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The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Transformation of Industries

How did the digital transformation of industries change after the COVID-19 broke out? Read this article to know how four industries are forever transformed by the pandemic.

Digital Transformation in 2021 and Beyond

Many businesses have been forever changed by the pandemic. Over the span of the last year, how we live, work, and play has grown into a new realm. 

The long-term effects of COVID-19 over many industries are clearly becoming more clear. Advanced technologies are now redefining our sense of location and experience. As well as creating major changes in our preferences.

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How has the pandemic changed the big four industries:

  • Experience
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Entertainment?

Let’s find out.

Digital Transformation of Industries

Experience industry

Will you ever feel comfortable attending large events in person again? Well, many people have mixed feelings about it.

But, one thing is for sure. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly changed how we perceive the experience industry.

Despite the vaccine rollout and lifting of lockdowns, many still carry a sense of distance. And this impacts business conferences, concerts, sporting events, and weddings.

Fortunately, digital technologies help ease our concerns. For one, IoT and AI are shifting how the industry works. 

Now, sensors, smart screens, wearables, and apps allow venues to monitor and control traffic flow. These also help them offer contactless payment and mobile ordering. And even assign large-scale seating in a perfectly distanced manner.

Many companies also shifted to remote work. But with virtual platforms, workers can still collaborate with each other.

Healthcare industry

At the start of the pandemic, in-person doctor appointments became restricted. So, telemedicine grew at a large rate.

In fact, reports show that the number of remote patients saw a 50-175 times increase. And this trend is here to stay even after COVID-19. 

Experts also believe that health systems named telehealth their No. 1 IT priority. In rural areas, distance is not an issue for healthcare anymore.

Now, they can connect to health care providers via technology. They can also get the help they need.

Retail industry

As stated, many employees moved their offices to homes. At the same time, businesses also accommodated orders online.

In 2020 alone, 90% of consumers preferred home delivery over a store visit. And that escalated quickly because of the lockdown restrictions.

So, retailers of all sizes are now boosting their e-commerce strategies. In fact, an additional $41 billion in digital revenue was seen during the holidays.

Of course, big names in the industry like Amazon are already doing their own strategies before the pandemic. But, local and MSMEs are also doing well.

These are all thanks to the rise of localized micro-fulfillment technology. Now, they can make their operations automated. So, they can cut down their delivery time and reduce costs.

Entertainment industry

When was the last time you went to a movie theater? Well, we weren’t able to go to entertainment places. All thanks to the social distancing protocols.

So, many companies in the industry offered online alternatives. For instance, WarnerMedia promoted their film studios like Disney Plus to offer streaming platforms.

And people are loving this shift. A survey also shows that 7 out of 10 people would choose to stream at home than go to theaters.

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