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Top Digital Transformation Online Courses

Want to learn more about digital transformation without spending a lot? Check out these digital transformation online courses to get better skills. 

What the Statistics Show 

A late 2020 survey by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reported that 78% of managers and 57% of employees said that their companies are currently undergoing exponential changes. This just shows that the hard work of digital transformation (DT) continues despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, the same BCG survey stated that nearly a third of employees said that their companies’ efforts were not fast enough. Moreover, a majority of respondents said that their organization must invest more in DT.

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Furthermore, the survey revealed that training, upskilling, and hiring are the least successful aspects of DT initiatives. This is alarming as skills are essential, particularly in the IT organization. 

Best Digital Transformation Online Courses 

How can you gain the necessary skills to succeed in DT? You may want study resources that are low-cost yet bolsters your knowledge and capabilities. Say no more, these digital transformation online courses will certainly upgrade your skills without experiencing hassle in the commute. 

Digital Transformation (Coursera)

The University of Virginia and Boston Consulting Group collaborated in this course. It has 101 levels and an estimated 14 hours to complete Among the instructors are BCG managing director Amane Dannouni and the University of Virginia’s chief strategy officer Michael Lenox. 

This course stresses the urgency of DT. Moreover, you’ll learn the context of DT and what an organization needs to do in the process. Furthermore, it helps students understand the pros and cons of digital adoption. Students also explore a framework for digitization in this course. It will also make you converse more fluently about the economics of DT. 

Foundations of The Fourth Industrial Revolution (LinkedIn Learning)

Jonathan Reichental, the founder of the business and tech advisory Human Future, spearheads this course. It has 21 video classes and five quizzes. This course is free for LinkedIn Premium subscribers. It is $34.99 for everyone else.

According to Reichental, the fourth industrial revolution takes DT a step further. That is because it can change how we learn, move, and interact. This course is a walkthrough of the underway disruptions and their predicted impact on the future.

If you want to explore the larger impact of emerging technologies like IoT and AI, this course is a good option. 

How Digitally Savvy Boards and Leadership Teams Pay Off (MIT)

MIT Sloan Center for Information Research (CISR) chairman Peter Weill and senior director for executive education Meg Regan lead this free webinar. It primarily focuses on the ROI of digital understanding at the highest levels. 

This webinar is only 30 minutes long. However, it delivers some valuable insights for IT leaders, the DT team, and other key stakeholders. Moreover, attendees will learn is the key to corporate performance.

Business Considerations for Edge Computing (EdX)

This course by Linux Foundation offers a much deeper dive into edge computing. It’s a seven-week course in 1-2 hour bursts. It tackles what edge computing is and the problems it can solve. Moreover, you’ll learn more about cybersecurity and innovation use cases. 

This course is free ($149 if you’d like a verified certificate). You must have a basic understanding of networking concepts and terminology before signing up. 

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