:

  • big data
  • cloud services
  • blockchain
  • automation

But, these technologies do not definitely increase your market strongly. So, what is a digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the issue of a change in IT. Still, it is not just a simple step.

These changes should be connected with your business purposes. Also, it should be made by the program.

Parts of a Digital Transformation

Then, what are the great roles of digital transformation?

  1. Enhances customer contact
  2. Makes operational systems helpful
  3. Settings a custom order

Digital transformation is:

  • both a technological and social innovation
  • holds great technologies
  • creates new job chances
  • changes the full band
  • long-term plan

Digital transformation is not:

  • spending on technologies just to do it
  • simply digitalizing business plans
  • doing the newest devices
  • minor variations in living works
  • single field
  • short-term or a one-time fix

Thus, using new technologies proposes improving the overall knowledge. 

So, how can a digital transformation analyst help with that move?

Let us take a closer peek at their jobs and works.

Digital Transformation Analyst: Role

A strong digital transformation is difficult without understanding how your firm operates now. Also, you need to have a precise idea of the future.

To do that, businesses should have partners. It can assist them in doing a change.

But, these allies are not mere duty providers. They are your friends and professionals.

Confirm the Need for Change

One of the parts of a digital transformation analyst is to show the need for reform. So, it continues deserving of the plan.

Also, they can know alternative methods. So, whatever options will happen, the business will attain its purposes.

Create a Digital Roadmap

Additionally, these analysts work exactly on every order. They also help in creating a high-level opinion of DX is great.

Still, a well-planned system helps you get fresh power. And a digital transformation analyst seems that for you.

Records the Plans Progress and Structure

An analyst also has different things. These may include:

  • structures
  • methodologies
  • tools

These devices will show the increase of a digital transformation project. Also, it structures the workflow of a company.

Moreover, it answers some topics, like:

  1. What is the plan about?
  2. What are the actions to add a new point?

Thus, they are led to prioritizing the increase of these roles. Also, it helps lower the values of a firm.

Finally, it assures that the issue is available. Every level of the process. And it can be open to innovations and progress.


A digital transformation analyst performs a great role. They help relate the gap between the technical and marketing team.

Of course, this area needs jobs, like:

  • great analytical skills
  • technical expertise
  • soft skills like writing

So, if you are considering DX, it is vital to make a digital transformation analyst.

Digital Transformation Trends

What are the digital transformation trends that are starting in 2021?

Companies are now about the value of doing digital transformation (Dx). 

So, more and more are coming into the Dx series.

Moreover, WalkMe enterprise makes users’ works as they use websites. It includes boosts businesses and growth models. 

Also, it shows that the best people get the top place. And it gives secure details. 

Thus, we are now observing a trend in Dx that is increasing as 2021 is coming next. What are these?

Digital Transformation Trends Growing to 2021

Data Analytics

To change their consumer experience, data analytics is the solution. As per one study, around 52% of managers realize. They said that data analytics supported them give more helpful client works.

So, it is necessary that the data they have is correct and is up to date. This is because this is where they will base their efforts moving forward.

Data Divide

To keep up with customer wants and requirements, companies are now getting a more active form to get data. Then get insight into it.

So, having the top data can give them an increase from their competitors. Their force to:

  • unlock
  • examine
  • act on data

These will be what will assist them to improve. Also, this can help them give personalized settings and results to their customers.

Which will help them earn more and save what they have. Thus, making data still an essential trend in making Dx next year.


Groups today are now getting complete use of microservices. This is so that they can create a new client action faster.

So, trades that use these noticed an increase in their ROI. Thus, giving it obvious that this trend arising to stay and grow next year in the trade.

API Protection

Almost all customers evaluate and hold to firms with great protection. This is because information breaches yell risk.

So, lots of companies today are using more API protection. This is because apps are more clear to crimes by API breaks.


Automation is the common basic part of making Dx. And this is still big now and will still be working in 2021.

As per one poll, 81% of companies will automate in the following twelve to eighteen months. This is so that they can save up more time for their workers to do extra important jobs.

Som in 2021, we can see larger rules based on plans or ideas.

Digital-Ready Culture

Buyers today want to reach makes on their chosen flows. Also, around two-thirds of them use more extra than one step for the business.

Then, about 78% of them use their free devices to move names. And that number increases to 90% for Millennials.

So, to match these needs, there is a 20% rise in sales doing digital works. Also, the start of the pandemic served in developing Dx aims faster in the trade.

Thus, we can now see an increase in more digital services for the company and customers. Making a move for digital learning continuing to 2021 to business.

Digital Transformation 2018

What were the trends of digital transformation 2018? Can we still see these plans as of this year?

Let us know more about that in this study.

Digital Transformation 2018

2018 was a year of the mainstream. Any of the digital transformation techs we see instantly created and were made hotter 2 years ago.

This only goes to show how fast-moving our technology is. With new techs standing here and there to make the customer contact more helpful.

And we could not help but thank 2018 for some of the settings that we can understand promptly. What were those, then?

IoT Everywhere

In 2018, the Internet of Things or IoT started to become successful and more recognized everywhere. With the center being analytics, 5G, and point computing.

And because of that, we can view more current reports of IoT techs now. Mainly for analytics.

Early Deployment of 5G

Two years ago, we saw more major telecommunications companies give more on 5G. And its early deployments were a profit.

But 2018 did not understand 5G fit the mainstream. It is still even getting its plan this year to be one.

But, thanks to the power two years ago, we can view 5G even closer proper now.

Blockchain Finding Its Way

Blockchain started to seeing its way outside the business field in 2018. As major cloud providers started to provide blockchain as a service.

This is so that they can provide greater protection rules. And blockchain has begun its way into marketing and HR that year. But, it still has not begun on fewer firms.

AL Became Mainstream

2018 noticed the mainstreaming of Artificial Intelligence. With virtual supporters like Alexa and Siri becoming more common in the year.

Also, more firms applied AI to help better their operators’ and consumers’ beings. Adding it to their network systems, plans, and software for the firm. 

Also, chatbots to reply and support customers became more familiar.

AR Rose, VR Stagnated

Augmented Reality has many plans to improve. And in 2018, more businesses recognized that AR is more affordable and more natural to do. That is AR began to develop that time in the firm.

While Virtual Reality got a backseat and limited. But firms were still getting plans to make it better.

Company Culture was Still the Biggest Block

Nothing is replaced. In 2018, business culture was also one of the greatest obstacles to digital innovation. The same as now in the firm.

Companies got it hard to take big steps on their visit to the market. Because few people are on keep the actions required to take for the firm.

Digital Transformation was the Way

And this is original to this year. Digital transformation was, and still, is the idea to make the company forward for the customers.

More and more firms saw that to be correct two years ago. And more are learning that to date. Those who started early on have better openings than that only receiving promptly for the firm.

So, what are the aims two years ago that are still around? Or become more helpful today?

HBR Digital Transformation

What is HBR Digital Transformation?

Harvard is one of the basic popular groups in the world. No wonder why because they will read well. 

At the same time, they also have good fields to help students study.

One of the groups they have is when it comes to selling. That is why there is the Harvard Business Review.

In this study, we will know what is their key points to giving direction to them. 

At the same time, we will understand how you can do this in your market. So, you will be able to have a full picture of the business. 

HBR Digital Transformation

The first thing they will produce you is the devices you need in learning. You will have a way to the experts of education

At the same time, there will be modules that will guide you when it comes to this market. 

This time, you will also have the possibility to get more roots of education. It will include the data that you can use for future reports. 

Since we are also changing to the digital world, education will also have videos available. 

So if you will get quickly through watching, you have can take records of this as well. 

What Do Users Want?

Having the best business when beginning a company is great. It will help you stay connected to your objective market.

They give data on how to make possible clients. So, they will be able to make the best plan for the details.

So, thinking about digital change will be an ally to that. With the help of the internet, they will also understand more about the perks of their buyers. 

Having this level will make their name great. It is because they are common with what is open to people. 

At the same time, keeping the buyers in mind will help them to have the best action.

What are Our Business Goals?

Aside from people, having the right plan is great in the market.

When you have the purpose and stay into it, you will be able to give the most suitable kind of service.

This is true because you will have ideas on why you do these things. Also, why you secure the best program likely. 

This is a help because you will have knowledge about what you need. At the same time, people will like your position because it is always the most useful. 

What is the Possible to Get Done?

When you are able to give a solution, you win upon the problem. 

Studying in advance about the potential problems will save your business. 

It will have the idea of keeping your store. That is why HBR also gives information on how to do it. 

As a result, it will help your digital transformation plans run easily. 


HBR Digital Transformation gives a good quality of education. It is because they create the company. 

When the basis is right, it will help the students make a great and flexible sale. So, it will become effective.

6 Stages of Digital Transformation: Full Definition

What are the six stages of digital transformation? How can businesses learn from this?

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation in the Post-COVID World

Today, digital transformation is no longer a trend. If anything, it is essential for all organizations.

For one thing, we’ve seen how the COVID-19 pandemic changed how things work. And that’s also true for businesses.

If only companies weren’t too lax and comfortable with outdated processes. Then, they wouldn’t be so shocked when quarantine protocols were placed.

So, we see many businesses closed their doors. Companies have gone bankrupt. Why? They fail to see the need for disruption.

Digital transformation takes a long time, if not never-ending. So, it would be too late for most of them to apply it.

Now, we are in an era where technology is fast pacing. Businesses don’t just need technology to stand out. More than anything else, they need to survive.

With that, digital transformation is a way to start. But, what are the processes of doing so?

The Need for the Stages of Digital Transformation

DX is not an overnight strategy. So, it involves steps and stages.

In DX, the first thing to transform is the company’s perspective. Everyone has to be prepared to do some big and small changes.

Thinking about how urgent DX is will help most businesses. Still, a lot of them don’t know where to start.

That’s why Altimeter created the six stages of digital transformation. This will help them progress through their goals.

Now, what are these stages? Let’s find out.

Six Stages of Digital Transformation

  1. Business As Usual
  2. Present and Active
  3. Formalized
  4. Strategic
  5. Converged
  6. Innovative and Adaptive

Business As Usual

A lot of businesses are still stuck at this stage. At first, they may think that they don’t need to change. 

Even now, some are still stubborn about transforming. For one, they are comfortable with how things are.

But in reality, all they have are these:

  • outdated technology
  • lack of digital understanding
  • traditional marketing

Present and Active

In this stage, they start to see the need for DX. Then, they think it’s time to get out of their comfort zone.

So, they begin to experiment with technologies. Departments will use basic technologies. 

They now understand the customer journey. Others would even invest in workshops. But, these will be a scattered adoption.

The changes they do won’t bring big effects to the whole company.


At this point, they see the bigger picture. So, they speed up their transformation.

They will also notice more changes, such as:

  • use of data for making decisions
  • people-focused culture
  • awareness training


In this stage, everyone in the organization will appreciate the changes. For one, they see the benefits of doing so.

Then, they will make short- and long-term goals. So, they don’t just focus on targeting small problems.


Here, they will see DX as a part of their company, and not just a strategy. So, they will have better culture and future.

As a result, they make new services and products. Also, they will transform in a unified way.

Innovative and Adaptive

Finally, this is when they applied technologies in all areas. They also start to look for more ways to innovate.

But, if not done well, they can go back to normal. So, they should continue to think that they need to change.