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Top 5 Digital Transformation Technologies for 2021

What are the top five digital transformation technologies for 2021? Let’s find out!

Digital Transformation 2021

2020 was overwhelming for all of us. As if the virus threat is not enough, businesses also face a crisis.

So, it accelerated the need for shifting to digital ways. Or else, survival is elusive to them.

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Companies that apply digital transformation now will thrive. At the same time, they grow faster than their competitors.

True, every industry needs different strategies. So, these processes will look different in each specific case.

Each solution is also decided by customer behavior and preferences. And as we know, people’s demands are also ever-changing.

All of this plus the need for a culture change. So, companies can optimize operational efficiency and increase work productivity.

Below are the promising digital transformation technologies that are worth paying attention to.

Top 7 Digital Transformation Technologies for 2021

Big Data and Real-Time Analytics

As always, data plays a big role in digital transformation. Experts even say that it is the heart of DX.

Companies that shift to digital allows their data to grow. For one, they can collect more insights.

They can also understand their customers’ needs. So, they can make better management decisions.

Cloud Technology

Another technology on the rise now in the cloud. Because of social distancing protocols, companies had to adapt a work-from-home setup.

But, this poses a concern on how employees work together. With the help of the cloud, they can still collaborate with each other.

So, employees can use company resources whenever and wherever they are. Of course, it also saves them time and effort from going to and from offices.

At the same time, it reduce hardware and infrastructure costs. All the while maintaining the security of information. 

AI and Machine Learning In Digital Transformation

AI has been at the forefront of DX for many years now. Yet, it’s still the main technology in the following years.

After all, AI is a perfect tool for most industries. They can now make complex tasks automated. 

Together with ML, AI can give analytics at a very accessible level. So, we can see soon how it improves in the following industries:

Augmented Reality

Even the eCommerce sector is not exempted from the digital transformation trend. Now, they understand how AR can help them improve their services.

In fact, many industries now use AR, such as:

  • automotive
  • medical
  • marketing segments

AR also enables industries to connect physical and digital worlds. For example, online stores can show how a product looks like in person.

Internet of Things

The IoT is also one technology that has been on the rise. In 2021, we can see more devices connected to the Internet.

Today, more and more things around us have sensors. Then, they exchange data to give the best experience to users.

Here, the healthcare sector is an active user of IoT. For example, they encourage using wearables for patients. So, they can connect with doctors whenever they need urgent help.

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